How To Get Training In The UK

Education in the uk – a sure way to get an international certificate of English proficiency. Benefit of foggy Albion provides ample opportunities for training: starting programs for children and ending specialized courses for senior managers. Undergo training in the uk can be in special schools for students and schools at colleges and universities. In addition, training in England – a wonderful opportunity acquainted with the culture and traditions of this country. Today, training in the uk is very popular. More and more parents dream to send their children to receive a prestigious foreign education. This is not a thrust to all overseas, just an English education is really the standard of quality. Education in the uk – a good start to a successful life.

Begin training in the uk, you can pass the courses. Educational programs are diverse – from primary to tertiary and vocational. Preferably, choose those courses which result will receive an international certificate. For example, a particularly prized international cambridge certificate. This certificate is the most reliable indication of the level of knowledge in employment and admission to the school. If you want your child educated in the uk boarding school, he must also possess a certificate of English at the proper level. You can get trained in their own country, because All educational materials are available at Cambridge University. You can then apply in the testing center to check their knowledge.

Estonia Russia

Personality formed and developed as a result of the impact of multiple factors, both objective and subjective, natural and social, domestic and external, independent and dependent on the will and consciousness of people acting spontaneously or according to specific goals. In this case, the person was not conceived as a passive creature who photographically shows the external impact. He serves as the subject of its own formation and development. In connection with the the above, it was decided to hold a sei tsevd Yvert study, which involved 60 students aged 13-15 years, whose goal was to determine the relationship of the younger generation living in the territory Russia, to various ethnic groups of the former Soviet Union, namely: the Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Belarusians, Georgians, Estonians, Ukrainians and Tajiks. Basis for the study was derived social distance scale (the scale Bogardus, option lg Pochebut) The text of the techniques in the application.

The ongoing study found that the ratio of youth to the proposed ethnic groups depends on the foreign policy pursued by Russia countries of the former Soviet Union. For example, the “special” relations between Ukraine and Georgia to nato, as well as the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the Georgian- war, the issue of protection of the rights of Russian-speaking population in Baltic countries, the same as and the integration of the Baltic countries into European structures (including Estonia), the migration issue in Russian-Tajik relations may be caused by the high rates of social distance the subjects to representatives of ethnic groups residing in the above mentioned countries. Analysis of the results led to another conclusion. Namely: the figures for countries such as Belarus and Armenia said that the subjects minimal social distance to the national hiv. Maybe it depends on the fact that Belarus is Russia’s ally in matters of the West, while Armenia is considered Russia’s ally in the Caucasus.

Russia’s position, Belarus and Armenia on most key international issues coincide or are close. Armenia and Belarus share the approaches of Russia aimed at strengthening the cis. Today’s realities suggest that a special responsibility lies with Russia not only in the education of the younger generation in the spirit of tolerance and peace, but also for peace and security in the Caucasus and the cis. All of the above does not relieve management independent states from liability for the peaceful settlement of ethnic conflicts. On this path there are no insurmountable obstacles, but crucial to the goodwill of the parties to come to the achievement of mutually acceptable decisions on the basis of law and in a spirit of responsibility as to their peoples and the international community. Scale of application of social distance (Bogardus scale, a variant of lg Pochebut) Instructions to the test of Rank representatives of this nationality, noting their degree of acceptability for themselves for only one of the seven proposed the following criteria. Respond to the principle: for me personally is possible and desirable for people of this nationality (the number of response – is the value of points). 1.Prinyatie as close relatives by marriage. 2.Prinyatie as personal friends. 3.Prinyatie as neighbors, living on my street. 4.Prinyatie as work colleagues, having the same profession, that I did. 5.Prinyatie as citizens of my country. 6.Prinyatie only as a tourist in my country.

Successful Start Of The Graduate Career

Working with students mgimo rggu, fa and other universities, we see that today's youth are very intelligent, accustomed to using modern information technology, bold, dynamic and energetic. However, described the quality is not always regarded by employers as the benefits of young professionals. However, one must admit that today's youth are much more advanced than the middle-aged and older generations. Recruitment young professionals is beneficial to the employer to achieve the perspective of strategic objectives and heights. It is counting on the future, we believe that preparing for a career of today's youth should be based on the most modern and the highest professional level. Labour market evolves and becomes more demanding of candidates appearing on it. Today, in order to quickly make a career, few have only competent in their own profession.

