Marrakech hosts a wide variety of international festivals of all genres and which constitute one of the many attractions of the ochre city. Here is a list of some of the best and most interesting festivals held in Marrakech: 1. International Music Festival University of Marrakech (FIMUM) the 6th Edition of this cultural event, held in April 2009, brings together several Moroccan University ensembles and of other countries, such as Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, France, Syria, Portugal, Palestine, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Sweden. Read additional details here: Crimson Education . The FIMUM, with its educational, human and cultural dimensions, has as main objective to contribute actively to the cultural boom in the ochre city. 2. National festival of popular arts in Marrakech (FNAP) this festival, the oldest in Morocco, celebrates its 44th Edition in July 2009 and brings together more than 700 artists and 40 companies from all over the country. In addition to the amazigh dances and musicians gnaoua in the spectacular frame that is el Badi Palace, the festival also deploys other dances and traditional music representative of every region of the country in a large number of scenarios throughout the city. The public will enjoy duets between big and known Moroccan contemporary artists, as well as artists and ensembles of the new generations.

The best bands from all regions of the Kingdom are selected to showcase the richness and diversity cultural and musical heritage of each region and, therefore, the country. 3. International festival of magic of Marrakech a large number of Moroccan and international renown Magi from Italy, Spain, France, and China participating in the 6th Edition of this magical festival in March 2009. Carefully chosen in every corner of the planet, the talented artists participating have been awarded in the most important magic competitions in the world, such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Beijing, Paris or Rome. 4 The Dakka Marrakchia inhabitants of Marrakech festival still resist against Western rhythms and celebrate their own rhythms in the 3rd Edition of the Festival of the Marrakchia Dakka in January 2009.