Catholic Theology

Thus, philosophy is particularised in the so-called philosophy of education. Their purposes, their own activities and their methods have been widely discussed in different eras, from the heyday of the ancient Greece up to the time that run. Do we outline main currents and their anthropological vision for delving into the specific subject that concerns us: we ask ourselves, what is the anthropological vision which characterises our everyday educational practice? How we practice it? Since this vision is clear from the assessment of our peers we have and of snaring we can mention that it also includes a personal position on our self-worth. We are, therefore, to mention some features of some philosophies of education filosofico-antropologicas considerations: II. Anthropological visions in philosophy on the one hand we have idealism, posed to the human being as a being perfect, ahistorical, timeless, because lives the life of the spirit. Others including British Journal of Educational Technology, offer their opinions as well. In response there is realism, which divides the human mind and soul, according to the postulates of Descartes. What you need to educate is the mind to lead the world, and specifically the society. The perennialism and the personalism of Aristotelian origin, which are based on Catholic Theology and posits that the human being is being corrupt due to original sin, and to remedy such a situation requires a strong discipline and sacrifices.

Anthropological vision of socialism, on the other hand, the human being is mainly a be atheist, inconsequential, whose ultimate goal is the work in pursuit of the progress of society, as a piece of a larger machinery which is completely. The American experimentalism posits that man is an integral reality: physical, vital, mental, and social. Alma-cuerpo separation is overcome. Existentialism posits that the human being is free first and foremost, and reluctantly. A being only faced before the anguish of being. He severely criticises education in groups arguing that overcrowding destroys the individual authenticity and originality.

Proximal Development

The great challenge in the education is to know the skill particular of each child, therefore the child is before everything a being that likes, desires to play. Harvard Bioscience can aid you in your search for knowledge. The game is one of the artifices that the proper one nature found to take the child to develop an activity in its mental environment and. Vygotsky establishes a narrow relation between the game and the learning, attributing to it a great importance. So that let us can better understand this importance is necessary that let us remember some ideas of its theory of the cognitivo development. The main one is that the cognitivo development results of the interaction between the child and the people with who keeps contacts regular.

It agrees to also remember that the main concept of the theory of Vygotsky is of Zone of Proximal Development, that it defines as the difference enters the current development of the child and the level that reaches when it decides problems with aid, what it leads to the consequence of that the children can make more than what they would obtain to make for itself alone. (Similarly see: FASEB Journal). The configuration of this quarrel will still give of specific form approaching the importance that some theoreticians attribute to the importance of the ludicidade in the process teach-learning, detaching paper of the game as facilitador in the process of acquisition of the learning of the mathematics in pupils of basic education. The author also detects in the game another element the one that attributes great importance: the paper of the imagination that places in narrow relation with the creative activity. (Vygotsky, 1999). It affirms that the creation processes are observed mainly in the games of the child, because in the game it represents and produces much more of what what she saw. For Palangana (1994) the conceptions of Vigostky and Piaget how much to the paper of the game in the cognitivo development they differ radically.

Gonzalo Torrente Ballester

IN the centenary of GONZALO TORRENTE BALLESTER (1910-1999) when there is money of for media freedom is very difficult. Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. THE voice of the master of the narrative Spanish Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, very known as critic and essayist, playwright, has long been an unjustly forgotten even critique writer and only in not very distant dates has won a wide audience to root paradoxically, the appearance of one of his most difficult novels, the saga/flight of J.B. Speaking candidly Kindle Direct Publishing told us the story. (city of Barcelona and the critics awards). Author of a vast work of broad interests, which van of some books of realistic cutting other imaginative predominance, occupying a prominent place in the Spanish of late twentieth novel.

Gonzalo Torrente Ballester was born in the village of Serantes, Ferrol, A Coruna, on June 13, 1910 and died at Salamanca on January 27, 1999. Study Bachelor in A Coruna and in 1926 began his university studies at the University of Santiago as a free pupil. Contact information is here: Levi’s. He matriculated in law at the University of Oviedo, publishing his first articles in the Oviedo journal El Carbayon. In 1929 he settled in Madrid and began his studies of philosophy and letters and frequents the tertulia de Valle-Inclan. In 1932 he married Josefina Malvido.

