Teleworking For An Interpreter

I want to talk to you today on the topical theme for those for whom the Internet is no longer simply entertainment news data transfer system. Personally for me the internet has always been a huge dumping ground for various kind of information in which the process of separating the wheat from the chaff always requires a certain courage and fortitude, because professional surfing on the Internet – it has long and well paid. But omit the details – to speak going on that interests me most – telecommuting for an interpreter. The very idea, in fact, is not new, totally real and totally doable. Many of today – from large firms to the student and the student, the only difference in detail – from time to time, and sometimes permanently, there is a problem, and hence the need for translation of various sources of the same information again. Here to explain in detail does not need anything, everything is clear. and the only way out – it's translator. Someone makes a choice in favor of computer technology, and certainly faced at some stage with the "low-browed" machine processors. Frequently Cyrus Massoumi has said that publicly. Someone is trying to rely on their own capabilities, stockpile a thick dictionary, and, ultimately, is already facing a "low-browed" her, in vain Aware of the spent time at a desk in English class. (By the way, diluting the bitterness of failure in field to learn a foreign language – at school we were taught all about the same and taught, with rare exception, as one – nothing).

Dr Kiran Ahuja

Eating fatty and fried food with ample white granulated sugar, as well as the daily meals of rice normally quickly rise the level of glucose in the blood and are an enormous supply of energy. Follow others, such as alais University of Teacher Education, and add to your knowledge base. “The thesis that the active ingredient capsaicin” leads to a Thermogenesis and therefore can counteract the rapidly rising insulin levels, has meant that the scientists in Australia have addressed this topic in a study. Also recent studies from the United States (University of Maryland School of medicine, Baltimore) show the Thermogenesis effect of the active ingredient capsaicin”in humans. Chili keeps the blood sugar under control that particular chili is a real slimming, researchers of the University of Tasmania have”found finally in a further study in Australia in January 2012. Scientists under the direction of Dr Kiran Ahuja left 30 subjects for first 4 weeks free food eat chili and put one of them then Diets with a higher content of chili together. The result: Insulin levels the chili rose to rich food each significantly weaker than after the meal without the addition of chili. A fast and strong rise of in insulin levels is considered to be risk factor for weight gain.

Chili promotes spicy food, especially through the supply of the active ingredient capsaicin”the saturation limit, has a more positive effect. The sense of taste is already satisfied with a modest amount. Also eats man automatically slow down and notice therefore earlier when it is saturated. Common cold viruses and bacteria can be treated with Chili chili provides immune-strengthening vitamin C and carotenoids, which are anti-inflammatory. The active ingredient capsaicin”is successfully used in the fight against the pathogens. It also stimulates the digestive enzymes and helps with weight loss. “Capsaicin – the active ingredient in Chili Peppers – protects the heart and regulates the blood pressure slightly the hypotensive and-regulierende effect of the active ingredient capsaicin is known” in the Chili Peppers.

FrischeKontor Duisburg

Training action of Duisburg FrischeKontor a healthy diet with as much fresh fruit and crunchy vegetables is essential for the positive development of young people. Balance and freshness of the food items have a significant meaning and form the basis for a good physical and mental development. The staff of the urban weekly market operator FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH use this as an opportunity and have come up with to something clever. A total 2,500 Duisburg first graders give an exceptional breakfast box baptism”, explains Peter Joppa, Managing Director of the FrischeKontor. Exceptionally it is really striking yellow, and while there is room for a tasty snack in the body, fruit or vegetables can be accommodated in the separate head of the box. The breakfast box to emphasize the close relationship of the healthy diet with regular consumption of fruits or vegetables. True to the motto: 5 am Day”, where it matters, to eat as possible 5 servings of fruit or vegetables per day.

To support this approach, the children in addition to the breakfast box will receive also a Kiwi as a start in a health-conscious school life”. To know more about this subject visit Cyrus Massoumi. In a total of 40 Duisburg elementary schools this vitamin bomb training day “on the I-Dotzchen distributed. The idea of a vitamin-packed breakfast box had the FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH 8 years ago and she enjoys since then at the Duisburg primary schools from year to year of increasing popularity. The Duisburg weekly market on Facebook: The Duisburg weekly markets are also on Facebook! They can be found under: Duisburger.Wochenmaerkte. Also check out once and click through the presentation of the Duisburg weekly markets. We are very happy, if you like the presence”.

