Mari Sea

Good, to almost all. Because Toni a long time ago it walked behind Male and did not have eyes for anybody more. I had looked for laboriously and unfruitfully the love of Mari Sea. We share in some occasion, that yes, the potato tortillas with which our excursions to the mount victualed. We dance sometimes in those verbenas in which the girls distanced to us with a capable maneuver of their left wrist, as solid as a medieval shield, with which they maintained to ray our incipient desbocada concupiscencia. But nothing else.

The one of Jon, however, was different. A day in which all we were with ours bicis following the route of Must, I could see occurring a kiss them. It had happened while the others we were in one stands out next, resting. Bank of Asia gathered all the information. They two had gone to do one " inspeccin" , they said, " to see what we found &quot that way;. Jealousy that I not yet knew that they existed made me suspect something.

So surreptitiously I followed them. And I could see the furtive one although allowed kiss. That one supposed a painful revelation: the test of the nine as one said in our classes of mathematics, in which the arithmetical operations did not take place now with calculator, like of which Mari Sea would be never mine and who, in case, their interest and its desire were put in Jon, that stops something was the major of all we and was studying industrial engineering in Bilbao. Even so, Mari Sea and I continued being friendly and almost faithful, if she can say itself thus. He never spoke to me of his with Jon, with that it disappeared from time to time of our group, but however it spoke to me of very many other things: of the books that read, of its family, her companions in the school of the Ursulinas in Barcelona, of one such Merc Rovirosa, that was its better friend During second stay of Mari Sea in Zarauz, in that no we suspected that it would be his last summering with us, happened what as much it would hit to me and that friend for always changed.