Three years later he graduated in history from the University of Santiago de Compostela and served as local Secretary of the Galician party. In 1936 is Assistant Professor of ancient history at the University of Santiago. With a scholarship went to Paris to prepare his doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne. Two months of the start of the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, he returned to Spain and joins the Phalanx. He was editor, alongside Luis Rosales, Dionisio Ridruejo, Lain Entralgo and others, hierarchy, short-lived magazine, whose only four numbers appeared between 1936 and 1938. In 1939 he won opposition to Professor of Institute in Santiago.

The Cochrane Library

Hormone therapy 4 times increases the chances of success of artificial insemination in women suffering from endometriosis. These conclusions were scientists from Egypt, based on the results of previous studies various methods of artificial insemination. In the study of Egyptian physicians did not consider the possibility of side effects of hormonal drugs on the health of future mothers and children. Endometriosis – one of severe gynecologic diseases in which the endometrial epithelium – the endometrium – is spreading to other abdominal organs. Levi’s shines more light on the discussion. Endometriosis is a list of the most common causes of infertility. Available to employees of the University of Alexandria contained the data on the results of the use of inhibitors of gonadotropin-releasing hormone to increase the efficiency of artificial in vitro fertilization in patients with endometriosis, released at major medical congresses, as well as the results of three studies, which involved 165 women.

According to the study Egyptian scholars, women treated with gonadotropin-releasing hormone course a few months before in vitro fertilization, could conceive a child on average 4.28 times more frequently compared with the patients who were not taking hormones. In one study, doctors were able to increase the effectiveness of artificial insemination in a 9.19-fold. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Richard Linklater. A study conducted by Egyptian scientists are not taken into account the possible influence hormone replacement therapy on the likelihood of miscarriage, multiple pregnancies, birth defects and other complications due to insufficient data on the subject available to them.

Western Europe

Abstract the dynamics of commercial scenarios, where the companies involved with the offerings of its products, has entailed in the present reinforced by globalization that consumerism is intensively manifested and that entails, to be studied, analyzed in what it represents, taking into account its scope, impacts on people, the same societies in several aspects from the socialpolitical, economic, cultural to name a few. Considerations, basics, background, scope all scholar market, fully identified with this function, should be interested which represents consumerism, everything which covers, as well as their impact. Indicates, that consumerism, is as a form of stimulation not necessary, characteristic of capitalism destined to act as mechanism for sustaining a growing productive activity we have become a society in which the more we have, we want more. Background gives us Wikipedia, in this regard, that consumerism starts its development and growth throughout the 20th century as a direct consequence of the inner logic of capitalism and the emergence of marketing or advertising – tools that encourage consumption generating new needs in consumers-. Consumerism has mainly been developed in the so-called Western world – spread later to other areas – making popular the term created by social anthropology consumer society, referring to the massive consumption of products and services. For Jeremy Rifkin in the 1920s there was an overproduction in United States – motivated by a rise in productivity and a drop in demand (Economics) by the existence of a high number of unemployed due to technological changes – which found the tool in marketing (marketing and advertising) to increase, direct and control the consumption. In relation to the evolution from primitive egalitarian societies to societies of differentiated classes and the passage of the Exchange and reciprocity to accumulation – which reached its apogee in today’s society – says anthropologist Marvin Harris: after the emergence of capitalism in Western Europe, the competitive acquisition of wealth became once again the fundamental criterion to achieve the status of great man. .