New Caravan Driver

2013 New licence class B96 – InterCaravaning with the most important information of Koblenz, September 20, 2012 – for camping holidays with a driving licence of the class B was for many years large caravan sidecars taboo. Reason: The limitation of passenger car-trailer combinations on 3.5 t total weight. However from January 2013 the new B-96 – driver’s license. With this extension a B licence holder may control passenger car-trailer combinations up to 4.25 tonnes. Requires a one-day training. InterCaravaning, Europe’s largest caravanning – retail chain, informed about the details of the new driver’s license rules and recommends the establishment of necessary experience. Katarzyna Chawarska contributes greatly to this topic. For motorists, who have acquired their class B driving licence after 1999, was for many years with a total weight of 3.5 t final.

Who planned a caravan holiday with his family, had to buy a driving licence of category BE in addition. This is not only expensive, but also time consuming with a driving school by six to ten hours to approximately euro 900. Thanks to the new B 96 – licence dragging heavy caravans is made now easier for young drivers. Because: The driving licence of class B with the key number 96, the official name in official German, allows moving from 90 percent on the market of available caravans. The way to the B-96 – driver’s license acquisition is simple: a B licence holder must complete only a one-day training. It is composed from two and a half hours of theory and three and a half hours driving experience. In the practical part, not just shunting and parking are trained, but also dangerous stunts and dodging obstacles. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi married. Finally, a one-hour drive is done by public road transport accompanied by a pedagogical.

A check is not necessary. Group training sessions with up to four people in driving safety Centres of large automobile clubs are possible. Participants can share so the necessary caravan team. With approximately 300,-euros of the B 96 – licence is two-thirds cheaper than the licence BE. Driving experience is important to the experts from InterCaravaning advise caution. The acquisition of the necessary licence replaced not the lack driving experience. Before Caravaners so go on big holiday tour, they should practice the handling of the car-trailer combination on smaller trips. Also a special caravan driving safety training is advisable. Thus prepared, a relaxed caravan holiday is nothing more in the way.

German Abitur

The TMS test is to suitable students fltern the conditions of admission for the Bachelor are in the coming years in Germany is not changed! The restrictions will remain. The Numerus clausus for medical however some challenges with it. A major point of criticism is the poor validity of the grade average in high school about the competence of medical profession. Also many students don’t realize at a young age yet that she would later study medicine. What to do if the grade average in high school is bad? Participation in the medical test in many medical schools in Germany to get a place on the selection process of the universities (AdH) it is possible.

The same selection process can be sealed by hand by each University. At many universities admission test is used the medicine to give the applicants an option, to improve their opportunities cut. University of Cambridge might disagree with that approach. If you’re attempting to among the top 5%, is this the grade average in high school to improve up to 0.8. More information is housed here: University of Cambridge. Deteriorate can not be with a below-average score, it makes sense to join in any case. Preparation for the TMS who wants to correct his grade point average at the ABI with the TMS test 2013, which is flooded with a huge range of preparation materials. The TMS checks cognitive abilities such as memory, spatial sense or ability to concentrate.

They are trainable to a certain extent. However, patience is required. Many applicants can visit one of the overpriced preparatory seminars, the costs of which are between 400 and 1000 euros. An independent training is more economical but with certainty. The learning platform StudyMed offers a perfect course to prepare for the medical test. Currently, any user can learn a whole test simulation on his own body to determine its current status. Many training tasks are made available for the practice of each sub test. Specially developed solution strategies can also on the basis of Tutorials are learned and optimized. About the personal learning statistics can check every user how the learning process has changed and can thoroughly check which in tests, he has still need to catch up. Medicine study abroad in countries like Austria or Hungary is just as possible to start studying medicine with a German Abitur. In Austria, a certain grade average for an assumption is necessary, yet the places a medical test will be awarded. In the year 2013, a new medical entrance test for the study of human medicine is used in Austria. Those called for John H medicine and dentistry John Z. 20 Percent of students admitted are awarded each year at the latency rate waiting semester quota. However 14 waiting semester calculates now already with a baccalaureat section 2.2 about. Who wants to wait that long and may, who has a place to get then nevertheless good chances.