Even highly qualified specialist is not always able to get an interesting offer from his employer. Anyone who wants to grow faster must have a personal career strategy and have the necessary this knowledge and skills. Working in the field of hr consulting for several years, we have come to the conclusion that all men without exception, in the presence of such knowledge and skills, it can make your career more quickly, making more, feel more job satisfaction. Many errors that complicate the lives of mature professionals, youth is not allowed or they are easy to fix. Young people have a chance from the start to make a career effectively and competently. Our experts have developed a range of products that contribute to your effective promotion through the ranks from student to successful and sought after expert and manager. On our website You can find many useful tips on how to make your career more successful.

You have the opportunity to become acquainted with the contents of the training, "Your first job, specially designed for students and graduates, who do not have enough experience looking for work and communicating with employers. The mission of the Agency's – Promoting your personal career growth. Helping our clients in setting and achieving career purposes, we, thus, enhance their competitiveness in the labor market and contribute to the fact that Russia has become more successful, harmonious, prosperous and happy people. Make your career more successful than your career peers! Pay attention employers! Build your career, using the successful experience of our customers.

High German

This turn of events resulted in the appearance of the words borrowed from the language in Danish. Moreover, in the 17 century High German in Denmark to become the language used at court. Later, he was replaced by French, resulting in a Danish penetrated French borrowings. But already by the mid-18 century, develops purist movement, cause of which was a rather large number of foreign words in Danish. In spite of this, and to date in the literary Danish there is a fairly large number of foreign borrowing. In the morphology of the modern Danish language rather simplified compared to the 15-17 centuries.

Thus, cases remain only two – the so-called "General" and the genitive, do not differ in those verb forms and so on. The main differences in the phonetics of Danish and North German languages are: sound-b-, and friktivnye-g-and-d-, which are used instead of-k-,-t-and-p-post vowels that are already entered in the 14 century. Also occurs in the closure of the vocal cords of those variants of pronunciation, which in other languages, particularly in the Norwegian and Swedish, there is a simple accent. In addition, in phonetics Danish language uses a strong aspiration for the pronunciation of certain sounds and the so-called "no vote" in pronouncing explosive sounds. Takes place and the use of short consonants at the end of words, which replaced the long consonants. As for diphthongs, they also have their characteristic differences in comparison with other languages of North German team. Swedish is the official language of Sweden, as well, along with Phoenician language – the official language of Finland.


You did not ask why the need to unroll the dough is so thick and it is this size, why the dumplings are round, not hex – you just looked at the hand of the master, and repeated his movement! And after a while the dumplings you began to receive no worse! Say, the wrong comparison? Very appropriate! See the video, repeat phrases, using the same gestures, waving his arms, sit down, stand up, speak louder or quieter – depending on what see and hear, and you’ll understand the meaning of what is happening, even if you do not know all the words. Ways of learning a foreign language, which helps. Retry? Remember? Now try a similar situation to use these phrases. For example, you backed up the man who was indignant at the restaurant that he filed a cooled dish. Try to express what they saw and heard, their home for family dinners (even if it’s hot “with the heat, with heat”)! It seems that you will understand and not be offended Even better, if you have colleagues in learning a foreign language.

In this case, anyone can copy the behavior of any character, and then work to reproduce a situation in which each play a role. Stage 1. At the initial stage of learning a foreign language audio recordings must be of high quality and contain slowly and clearly speech speaker. Once you learn to repeat words and correctly set stress (1-2 weeks), we can move on to the video course.


So, often graduate work – that is to say, “scientific abstraction” – are simply requirements – to implement them, of course, the same need, but it must be understood and their convention. That is why there were in the market services to assist in the execution of training and qualification works – diplomas, papers, coursework. The market dictates the terms and conditions and demand creates supply – it is quite natural! For a short period of privately practicing specialists in the field level of these services has grown to these monsters – huge firms put the production of scientific texts on stream – cold, rational, mechanical. In this case, as the saying goes “an eye ” – a professional performer of such works have often does not distinguish one thing from another – phrases are too-too streamlined and formulaic approaches – the teacher-expert can easily distinguish a conveyor work from any attempts of personal student. Do not risk it for a student? Absolutely! And as you deadlines – “Diploma for three days”?