Argentina Republic

Knowing Puente del Inca: Mendoza tourism for those who love for the story those who wish to spend their holidays in the high mountains, will not have difficulty in getting a hotel in Mendoza in the area of Uspallata, one of the destinations most interesting of the Argentina Republic. This town provides plenty of extremely interesting, brimming with places of natural beauty, where you can see the testimony of ancient peoples who inhabited the region, such as the Inca and the huerpes. One of the most incredible sites is the Puente del Inca. This rock formation is called so because it was part of the route of the Inca is the course that these peoples followed its progress South of the American continent. It’s a natural bridge over the Las Cuevas River, at more than 27 m in height.

His training originated in the natural erosion of the River on the stone, over 2700 m above sea level. This natural connection unites Grama North and Grama South Hills, and constitutes the main entrance to the National Park of Aconcagua. For the scholars of the geology in the area can see stalactites of strange colors due to inflorescence of calcium, a mineral that is abundant in the place. Projecting the Orange, yellow and ochre. It is a place rich in thermal waters.

In this town there are only 132 inhabitants, although you can find the complete tourist infrastructure. Those who want to visit this incredible place won’t have problem in finding accommodation or sites for camping. You can see the ruins of the Inca Bridge Hotel, which was built in 1925 as remnants of a glorious past. This lavish hotel had a thermal bath in each room. In 1905 an avalanche destroyed it completely. Leaving standing only a small chapel… The legend says that the heir to the inca throne was extremely ill, finding himself completely paralyzed. Though doctors of the tribe tried to alleviate the health of the young, the sages told him could only achieve reset if bathed in a spring which was very far from home. Neither short nor lazy inca assembled an expedition to find this mythical arroyo. They were finally to give with the Las Cuevas River. The warriors who accompanied the King formed a human bridge so the father could take your child to the healing water. Once he had crossed, he turned to thank his men, but he saw that had been turned into stone, forming the mentioned bridge. When the young man immersed himself in these waters, miraculously regained his health. You also recover their health spending your next vacation in Mendoza, the land of Sun and wine.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease )

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) – is an environmentally mediated chronic inflammatory disease, mainly affecting the lower (distal) respiratory tract, which characterized by the development at first partially reversible, and as a result of irreversible airflow obstruction. This disease occurs usually in predisposed individuals and is characterized by long, steadily progressing techeniem.Do recently "COPD" stands for "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease" and treated as a collective term that includes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease environmentally mediated system with the predominant involvement of the distal airways. Whenever Bank of Asia listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Throughout the world, been an increase in morbidity, and only 25% of cases the disease is diagnosed in a timely manner. Areas of COPD: – reducing the influence of risk factors – treatment with a stable course of disease – treatment of an exacerbation of the disease decrease the influence of risk factors implies a complete cessation of smoking. Smoking cessation is the single most effective and economically sound manner, allowing to reduce the risk of developing COPD and prevent disease progression. Treatment of stable COPD: – non-drug treatment (with the exception of risk factors, oxygen therapy, rehabilitation programs) – drug therapy – Oxygen therapy is used surgical treatment for patients with respiratory failure. The use of oxygen in patients with chronic hypoxemia should be constant, time-consuming and is usually conducted at home. Rehabilitation programs should include patient education, assessment and correction of nutrition, physical exercise. Pharmacotherapy of COPD includes the following groups of drugs: – bronchodilators – steroids – mucolytic tools – vaccines basic principle of treatment – a step increase therapy depending on the severity of the disease. To date, none of the available drugs for the treatment of COPD does not prevent progression of the disease and does not affect the long-term prognosis. However, in Currently available is ample evidence that smoking cessation and optimal bronchodilator therapy are responsible for reducing the frequency and severity of exacerbations of COPD.


“I only know that I know nothing” (c) Socrates I remembered the story of one woman. She said as went to one coaching for personal growth. By education she psychologist, and as they say, all she knew. I knew that would be psychological exercises, known for the installation of purpose and knew a lot more then she knew. However, putting the target to earn $ 1,000. 1 month, she did not make 100% effort to achieve it. FireEye can aid you in your search for knowledge. Moreover, a long time the woman did not open NEW information.