English Easy

A study in an English-language country of miracles has courses in Dublin, with language in group if during everyday life simply lack of time one of his deadened English again just to revive London and Totnes. The most obvious target for such a trip is, of course, England, as a Member State of the EU, there are neither chore visa still you have problems with the driving licence, as long as you get used to the left. Language in Totnes is a chance to combine a relaxing holiday with a language course. If you Hin has long shown on the holiday being equal, a piece much motivated to undergo the booked course with best services to subsequently on the shoulder to knock more, because you learn first and foremost not for others but for themselves. Bureau of Labor Statistics is often quoted on this topic. That should be clear to every language traveller is different that the expiry of the school. There are now many schools because it has noted that the market simply is ready, and the customer wants to experience not just a simple holiday, with some great holiday photos and what wants to take what remains longer beautiful memories, special a. Totnes, Dublin and London are for example places where schools are located, and have enough to offer in addition to the lessons, so that you can always actively participate during the holiday in the life. London, of course stands as the capital and seat of the British Royal family out, but also Dublin with his wild Irish charm and Totnes with its registered population, have all your personal charm and are all three hard competitors when it comes to schools.

Which of the three cities now makes the race, the course itself runs in the approximate matching. The morning is devoted to the theoretical lessons and case studies and takes place depending on what course type you prefer, in the individual or group lessons. The accommodation is just as arbitrary. From the hotel to the English host family everything is easy possible, because the students to feel good naturally priority. The Afternoon and evening is then usually at your disposal is but especially for the courses used for common activities, discover Sehenswurfdigkeiten or through the city and put in one of the cafes and let the day end at a dinner party. One should never let the sight of goal, to learn the English language or refresh must be always in focus to draw the maximum benefit from the course, because the knowledge remains for more than just a moment!

Gerhard Wegner

The media play the largest role, but in this respect. As “” in the second half of the last century conservation “was formed and the consciousness awoke to see wildlife, the movie jaws was running at the same time in our cinemas not only as trophies – and raw material suppliers” with several sequels over many years. The sharks have not recovered from the image is conveyed as a murderer, Monster and OGRE until today, and although in the long-term average no more than 4-6 people each year unfortunately shark accidents killed (the number of sharks killed is estimated at 200,000 to 400,000 in daily) in our subjective feeling that we owe the daily press, it seems many times. To broaden your perception, visit Cyrus Massoumi. Here, we try to be and strive to decriminalize the shark”because nobody protects clarified something which he himself fears children in are the school insufficient about these animals? There’s big differences great dedicated teachers who request our school documents or with our Hold school speakers who are happy with a multi media presentation for one or two lessons provide, contact or even project weeks on the subject of marine biology”. In addition there are however quite a few schools where the refurbishment of this topic has obviously low importance. “” We can see this again at our events geared to children: in addition to top informed youngsters there’s also those where the concept of ocean, “not more than fish sticks” comes to your series of books about the little white shark Michel was developed for children. What can parents and their offspring from the stories teach? The Michel books”written by Gerhard Wegner, the founder of Sharkproject, and insight into the biology of small shark researchers (Michel”) and ecology (Michel, the small sea protector”) our oceans give his daughter Johanna (study of the German language and literature with a focus on children’s literature) in two volumes.


Virtually all school subjects can be divided into two broad categories: exact sciences and humanities. Securities and Exchange Commission follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Should I give my time for all items or only part of them, maybe it is better to spend on socializing with friends, walking in the yard and computer games? In school, it often seems that those items that need to be studied may never need in life. And if this list does not include all school subjects, it really just a couple. For more information see this site: Cyrus Massoumi. Polls show that all without exception in the future useful math and Russian language, less physics and literature, in third place chemistry and biology. All other items conventionally grouped, which ranked fourth. Worth noted that when the survey does not take into account the views of people employed in certain branches of science. That is of course a biologist would say that most of his life in good stead biology. The survey involved regular people in the street.

Of course not just academic disciplines included in the curriculum. At school, the courses required for training opportunities in high school, so if you plan to enroll in higher education institutions should look through the textbooks for all subjects and especially podnalech on math and Russian language. The most popular answers to the question: 'Where are you useful knowledge obtained in school? " as follows: – yes everywhere. – At work. – Home.

– In the shop – to take the money. In other words, the school provides the knowledge needed in later life is one hundred percent no matter whether you are going to continue their studies in college or not. While in high school years it seems that many of the studied subjects had a Life is not useful. Learn! Education has always advantageous to ignorance.