This only proves that a performer of such “works” there are lots of texts, “discs” or even a database of diplomas – and he of them, no doubt, gives a “unique” text, which meet you can then have a dozen-other (if not more!) students in your city! And maybe it was, would have nothing – if such students were not in your own university, in your own chair! Will be very pale appearance in such accidents before the eyes of the Commission on the Protection of the diploma – it is clear what it ends! Quite logically, therefore, come to the conclusion that maybe it’s worth already depart from the conveyer gigantism firms and return to the good old unique style of performance, in which are embedded, and knowledge and the soul? As we know, everything is new – well forgotten old – and now everywhere in the world is much higher than mass-produced machine tools valued handwork! It seems that in field performance of scientific text, diplomas, where, of course, though, considering the modern requirements, must work professionals – also should move away from patterns and to work for a person, not an abstract “customer”! It so we decided to recreate the style of an individual approach to client-Man – we are not in the feverish haste, and hence quality is guaranteed – we do not “driven by the product” and therefore every phrase – the fruit of an individual approach, we are honest with contacting us – a diploma in three days did not happen, and sub-specialist work is worth something, in addition – we offer the opportunity to assess the work before its payment – we trust you and appreciate you! We are interested in each our client and work for the people! – We are the ‘manual labor’, valuable, stylish yet affordable at a furious century!

Five Star League

If you ask an ordinary, not particularly interested in basketball, a man who is, say, Ayzeyya Thomas, he is unlikely to say something sensible in reply. About Dennis Rodman have heard everything. Well, almost everything. This guy was painting his hair, met with Madonna and Carmen Electra, wrote books, starred in the movie, led the transfer on MTV, been in jail … oh yeah, almost forgot.

He also played basketball is phenomenal … Dennis Rodman was born May 13, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey. His childhood was very difficult, because the father was absent as a phenomenon, and his mother … She had to feed a whole horde of children, and because she was incredibly happy when the young Dennis was sent to the colony. So he lived and Myka. Barely graduated from high school, the age of 13 he earned his daily bread: a stevedore, the porter, the gravedigger at the cemetery …

godkov 17 guy sharply to attention and began to relax their worries and on the basketball court. Some innate sense of the ball, is a rare ability to choose the right position under the basket brought to the attention of professional coaches Rodman. His first team was the team of Texas Cooke County Junior College, and after a while it became major player on the team of the University 'of South-eastern Oklahoma. " In his first NCAA championship match Dennis scored 24 points and 19 rebounds made – the result, even a decent player for the NBA! Not surprisingly, the newcomer immediately selected in the first Five Star League, where he stayed until graduating from college.

Austria Study

Since then a lot has happened. Currently, the German College offers four dual Bachelor’s degrees in the study of Economics of fitness, fitness training, health management and nutrition consultancy. In the Bachelor’s programs connect operational training in a company and a correspondence course compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide), connects Austria or of Switzerland. In addition to the Bachelor’s degree are two masters in the direction of prevention and health management in the portfolio of the State-approved University or college. The winter semester of 2011, more than 1,000 students began study at DHfPG.

“” Nearly ten times as much as in the first semester of the degree of fitness Economist”2002 552 freshmen started in the strongest bachelor study fitness economics”, 248 in health management”, 108 in fitness training”and 48 in nutrition”. The new masters for the winter SEMESTER 2011 introduced prevention and health management”also surpassed all expectations with 81 new signups. Classes are held at the DHfPG in small seminar groups instead. Here is the advantage of the system of the DHfPG significantly again. “Just today, if there are duplicate through school year and the abolition of conscription by the much-described students glut” comes to a shortage of places at universities as well as universities of applied sciences and crowded classrooms are the consequence, the DHfPG study system offers an optimal solution. At the DHfPG, the classes be set up demand-driven in the nationwide study centres in Germany and Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Zurich). This improves the learning situation on the ground and promotes a direct exchange between the students with each other and with the teacher. Our company as a training company? Why students in their companies qualify already over 2,400 entrepreneurs? There is a simple answer: the education establishments, including fitness facilities, prevention facilities, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, clinics, and many others, appreciate the numerous advantages the the dual Bachelor’s degree offers just for companies.

Young Professionals

Jobwiwi and job College giving away that application solution check by Jobwiwi and job College advertised competition provides the opportunity to optimize the individual application on a job and the supporting documents. The offer applies to specialist and managerial staff and graduates from economics, such as marketing. To win, there are application optimization with individual success advice 3 x and 5 x an expert check of the application documents. The application optimization worth 198 includes the development of a competency profile and assemble the personal application folder receive expert advice on the application appearance, including telephone follow-up, the creation or revision of the curriculum vitae and the letter, making dynamic documents for the application on future jobs. The expert check worth 98 refers to the examination of the application documents for a job. Included is a review of CV, of the correspondence, the passport photos and the testimony. Feedback takes place by phone and in writing via E-Mail.

The application via email to. At this address, only your name and contact information for the participation are to send. Closing date for entries is the 15.05.2011. The provider of Jobwiwi is a career guide for professionals and executives, as well as for university graduates with training background. The job exchange focuses in the area of marketing, finance, controlling, accounting, personnel, etc.