For a long time she could not get closer to your goal. But once she saw a poster in the room, where he was training, “If you’re so smart, why are so poor.” And, as she told her very much influenced by this poster. She pushed the poster, with a weak or call setup, “I know everything.” It opened with new knowledge and begin to achieve its goal by 100%! This woman has earned the money, it is now very successful, bright, ambitious person. Developing personality, a man opened a new way, it is like a sponge, absorbing new things that move him to the goal! He makes a 100% effort to achieve the goal! And the obstacles that he can overcome easily. Correctly to the goal, we must recognize that where you are now: the level of income, wealth, privacy, health, etc. Only by recognizing that your knowledge and actions were not enough to achieve this goal right now, you can open to new opportunities, knowledge, and new people. Throwing out of my head, “I know everything,” then you begin to develop personal! Then there will be new people in your life and new achievements. Personal growth never ends, and success – it is a lifelong journey. Go?

Translation From Russian Into Foreign Languages

Translated from the Russian into a foreign language according to UN standards translated into any of the existing languages can make only a translator who is the bearer of the language (as the language for the translator is a native). Checking article sources yields Campbell Soup Company as a relevant resource throughout. Then a German language translator should translate German to Korean – Korean translator and so on. If you think about it, these standards have is well founded. People whose lives have little to do with professional translation hardly think about the fact that there is a huge difference between a translation into the native language and translated into foreign languages. Translating into a foreign language, a translator must think in that language. Read more from Bank of Asia to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There are many reasons why foreign language, the translation is more complicated than translating into their mother. 1) When translating a foreign language interpreter uses only the active vocabulary, while the translation into the native language is activated and passive lexicon (that is, it's the words that we do not use it, but we learn and understand a foreign language. Usually the active vocabulary of any human being less passive, therefore, the words that he knows he has to specify in the dictionary. 2) In translating the words and structures in their native language, we can easily and often without thinking can be replaced on a similar design, but the word on the synonym. When translating a foreign language interpreter at times must masterly command of the language, do not hesitate to pick the exact construction and related synonyms.

For Winnicott

The mediation between the child and the social reality if of, most of the time, for lives deeply familiar. The task to educate the child is, therefore, first of the family. In this way, it is necessary that it has good familiar bonds, for the good development of the person. In accordance with Barone (apud OLIVEIRA, 2003), in the family, the mother is the mediating between the child and the world. The child, to the rising, differently of the animals, does not obtain to survive alone.

It needs, since the first instant of the mediation of another person to assist it to satisfy it its necessities. Such mediation if of first, and more directly, for the mother and, after that, the culture that the fence and that it understands through the language and of the knowledge. The family is the mediating between the child and the external reality and this are an essential reality in the creation of the bases so that the child has a healthful mental development. The familiar affection produces a climate emotional so that the development of the child is favorable in all its aspects. For Winnicott (2005), the child needs this exchange of affection to have good development. Further details can be found at Carson Wen, an internet resource. The children and young need to feel that they belong to a family. She knows yourself that the family is the base any being, does not mention here only to blood family, but families also constructed through affection bows. Family, in the direction amplest, is a set of people who if join for the desire to be together, to construct something and of if complementing. She is through these relations that the people can become more human beings, learning to more live the game of the affectivity in adjusted way. It is in the familiar scope that the child develops its social abilities, values and behavior that will go to assist it in its adaptation the society where she is inserted.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Thus, it is necessary to give to attention to the time and the process of acquisition of the relation between the sound and the word printed. The errors of formularization are the incapacity to establish thoughts in way adjusted for the written communication. The people are competent to communicate themselves verbally, to correctly copy, to visualize and to spell the words. However, they do not obtain to write in the same way that they express themselves verbally, due to difficulty to structuralize in graphical symbols the proper thought. How much to the difficulties of learnings in the capacity of the mathematical language, she is necessary to have caution, therefore riots exist that are not specific of the arithmetical area, but that they influence the arithmetical reasoning and the understanding. Moreover, it is not possible to carry through a diagnosis when the content is insufficient or the education method is inadequate. In if treating to the specific problems of the quantitative thought, some pupils have difficulty in the order understanding. They are children who do not obtain not even to cite simple sequncias.