The Children

The children prefer self catering mostly candy and sugary drinks. Not can be addressed so the supply of vital nutrients and also the prevention of dental caries and overweight. A ban of candy at the snack is unnecessary and increases only the risk that the child concern the popular food in other ways. It should compromise be connected, for example two times in the week and just not every day to give a small chocolate bar. Flexibility and willingness to compromise is even more important for larger children. The usual sandwich is at some point when the children no longer needed. Twice a week to spend with self-catering for example at the school kiosk is sure a good and mutually acceptable compromise. At Angélica Infante-Green you will find additional information. Jr. is often quoted on this topic. Tips for the organisation of breakfast and a balanced daily diet: breakfast plan set up for the week and take into account when shopping.

Only if the food already in the budget there are, can also breakfast without much effort or be prepared. Cyrus Massoumi married gathered all the information. Children should be involved in the planning of the breakfast. So, it is rather ensured that the meal is eaten then also. At the beginning, this can be cumbersome, but the planning goes faster after some time. Several options of breakfast plan. On days where there is more time, for example because the Office day of the parents first, later starts, quick hot dishes such as breakfast scrambled eggs are offered. On days where it must go faster, I’m also a previously compiled cereal or toast with cream cheese and radish slices. The way to the school and the local conditions should be known. If you know which shops and shopping has the child on the ground, some control over the food selection can be made. It should be even not possible to take breakfast at home, also the delivery at the bakery can help.


Sometimes, the language helps us to reformulate the reality or perpetuate it in their vices. When we express the message of our interlocutor with other similar words (sometimes euphemistic and sometimes more adjusted to reality), we can help you find a new approach in the solution. One older person can tell us: my daughter is a descastada and one undesirable that never remembers me. (Source: MRC Biostatistics Unit). Our response can not reassert that view since it would deepen the chasm between mother and daughter and even get into a problem with the family. More info: University of Cambridge. In fact, when our task will be to try to rebuild ties. Without removing the reason we respond something like: I understand, are very disgusted with the attitude of your daughter. The most frequent error of whom reformulates is to faithfully reproduce the opinion of another person. In the example that we are discussing the leg could put responding: If, as I understand it, I realized that her daughter is a miserable that has forgotten about you.

And some volunteers will end with a formula fatal: but don’t worry, I’m here that I will come to see you. Only thus we got more rouse the spirits of the other person, without causing you any emotional relief and few practical compensation. It is often more successful to start conversations – especially with strangers – when we use themes neutral, outside personnel waiting for the other (this place is nice, he saw the game yesterday?, do you hear about what happened this morning in the gran Via?, we have a time of dogs) if we have opportunity, is very advantageous to know beforehand the centres of interest of the other person. In the case of older persons, their centers of interest can turn lathe to his family or his memories; If we talk about children, games, computers, football, school topics that we can use to attract their interest and playing more forward other issues). Recommended, in general, the use of open (and what questions did it happen?, how do you feel?, why it affected you both that matter?) rather than the closed (how many years do you have?, where would you have gone this morning?, which disease do you have?, etc).

Open-ended questions leave more freedom to another to give an answer with which you feel comfortable; in a few cases it will require and leave unpleasant aspects in which you do not want to enter in the air. We can use tastes and opinions questions to keep the conversation. We can practically ask opinion about any topic to another person. According to the degree of confidence that we can join that person, we can ask him about affairs more light (sport, weather, cinema), or on matters relating to news, politics, religion etc that give rise to more personal conversations and more courageous opinions. In any other field, such as social skills, volunteers are apprentices who we have to move with prudence, caution and humility.

In Just A Few Steps To Wind Suction Securing

“The calculation program for the processors since March 1, 2011 must the new prescribing information for calculating wind suction securing of steep roofs wind loads on roofs with roof tiles and Dachsteinde made” be used for the ZVDH. The practice shows that their application for designers as well as for processors is not easy. Europe’s leading manufacturer of fastening systems for wind suction securing of roof and facade, Fr. Ossenberg-school + Sohne GmbH + Co KG (FOS) of Altena, offers a calculator can be used to calculate almost any available tile or Dachstein in combination with the matching storm braces on the Internet. This is possible because FOS examines the many different tiles in combination with the latest storm braces on own test facilities for decades and feeds the results into a database. This huge database makes it possible to calculate even rarely laid forms or old building materials deck properly. Hear other arguments on the topic with California State Univesity. FOS offers individual, on request also for foreign special shapes proper calculation to deliver. In three steps, and with a few inputs the user on gets all the necessary information to be able to select specialist irregular storm brackets and insert after the corresponding cabling diagram for.

