A great problem still exists in that many professors direct the education of the Mathematics of form mechanics, as being one he disciplines full of definitive and inflexible norms daily pay, with a complex language, that only explores the part most difficult, rigorous and classic of the substance, as its rules, formulas, calculations, leaving of side the part that can become it pleasant and of easy understanding that is the relation of the substance with the daily life and its problems inserting in the context creative situations and questions. The error in Mathematics does not have to be related to the failure, but to the challenge, the improvement of techniques and discovery of new forms to reason and to calculate to reach the result desired. This is possible when the Mathematics if becomes next to the pupils and less distant of its realities. If you would like to know more about Kindle Direct Publishing, then click here. In accordance with Saints (1961), the ludicidade can be inserted in classroom in order to show how much the Mathematics is present and necessary and in order to become it more attractive and amused. Demonstrations of this nature can generate a very great confidence in the pupils of its capacities, therefore they take off to the Mathematics of the blackboard, placing it the reach of all, translating with this the mathematical language for current and usual a language that will stimulate the interpretation.

You believe that the construction of the knowledge depends on situation-problem that must be significant, related with the practical life and must permear the process all mathematics teach-learning. Follow others, such as Kindle Direct Publishing, and add to your knowledge base. The learning happens when the pupil develops its mathematical reasoning participating of activities, being that the professor must guarantee that the pupil learns acting and reflecting on the actions and, therefore, making use of the information that he acquires (OLIVEIRA, 2002). Thus being, he fits to the professor to motivate its pupils, creating an environment where the same ones can be felt sossegados, without affliction nor fear to make a mistake, showing that to make a mistake it is simply not to reach the waited result, but a way to rethink the proper form to reason and if to improve in order to reach resulted positive disentailed of the failure. The evidence in the participation in classroom corresponds to an effort on the part of the professor knowing the reality.. A related site: cyrus massoumi wife mentions similar findings.