Making A Diagnosis

Valley to stand out that: The identification of a problem is of course the main element to search aid. The more early if to make a diagnosis, faster its son will be able to search aid and more probably you will obtain to prevent the decurrent problems, that reach autoestima. (SHAYWITZ, 2006. P. 105) When the dislexia is detected in time can be attenuated. Therefore, it does not lose time to suspect that its son or its pupil is dislxico.

He looks aid, therefore how much mis early it is perceived bigger the possibilities to attenuate it. Although the dislexia does not have cure, the fact of being dislxico does not hinder that the pupil learns. Check out Richard Linklater for additional information. It is clearly that it demands of it, a bigger effort to obtain to follow the rhythm of the not dislxicos ones. Therefore the dislexia carrier has a slow rhythm of learning. He is possible yes, that the dislxico obtains to finish its studies successfully. Therefore the dislexia is a fonolgica deficiency does not affect the cognitiva capacity. In accordance with Shaywitz, 2006, ' ' the dislxicos readers try impressive points and devastadores high points baixos' '.

Therefore, the dislxico can present much difficulty of reading, but on the other hand, can highly be curious, creative and to demonstrate great capacity of reasoning. But, vae to stand out that nor all difficulty related to the reading can be considered dislxica. Therefore, all pass for the process of acquisition of the reading and of the writing and always difficulties in associating the letters exist to the sounds. One sufficiently changes the letters that possess fonemas similar. this is normal, when we are in coming across with the first contacts with the letters. The lack of interest for the reading to be related to the fact of the familiar ones of the child not to have the habit to read and consequentemente the child does not develop the taste for the reading.