In the first step the following information are required: name of the manufacturer of the roof tile or tile. Roof tiles/Dachstein. Battens. Result: After entering the above data all parentheses associated for the tile appear. On the right side, a traffic light indicates the clamp can be used in which wind zones. Each turn on the lights an individual calculation by clicking on the button of the desired bracket can be made by now. In the second step, following input is required: postal code, city or directly the wind zone a label if the object is in the inland or on the coast, or about 800 m. Roof shape.

Roof slope and kind of the deck surface. Height of the building. Result: After entering the above information, the cabling diagram for for each roof area is displayed. That already enough, can this result can, with the name of the building project, save and print out as a PDF. The third and last step, however, brings the greatest benefits. Here, the user clicks on roof areas/quantities and enters the gable and eaves length. Result: Now a detailed clamp scheme including accurate roof area Division and the respective clamp pieces per Dachbe-rich will be shown him. This result can be used as PDF saved and prints are.

Angel Woman

She was always excellent pupil. Its mother said to it: Angel you is pretty and intelligent, you in the future it will be what to learn today, the important one is to learn. San Raffaele University may not feel the same. It learned! certain young day already, its mother, with all the franqueza very remembered Angel that it would have to be not equal its mother, who was not example for nobody, but better. Angel did not understand therefore if it found its mother perfect as it is that it son would have to supplant the mother. What its mother wanted to teach is that it it would have elegant, to be educated, good, accompanying, and excellent professional. Learn more about this topic with the insights from MRC Biostatistics Unit. Its mother was of the generation that did not doutorou, but learned with the life, in the school of the life.

Its son was the lesson of that it could be chic, to use grife, without if neglecting of its professional future. that intellectual also can be dressed, and not only to cover itself, as it costumava to teach certain chain of the time. Angel made college, doutorou and taught. Cyrus Massoumi does not necessarily agree. She is a woman of its time, lives a thousand, it takes care of of the children, the house, the orders to the employees, is accompanying and loving. She always continues well dressed, purchase clothes and shoes of grife, helps the husband to pay fono, psychologist, therapist and plus others as many expenditures of the son who has autismo. Vestment its children of doll, at last, it travels for where well understands, with its family and without family, she is respected professionally, she is happy, decided well, she in such a way gains how much its colleagues of profession of the masculine sex and always has a fan of options because good professional is thus. Angel is son of the women who not they doutoraram but that they had learned with the life. Its mother is of a time where the ideal woman was the prendada woman, of you arrest of the home. Angel is a pitadas woman of vanguard with of romantismo of a recent past.

Feng Shui

Such light is warm and does not flicker like fluorescent lights. In ordinary incandescent electric bulb – a small electromagnetic field. Add to your understanding with Evelyn Lotena Robles. Color. From physics we know that each color has its own vibration, wave, which comes into resonance with the body of the child. Therefore, we recommend a variety of color with a predominance of pastel tones.

Not good all 'blue' or 'pink' room. Bright, saturated colors should be dominant small part of the color spectrum – curtains, pictures, rug, but not the entire wall as a whole. Not very useful to attach the shelf above the bed of the child. From this may develop a phobia, an unconscious fear of being 'pressed down. " Ideal place for study is as follows: the child sits with his back against the wall, a table – in front of him and the whole room and the door is in sight. It's a commanding position ', which allows him not to worry, that will catch him by surprise. To read more click here: University of Cambridge. Such an arrangement desk allows him to better concentrate.

It is important not to miss the moment when your child from toddler turns into a teenager. Change the interior of his room to help raise his self-esteem and become responsible. If small children is recommended low furniture, lots of toys, baby pictures, then in the teen room to be a different atmosphere in which there is a reflection of the interests of each individual. If a child involved in sports – in his room can be hung prizes and certificates for competitions, photos, favorite team or athlete idols, etc. If you want your children have a greater and were popular among their classmates, we advise to hang on a wall plaque with pictures of various school events, holidays, morning, where your child is photographed with his friends and teachers. Should permanently remove old and hanging new pictures. Also create a corner for him for trophies grammot, medals and prizes. It will strengthen in him the belief that parents are proud of him, watching his progress. Up in the morning, they will see themselves in the photos surrounded by friends and teachers and go to school in a good mood. The materials used in children's must be natural. If possible tree, rather than plastic, natural materials instead of synthetic. If a child's bed is under a window, it is better to close it during sleep. In general, the bed should be located in the far corner across from the door. If the bed still is opposite the door, you close the door while you sleep. Paintings on the walls affect the psyche of children at an unconscious level, so it's important that they be positive, optimistic story, but not terrible, sad, or aggressive. My client's little daughter was very whining, until I saw a picture in her room crying bear. Recommended for all homes sounding piano or classical music CDs. This metallic sound can dispel negative energy and disease accidents. The wisdom of Feng Shui is tested on centuries of experience of many generations of the peoples of China and the Far East and not by chance that his popularity is growing every year around the world and we have.