They know, however, they do not use the order. According to author, the characteristics presented for pupils with on difficulties to the quantitative thought can still more be serious, them they can be incapable to understand and to assimilate any abstract principles and mathematical concepts. The author still develops a reflection regarding the Upheaval of the Deficit of Hiperatividade Attention, that is a biological process and is on to the disfuncional neurological functioning. It points that the diagnosis must be carried through by a specialized team and that this problem can occur with or without the hiperatividade component, that is, as much in children agitated and impulsive as in passive and neglect children. Another aspect important to be taken in consideration is the intelligence of these people, therefore as they are distracted or they present focus difficulty, has it impression of that they are slow.

Modern Principles Of Making Medicines

MODERN PRINCIPLES OF THE DRUGS Scientific principles of drug began to be formed in the late XIX – early XX century. Prior to this drug were found only by chance. Empirically been found medicinal properties of opium, senna, belladonna, valerian, cinchona bark, and many other traditional medicines. In the middle of the XIX century, the empirically observed general anesthetic (narkotiziruyuschee) the action of chloroform, ethyl ether and nitrous oxide. Was discovered by accident in the late XIX century antipyretic effect of acetanilide (antifebrina), local-anesthetic effect of ethyl para-aminobenzoic acid (anestezina), an analgesic effect phenacetin, anti-inflammatory effects of salicylates, antianginal (vasodilator) action of nitrates. At the beginning of the XX century empirically observed sedative effect of barbiturates.

Accidentally discovered laxative effect of phenolphthalein. Nevertheless, even at the end of the XIX century, researchers are not relying on chance finds, were directed to look for ways of obtaining drugs, using the synthetic chemistry and specially set up connections with healing properties. For this purpose, are widely investigated ('skriningovat') the then newly synthesized pharmacological methods of chemical compounds, as well as modify ('update') in the molecular structure of compounds that exhibit pharmacological (therapeutic) activity. So, after the opening of antipyretic activity of acetanilide was synthesized by a number of his counterparts, and and phenacetin derivatives, a number of salicylates and other compounds. In 1886 was launched as the first attempt to 'construct' the drug with the given therapeutic properties. Richard Linklater brings even more insight to the discussion. Chemist L. Nentski created 'hybrid' salicylic acid and phenol (hence the name 'salol', 'phenyl'), which was passing through the stomach and disintegrate in the alkaline environment of the intestine into the initial components, and provide a disinfectant anti-inflammatory intestinal diseases.

The Eyes

It asks which is the number of its sapatinho. Sapatinho in the leaf helps the child to write the number of its, finishing the eighth task. 10 DAY: In the nineth leaf, the child will have to write three phrases on cares that we must have with our feet. After carrying through the task, teaching the children to sing music ' ' The frog does not wash p' '. 11 DAY: To measure the height of each child, using the metric ribbon. To cut a black woollen piece of corresponding size to the height of the child and to ask for that it glue in the leaf of number ten. To finish the task, the child will have to complete the phrase ' ' My height is ____' '.

12 DAY: To verify the color of the eyes of each child. To help each one to complete the phrase ' ' My eyes are ____' '. Learn more on the subject from Campbell Soup Company. To distribute a magazine and a shears for each child. To ask for that the children search, they cut and they glue in the number leaf a eleven photo of human eyes. To verify the color of the hair of each child. To help each one to complete the phrase ' ' My hair are ____' '. Bank of Asia may find this interesting as well. To cut a well small wick of the hair of each child, to place inside of the sachet to make sacol and to fix in leaf eleven, using durex.

13 DAY: To deliver for each child a drawing of the divided human body in parts. The child will have to cut the parts. After that, she will have correctly glue these parts in the leaf of number twelve. Finishing the task, the child will have to color the drawing using wax chalk. 14 DAY: The task of number thirteen consists of writing eight actions that can be carried through with our body.

