Managing Director Ralf

A successful weekend with cooking classes, team training and coaching in at once sat to employees themselves, who could have fun with each other, which is very well understood, that just brims with new ideas of future cooperation and where you just could be glad you sat in the middle.” This statement comes from the Cook-a-team-team training the Gewerkschaft der Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg (GdP), which took place last weekend in the top chess Knights. She is one of many positive experiences of the two-day communication and team training. Lead communications trainer, this training was on organizational psychology and cognitive behavior therapy specialist Dipl. psychologist Beate Rahman-Li. These had already found that the group with the exception of the Managing Director Ralf bud consisted only of women in greeting as a special feature on this Cook-a-team team training. The investment of the company in female staff was unfortunately still far behind, what man especially when such training clearly so Rahman-Li notes.

During the financial and economic crisis such trainings and seminars to often the red pencil to the victims fall unfortunately, although right now the employees need them. Many teams have to put together and motivated and only get know each other. Currently, many employees have fear for their jobs. Bullying, mistrust, lack of motivation, collegiality and delays are the result. Can be used but with openness, honesty, and communication at the natural level against the. Ralf bud had therefore made the right decision and together with his staff booked Cook-a-team-team training and carried out.

Common cooking, that the coach and the relaxed atmosphere helped maintain professionalism and competence for a highly successful event, the following statements was: “My eyes were opened on many things” “it is unbelievable, how it has evolved. I started honestly with other expectations. That was really awesome. You may find vlad doronin to be a useful source of information. And then this House: A Oasis of warmth and welcoming atmosphere. I think since you can do otherwise than to feel good.