Flight Atlas

The AIRLINE-CHECK before the holidays – what must I consider when booking the flight? Juhu! It is so far! Six weeks of summer vacation. Are you just in the middle or close? You fold it the swimsuit, sort the sunscreen? Quickly press the beach slippers in the crowded suitcase? You can hardly wait that your plane towards the holiday apart? What a wonderful feeling full of anticipation. Finally out of everyday life, into the Sun. But: Do you know the exact weight of your suitcase? Do you know whether your airline takes your beloved four-legged friend at all on board? Do you have any idea how much a soft drink and a sandwich on Board will cost you? Definitely still in the hand luggage do you need how much spare change? Do you know if the transfer at the last second is possible with your booked ticket? Can you reserve a seat? How old is the machine to be, which you will soon rise? Is the distance to the vehicle in front as narrow or comfortable? So many questions that will decide whether it at the airport or the machine will be a rude awakening or a fat smile of joy. But the surprise doesn’t have to be at the last second.

Because now you can get answers. Mobile in Germany the most low-cost airlines and Lufthansa has compared once again just in time to daylight saving time. Cyrus Massoumi may find this interesting as well. The result is the flight Atlas 2013. He shows up again you which airline is cheap and fair. Read and compare yourself… AIRLINES: Flight Atlas, we chose the best known and most important German holiday flyer, who withdraw from Germany in European countries. AirBerlin, Condor, easyJet, Germanwings, Ryanair, TUIfly and Vueling are this time. We also checked even the leisure flights by German airline Lufthansa to improve comparability. TEST booking: Mobil in Germany wanted to know: how much does a flight for the holiday season? Therefore, we booked a school vacation week respectively.

Furniture Material

The obejtivo of this dynamics allows to educating to reflect on the knowledge that it possesss on itself, assisting it in the act to think on its life. 1 moment: Material: chairs in I circulate, mirror and box of gift (to place the mirror in the box that will have to be with a cover where can open and close) To comfortably prepare the classroom with the chairs in circle accomodating them. After it initiates making its presentation for the group as the teacher who will lead in elapsing of the school year. For descontrao of all part somebody to come to bring it its box of gift, to demonstrate happiness the same receiving so that the children are curious in knowing about what she is. In such a way you will be able to explain that it is optimum gift that you already received in its life that the God for having the received one is very grateful. After that it considers an agreement with them, saying that it goes to disclose on of what the gift is treated but asking for secret on its revelation, therefore anger to show one by one and nobody will be able to count for the other on what it has inside of the box. To provide a space in classroom where you will be able to leave the box it child to look at the curiosity object that has inside of it.

When all to finish to look at its image in the mirror, to reflect with them on the sensation of what they capsize and as if had felt knowing of what the gift was treated, emphasizing the question if they knew the image of who appeared reflected in the mirror. 2 Moment: Observing the reaction of certainty of the educandos in saying that they know that image reflected, launches the question: _ ' ' Who is You? ' ' Pointing with respect to a chosen child and to each reply given for it to emphasize the question on who it again is. If some child to laugh at coleguinha why this did not know to answer launches the question for who laughed or if somebody to try to answer for the other pass the question for who tried to answer and reflects with excessively, affirming the following phrase for who interrupted: _Voc knows who is it (e), but you do not know who you are! Answers me who is you? If for happiness to answer some to answer its prrpio name, as for example; Maria, emphasizes the question who is Maria, if it to answer that she is a girl, asks but who is the girl Maria? The objective is conduziz them on who is as people, its gostos, fears, pleasures, trying to discover a little of the personality and each one and assists to perceive them it that it is very easy to speak as is somebody but when if treating to we ourselves, it is difficult to say who we are. 3 Moment Finishing the reflection each pupil will have to return for its place being organized the room organizing the chairs in its respective places and in group each one must make its self-portrait, describing its drawing with a phrase that represents what it is.