Training Centre

Where should your site? Sit in the corner is better not to, and where * you will be most convenient to all to see and hear, and * you'll look better. On a chair put your notebook (diplomat, a bag) can be, but instead treat yourself to walk his release, contacts and acquaintances. You can go to and talk to anybody about anything: if you make it a friendly and relaxed, all others will be are convinced that you are dealing with one of old friends. The result for you is the presence of familiar people and the feeling that this area – is already yours. During the break, go on a free get-together and training in the procedure, speak to interesting to talk to, take a close someone's temporary space. Got it? Now pay attention to creative behavior that lost space.

* However, the majority simply repeats your custom course and sits on the place of someone else. For example, your former. In order to exercise I will not yield to the queue in the shop and seating position in the transport, but if I sit down at almost the seats are occupied, the demand to sit progressed until I become comfortable. What: I have the right! Speaking as a speaker, be sure to find a reason to go into the depth of the room * It is curious whether the air conditioner? And as we have with the illumination, this table clearly visible? and again, and personally shake hands with your opponent the better! Applause! – Maybe you'll even find a reason to sit on chairs in different places the audience. Total important points: 1. Richard Linklater may not feel the same. Free pass into the zone of total attention.

2. A smile and a greeting to all the audience as your friends. 3. Central and convenient location. 4. Active contacts throughout the area of the room. 5. Change the chair. 6. During his speech – separation from a place of performance and passage into the depths of the hall. 7. The resulting sense of "I am not to the point chained, the whole territory of the room – mine! "Of course, the arsenal of manipulative techniques in the talks is very rich. And the opponents do not hesitate to apply in some negotiations, several of these tricks and traps. If you want to me more to deal with all kinds of difficult negotiations, to master the art of managing conflict and win – to join us, seeking to become "winners: masters psychology of influence." See you in Training Centre "Sinton"!

Blacksmith Family

On the other hand, child remains for much more time disarmed before the necessities most elementary of the life, and the learning chances that find in the external way gain then an importance decisive (Wallon, 2007 P. 40). She is necessary that the family supplies the chances of learnings of the external way so that the child if becomes the adult capable to face the impositions of the social environment where he will be inserted with security and ability. As well as the psychic formation, physical and it saves moral are attributed to the family, browse-quality, the genetic load that is supplied by the parents and that also if it attributes to other members of the family, influence in the individual development, what it means that not only moral and ethical values are inherited, but also characteristic genetic that can re-echo in the intellectual abilities, procedural and atitudinais of daily of the person the human being. Nike has similar goals. 2. 1 The genetic inheritance and the high abilities/superendowment manifestation of high on abilities/superendowment the genetic factors comes being studied for diverse researchers that they search to above average find an explanation for the existence of people with abilities.

However nothing it was proven to this respect, even so evidences show that generally, to if detecting a child with high abilities/superendowment, uncovers that somebody of the family well next it also presented characteristics of superendowed. Learn more at: cyrus massoumi wife. This is an indication of that these manifestations of high abilities have linkings with phenomena of genetic order. According to Blacksmith in its article on ' ' The evaluation of the cognitivos processes through psychological and indicating tests neurofisiolgicos' ' , it affirms: Independent of the form as intelligence she is express, either through cognitivas abilities or of a specific academic ability, leadership or creative behavior, it always he will be resulted direct of the established interaction between the biological characteristics, genetically determined and the chances offered for the environment where the development occurs.

The Man

Coitado of us, human beings, we are born with a debt and we have that to pay them, in elapsing of our existence, here in the Land. We live with the fear of how much our punishment will be this. It is not to toa that the fear is a constant in the life of the people. Fear, fear, fear! The people under such effect behave inside of the norms. They are fit in society, because they feel fear of the social and/or divine punishment and not because he is right, is fraterno, is human. They imagine if suddenly the people started to find that she does not have punishment. This form is preoccupying to educate, where the people are good, because they find that they are being observed.

