Microsoft Project

When I speak of project, referring to the way how should develop a process of consultative selling with a very well qualified opportunity. Definition: The development of a business opportunity must be faced as a project, which should involve: A determined time, assigned resources, an estimated cost and tangible results. We can add an additional variable as it is the development of the project with quality. If you are acting as a consultant before your prospect or customer, it is necessary to have clear bases on Project management (Project Management) to develop its relationship with the client in a professional manner. Tools: In the type of consultative selling I development, is necessary to append a work schedule in any proposal. Generally solutions that I sell to my clients put in production in a period ranging from 3 months to 18 months. Therefore the development of schedules of work is essential. For this I use Microsoft Project.

To control tasks within the sales process (which may take between 2 to 6 months, sometimes up to 1 year) use the AceProject system (). I use the version in service, entirely by Internet mode. It is very interesting, since it allows me to create projects that I share with the prospect or customer, defining sets schedules for the phase of evaluation and decision. This makes that you can have greater control over the activities of the sales process, share them with the buyer and you may have a clearer vision of the evolution of every business opportunity. Demonstrations of Software inside the sales process I personally do, it is necessary to develop software demonstrations.

We have developed a methodology through which we execute very custom demonstrations with the aim of achieving the prospect or customer to see your business and need reflected in the solution. Definition: Many of the customized presentations and software demos can be filmed or recorded in different formats to be then sent to the client or published on the Internet on the web site, blog or Wiki development opportunities of business objective: provide high quality material recorded with demonstrations and presentations with audio and videoespecially aimed at software demonstrations or similar products tools: I use a tool called Camtasia. This tool is installed in the pc and allows you to capture video and audio. It is very good for purposes of recording demos and presentations. Once recorded presentation, it can produce media for different channels, either to generate a CD or DVD, published in the Web, etc. My dear friends, this is just a set of tools than in practice, I say that I use them, they are very useful and they generate a high productivity in the commercial work. The fundamental point of this is that he saves me time, saves me money (can you imagine what it would cost me in the work of sales staff have to develop everything I do with these tools?) and allows me to run in very professional work with regard to the work of sales I make with my target market and customers. A final message that I want to leave. You can consider that you need to be an expert in computer science to be able to mane