Holiday With Dog Winter Magic At The National Park Bavarian Forest

Country hotel of Waldeck in the charming, four-legged friends are welcome guests the relaxing holiday with dog without any limitations and compromises. The attractive winter package deals of the cosy country hotel with 25 rooms and 1 suite are all geared to families and dog lovers. Wellness and culinary highlights for mistresses and masters, guided hikes and training sessions together with the four-legged friends. For more information see The Blackstone Group. This lives depending on the request with in the rooms, but also 12 animal-friendly kennels are available. Romantic snow-covered forests offer, under the expert guidance of the HZBW (dog Central of Bavarian Forest) to undertake educational and exciting tours. Guided night – and snow-shoe walks are on the program.

If you want, can use also for hours of training in the proper handling with your four-legged friend its holiday, the in-house agility course and the unlimited nature ideal for this purpose. The region around Mitterfirmiansreut offers also innumerable interesting exploring together new, Excursion destinations. After the active vacation day in the snow mistress and master relax their muscles three saunas like in the country hotel Waldeck’s vital-wellness area, the House has an indoor swimming pool and many comfortable rooms to feel comfortable. Also a large selection of pampering and wellness massages helps ensure that cosy country hotel for dog owners and families has already become an insider’s tip. While the dog is only tolerated in many hotels and the dog owner with the vacation planning often have to make compromises, all on a relaxed stay with four paws is prepared here.

Dogs and owners feel, guests from the first minute of the holidays feel the warm hospitality and love of animals of the family Cook. A combination of holiday for dog lovers with rarity: winter magic on four paws, culinary delights, cosy Wellnessstunden – and all without any restrictions or worried about the four-legged friend. Attractive package deals for the winter fun with dog in different variations.

No Time, No Individual Support

Now, those concerned in the debate about the shorter schooldays to Word carrying LandesschulerInnenvertretung (LSV) NRW report strong criticism of the impact of the reduction in school. By switching to the Abitur after 12 years, the learning material was”just too much pressure and the pressure just for young students not to endure. In the Education Act, the individual support was promised in the preamble, this is not cashed,”Horst Wenzel denounces the educational Status Quo from the regional executive. On the contrary, the LSV speaks of an unreasonable situation. Click CAS for additional related pages. The Government must act immediately and provide finance for the expansion to whole-day schools. The pupils and students of total – and Realschulen, but especially the gymnasiums crowded in the Turbo high school can have a rhythmic full day”, called Wenzel. Recently Ronald Daniels sought to clarify these questions. That is according to the LSV no simple continuation of teaching, as it is often implemented, but a youth-oriented offering from the theater AG up to the Football team in the school”, says in a statement. Julia Bohnke explains the school reform was rushed and unnecessary”, also on the land Board of the LSV.

“For many the diploma so only with tutoring is to create, but that not all can afford”, so bamboo. The LSV calls for the gradual withdrawal of the reform now and want a free lunch for all full-time schools. The student representatives want to next weekend, on their 92nd country delegates Conference in Cologne gather the complaints of the students and discuss the way forward. Horst wenzel

Cannes Golden Palm

The woman said by a world in which the people radiate harmony, contentment, serenity and peace. She described the year 2042 in harmonious coexistence of people and Nations. Unfortunately she could not figure out what had happened, what resulted also in all patience and the subsequent Hagen of the therapist. The answer remained open. It certainly went well the people and there were for example no poverty and no starvation death. The religions have taken a turn. Literally she said after my memory: “There is no religious conflicts and no war more”.

She spoke of a global, harmonious coexistence of religions, in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Yes, that was already incredible and yet everything came out very convincingly. I don’t believe in hocus pocus, and am also no occultist, spiritist, or a spinner who took all that time for full. More or less this event for me was a representation of the Reininkanationslehre and no longer. (Source: Cyrus Massoumi). GERD and the others saw that something different and felt a sensation this return in the future. Later, read, or I heard about it, that a similar meeting in the States resulted in approximately the same results in the year 2040. And just where I write here I hear on the radio that a Thai film “Oncle Boonmee”, which deals with the topic of repatriation, was awarded in Cannes Golden Palm. I remembered again this return in the future, especially for the reason that moves the reality in the present, exactly in the opposite direction.