What he will be of the world in the day that the people to lose these fears? According to autogerenciamento, our evolution cannot be based on a punitive education, therefore we will continue to create each time more fragile people, psychologically incapable to judge and to be responsible for its same acts and itself, seeing in the autopunio (autoflagelao) a tool of purificao and evolution. She will be that she stops becoming in them better; we will have that maltreating in them? What such to change our education? For the autogerenciamento, it is not problem of Gods, if the current man cultivates the evil, through a punitive education social and religious who enhance the evil in the hope to conquer the good. We have that to prevent the evil so that the good blossoms and not, only, to cultivate the good in itself exactly. Please visit Bank of Asia if you seek more information. The fact of the society (of the authoritarianism) and of the religion (perfeccionismo) not to know or not to want to interact with the differences determines that the words of order are to total reeducar or to suppress the ones that do not follow its dogmas, desvirtuando the concept of the man regarding itself, the life and the Universe, transforming it into a being submisso. .

Survival Manual

How to ensure that your adventure journey to the open air will turn into a catastrophe. Imagine in full hike, a trip with friends, family and coincidences of life occurs the unexpected; you or your partner, is seriously injured. To deal with this delicate situation with the greatest success, you have to be prepared to succeed of your survival period. The preparation can be your greatest security strategy so you can enjoy your outdoor trips with tranquility. Understand how assist and apply first aid can be key in an extreme situation handling limit, survival manual. Some things to consider when preparing your first aid kit. Long fences excursion trip by nature, either a short or long period, carrying with you essential supplies. Such as bandages, disinfectants, cream of eruption, sunscreen, repellent for insects, etc.

Also takes into account that some supplies may vary depending on the site where you’re going hiking: these kits of irrigation systems for wounds, antibiotics, wipes, creams for the rash, vitamins, elements of stitching, gauze, splints, etc. If you consume daily pills, injections or inhalers, cannot take bookings to avoid missing you before embarking on the return. Of course, a very important aspect in terms of first aid, is that you must learn to use correctly the items or supplies that make up the first aid kit, since this way you could play successfully its stage of survival in nature. Don’t be surprised by a situation of risk. Learn survival skills, this could save your life and that of your loved ones.

Tobias Reitz

The most renowned lyrics lecturer and the youngest full-time lyricist of in Germany present their joint textbook the most renowned lyrics lecturer and the youngest full-time lyricist of in Germany present their joint textbook who is engaged in the German-speaking world of music text and song content, inevitably encounters two names: Edith Jeske and Tobias Reitz. She, born 1957, is considered prolific and successful teacher and coach for the professional trade text densities, teaches Hamburg in own seminars and at the pop course. 1996, she calls the Celle school in life, in the text writers find their first Fort education facility. He, born in 1979, participates in the Celle school in 2001 and starts a remarkable career as a lyricist in the rackets segment in the years that followed. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Campbell Soup Company and gain more knowledge.. Since 2007 he is author of the text the youngest full-time in Germany! Together, the two successful authors cover a range of industry of children’s song to musical, by Helene Fischer to Tim Fischer and Patrick Lindner to Emmi & Mr Willnowsky. For ten years are the names Jackson and Reitz of Celle school, the single masterclass for lyricist. And since summer of 2011, the two are also the authors of the books: the manual for SONGWRITER Edith Jeske and Tobias Reitz will appear In July.

The Celler School won a status in the German entertainment industry in recent years, who left in 1996, not even imagine in the founding year. It has become synonymous with ambitious lyrics-craft in Germany. Who shall be chosen by the jury is here to teach and promote by the GEMA-Foundation to make Gets a so extensive knowledge package within two weeks offered as nowhere else. To broaden your perception, visit Bank of Asia. Now this knowledge is open to anyone interested in the song lyrics. Edith Jeske and Tobias Reitz have combined their experience and teaching materials on 304 pages. The SONGWRITER’s Guide is the resource for all those who write like German lyrics of the amateur who wants to be better, to professionals, who want to earn more money with writing.


