Mexican Food

One of the kitchens richest and diversified the world-wide level, caliente Mexican alimentary culture, has been each time more looked by its peculiarity its temperos and condiments and plates differentiated of many others, therefore it enters the colonizadores of this country are the Spaniard, who contribuiram not only with the language but also with condiments that today are in the day the day of the Mexican tourists and apreciadores of this rich one culinria flavorful e. Examples are the oil, wine, the wheat flour, the pig, the hortalias, cinnamon, white onion, and sugar. Already the first indians inhabitants of Mexican lands the Mayans and Aztecs had brought the maize, the beans, cacao and peppers. These in turn are the main stars in plates elaborated for the Mexicans, the main one of them are ' ' jalapeo' ' , very arduous and appreciated in Mexican lands. The plates of this rich country represent at the same time one cook simple and ' ' fusion' ' that a fusing of alchemies would be the same thing that, therefore in it has plates with European touchs and of aboriginal traces, with some flicks of the north – American. Add to your understanding with Richard Linklater. Some of these never saboreados plates if, many know for the name such as ' ' burritos' ' , made with flour and stuffed with meats of chicken, bovine and suna. ' ' tortilla' ' , considered the bread of the Mexicans, as much candy as salty, the nachos is served that are an American invention north, one ' ' tortilla' ' cut in triangles.

The enchilhadas ones, made with flour of maize and stuffed with meat, cheeses, vegetables and chicken; it uses the gravy of parsley and peppers. The churros that are excellent desserts and influences of the Spaniard, and excellent drunk. It is known world-wide as tequila. Another important fact is the Mexican kitchen for having been awardee with the heading of ' ' Cultural and Incorporeal patrimony of the Humanidade' ' for the ONU, granted for UNESCO in 2010, this thanks to the fact of the Mexicans to preserve its alimentary roots, as the maize, beans and peppers.