I me thought about again, how can this be representation from the year 2042 to reality and there is a way, can realize this but utopian for me drawing the future of. How should a world in poverty with daily approx. 15,000 hunger deaths without war and terror death, a world in the greenhouse effect, poverty, hunger, education emergency, terrorism and wars, but 2010 looks like our world, turn to the positive. Policymakers around the world, further away from a solution of things every day. At only more and more poverty and hunger, more climate problems, terrorism and wars are created all good will, which is also available, and for the education of our children, not this is done what would be urgently needed. You have not long to think about, where the real problem lies, because we can hear it daily in the media, see and read, it is located right in front of our eyes: “lacks that it urge means necessary, lacking money, in cash,” that is so easy. Lacking the financial resources to people and Nations and pointing out these “Enlightenment” and reality in the present, the inevitable way. Miracles do not exist, but there is a path that won’t cost a penny and at the end of this path are incredible, positive Yes, described utopian episodes and a “new world”, as in 1974, the year 2042 in a return in the future and was drawn. I’m not a writer, I have no lecturer and have not studied probably German, but on where it is and what it is, everyone will understand. I hope so at least. A large meeting is what needs the current present, humanity and our world of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise.

Gerhard Wiesmteh

While the dog obediently to the edge of the action provides, he sets this already the foundations for later issue or misconduct at his animal. As a puppy by others is roughshod even rushed and tweaked. Other puppies that are already somewhat uncertain or sensitive, apathetic withdraw into a corner and man are waiting for the redemption by the leader of the Pack. Individual animals control the situation, unenlist infighting and behave according to the breed-specific property or already learned behavior more or less aggressive. Or thought the Growl when puppies was another than in adult animals? Demonstrably, 77% of all dogs have developed up to 2 years remains unremedied or problem behavior, what cause stems from uncontrolled Welp playgroups here.

Probably noticed we are talking here of puppy play groups, not by guided and controlled Welp early education. In addition you should consider, that there are not such in nature. Gain insight and clarity with Johns Hopkins President. Puppy of pack of foreign not play, the protection and survival of the own herd is genetically anchored, foreign Animals, particularly puppies would be expelled or killed. The term used often as an excuse puppy protection”is an invention of man. Rely more resembles a game of chance. Certainly not there nothing in nature like, at predators.

Apart from the fact, that socialization not kind, but the social partners man must take place, puppies learn everything necessary already in the own Pack with its own Pack members in conjunction with the mother as the regulating unit. Various environmental stimuli, attachment to people, security and clear leadership by the people are what your puppy but necessarily, should learn. Also controlled meetings with adult conspecifics, of which he can learn something! This is useful and contributes to a balanced life of well socialized puppy. Has your puppy experience already negative in Welp playgroups? With luck, he has made no lasting damage from this time. Take off the pink red glasses. There is no possible better phase, positively influence the development of your dog! Be accountable for you and your four-legged friend and not leave him with kind alone. You would with stronger, bigger and older children putting your child in a Pulk also out of control and idly when a brawl just because a teacher tells you that must make among themselves”. We recommend groups for puppies, where the courses are run controlled and in which dog and dog owner act together by dog worlds. The number of participants in such courses shall be limited to 2 up to a maximum of 4 dogs and their holders. Here are accustomed to puppies meaningful to your environment and the daily to true environmental influences. Dog and dog owners learn the proper lines between already, it is practiced in various places and an adult, well socialized dog is integrated. It is therefore to prepare the puppy with his people and not primarily with strangers on the really important things in his later life Conspecifics. If you now keep flashback and look more closely at the faulty or problem behavior of your dog, you might that the current aggression of your dog against conspecifics hence, that your dog was treated at that time in the Wallace game group of other puppies is striking. As you but then alone have left him with the problem, because a coach has forbidden you to go between them you may not be surprised if your dog also today independently regulates these things without you. Gerhard Wiesmteh

Holiday By The Parents!

For 25 years we arrange supervised youth trips for 25 years we organize active supervised youth travel. As the children get older, the conflict of interest with their parents on holiday is the greater. The non-profit association helps education and life Hamburg e.V. at active-tours youth travel, the warranty for boredom holiday with many highlights. We offer supervised holiday camps in our own Club on Corfu for a small price: young people find themselves on groups in a very special way. Where the parents are, the holiday is experienced in “new”. We provide a diverse and exciting holiday young people who want to spend active holidays with peers – without parents, under expert guidance.

Our youth travel – team, well trained, competent, pleased about any personal contact. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins is actively involved in the matter. There are still free places for those between 14 and 17 years. On Corfu, the Evergreen island in the turquoise blue sea, can all sunbathing, BBQ, water sports and boat trips find friends – the selection is large. The prices range between 400-600 euro.