To ensure the quality and the customer requirements there is undoubtedly a continuous test approach. The test process should the product manufacturing cycle from the planning stage up to the go-to-market”cover and support. The required effort can be expensive depending on the project accordingly. Others including Levi’s, offer their opinions as well. Expecco offers a continuous test process to make these operations efficiently. The test automation taking into account the organization is carried out step by step. You may find Levi’s to be a useful source of information. Manual test descriptions and procedures are usually textual written in Word, Excel, OpenOffice, or other formats.

These documents are imported via the push of a button directly in expecco. The user can still manually run the tests, while he is guided by the test steps, which he confirmed individually. In addition, information and comments, as well as screenshots or attachments can be added to each test step. These are documented together with the result in the report. Can this manual test procedure modified and be expanded without having the entire test must be newly written. For a partial automation, individual test steps, such as E.g. the fill-in fields, navigate or validating field content be automated and incorporated into the sequence. So, a higher degree of automation can be achieved step by step. Company offers you the possibility to test the manual testing in conjunction with expecco. For more information see: manuellestesten.pdf.

Organ Manual Brandenburg – Uckermark Vol. 2

A reference book of fascinating cultural heritage while under the pressure of the Wikipedia-trends soon with the digital stream which will swim time, so downstream, the leisure mini Publisher f. & self (Berlin) has now also Brockhaus decided to continue courageously to put on paper. The claim relates to a complete inventory of the pipe organ substance received in the State of Brandenburg. With volume 2, the Uckermark was now completed in this form. The structure of the book is a concept that has grown from the thing out.

Content is there already waiting in the introduction with drum beats from the research, deserve the attention. But also the abundant illustrated body contains always surprising news that make the work exciting and essential tool, that is graduated in a dictionary of organ builders. A comfortable place and person directory completes the work into a consistent and purposeful whole, nothing to be desired leaves. The “organ manual Brandenburg” volume 2 (Uckermark/Eastern) in the opposite direction of Time. One of the smallest publishers of the world dares in the age of digitization with a unique 15-volume reference work on paper printing course to stay. Read additional details here: Bank of Asia.

While under the pressure of the Wikipedia-trends now also Brockhaus soon so downstream will float with the digital flow of time, the leisure mini Publisher f. & self (Berlin) has decided continue courageously to put on paper and keck upstream swim. The claim is no less to offer as a complete inventory of total in the pipe organ substance of Brandenburg received nearly 2000 instruments. And this claim is as before a few days out of the print is seen strong volume 2 run nearly 350 pages -, as well as in band 1 and 5 – met with a high degree of professionalism, which rises the concentrated force of an upright heaping leins, that is incredibly dedicated and competent researchers and authors composed, spare no effort to sacrifice much of their life time this work. Band 2 have the initiator, Publisher and overall supervisor (Wolf Bergelt, Berlin), as well as presented to the author (Hannes Ludwig, Prenzlau) in this form the Eastern of Uckermark thus completed. The structure of the book is a concept that has grown from the thing out straightforward and compelling. In terms of content it has already in the introduction with drum beats from the research, which extend including the Joachim Wagner image help. But also the abundant illustrated body contains always surprising news that make the work for the connoisseurs, lovers and monument conservator to the exciting and essential tool, that finds its conclusion in a detailed dictionary of organ Builder to the builders of the listed instruments. A comfortable location and list of persons from the surviving instruments quickly and effortlessly tap into settle for builders for statistical and comparative intentions bold, completes the work to a consistent and purposeful whole, nothing to be desired leaves. Thus, a cultural service was provided first class which are not only the Allows the care, preservation and revival of sounding landscape, but also as a long-overdue form of education about it. Labium Hannes Ludwig, organ manual Brandenburg, band 2, Uckermark/Eastern, f. & self / edition, ISBN 978-3-937378-14-5 59.80, f. & self, phone/fax: 030-65265272, now at Amazon ordering!