The page is found at:. Special job search features, such as the search for cities or areas such as marketing, channel/marketing, facilitate the handling. Further possibility to apply directly to a job offered. In addition, information about the company on the issues of content, assessment Center, internship and trainee or direct entry can be obtained. The portal is also subject-specific content on careers for experts and Young Professionals available. Further, to be offered Company profiles, trade fair dates, application tips, information about events, salary information and a forum for the exchange of views among community.

German College

Management I found very exciting, especially the Forum since I am involved itself in the management area and from the presentations can pull out me for my work. Falk Naumann, graduate Bachelor of Arts in health management, fitness specialist, employees in workplace health promotion at Volkswagen: I work in workplace health promotion at Volkswagen. At the Congress of the GETUP I like especially that I can, take new insights from the fields of exercise and diet, and that existing paradigms can be reviewed and is shaken on existing foundations. Registration to the GETUP Congress 2011 is already possible. College for more information see Company Description: studied at the German University of prevention and health management, prevention, fitness students to specialists and executives for the growth market qualify and Bless you. “The Bachelor degree programmes in the fields of fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and close after three years with the degree Bachelor of Arts” from.

The continuing education Bachelor to master in health management”that combines a correspondence course with attendance phases, requires a diploma or Bachelor’s degree and 1 year of relevant experience. For the winter semester 2010 starts a consecutive master’s degree in the study of prevention and health management, which can be completed directly in connection to a Bachelor / diploma. In addition, there are six College continuing education involving professionals in selected subject areas can acquire knowledge at university level. Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. The a promotion through BAfoG is possible personal requirements. The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, an application to the master’s degree is possible to the summer / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and recognized in over 40 European countries. Contact information: German College for prevention and health management Sabine Mack Hermann Neuberger sports school 3 66-123 Saarbrucken Tel. 0681 68 55 150

Community College

I have asked students then among other things her and me then asked whether there is anything new for her. Among other things through such discussions I did it in my opinion, a very positive and informal contact with most of the pupils and students to build and also maintain. In these discussions but also often educational or extracurricular also issues, concerns and needs of pupils and students have become the first time present me. This then gave me the opportunity to be able to offer my help to those affected and, if necessary, but also can act accordingly. For the preparation of the under 2.1 of above social training with the 6th grade, such conversations and observations, which are made possible me by accompanying the class such as their cinema trip, were very important. I was so very much better assess the situation in the class and understand. This gave me the ability to customize my methods and content for the project to the class and their own problems. Also during visits of the two 9 classes of our school in the vocational information center of the employment agency and an external carrier application training, I have accompanied the classes.

The above advantages, these situations offered me the opportunity to bring my support and services in the field of vocational orientation and the application help students and once again to draw attention to them. Further, I have described the aid for promoting personality development in Chapter 5.1. as one of the tasks of school social work. In the practical work at the Community College I have these AIDS to the Example in the context of social training for the 6th class even offered. The training should positively influence the social competence of the pupils and students and promote. Also I wanted to stimulate the students with social practice and the me related methods to think about some of their behaviors.

I have done classes also an assertion – or application training in preparation for upcoming interviews with individual pupils of 9. All of these offers were described personality development of students. Furthermore, I have offered a cooking class in the open all day during my internship. In determining the lunch breaks for students participated actively. So I have for example regularly spent time with students or students on the table or playing cards. Also, I have often opened the computer room for free work and the pupils and Students in their work supports and supervises the use of the equipment. Here another task of the school social work from Chapter 5.1. finds himself, namely the provision of recreational-educational activities and the shaping of the open day. A target of school social work is the support of pupils and students in crisis situations of different kinds. Here too, I can describe practical experience that would fall under this point. So I have during the internship often had students in discussions and advise, which suffered from crises in the family environment, in the circle of friends, or in school or have. In 6th grade, where I conducted the social training, there were some pupils and students who regularly have taken my talk and offers of help in crisis situations throughout. As a further task of school social work, I have the Vernet


In this way, the school is defied to rethink pedagogical practical its, remembering that the pupils/adolescent are beings with proper characteristics and therefore this partnership with the family is so necessary so that they have an ample vision of the experiences lived for aprendente and thus they can carry through a work searching to awake the interest and the taste for the study, therefore it is only learned when it has pleasure. in this direction, we deepen the idea of that is of utmost importance that the parents if make gifts in the academic life of its children so that they can together deal with the problems decurrent of the adolescence. However, ahead of a robotizada and mentally ill society, what we see is that the parents if always show absent of the school and the daily one of the children on account of the frantic rhythm that day-by-day imposes to them, leaving many times the function of ' ' educar' ' in the hands only of the school, but we know that if school will not have this partnership family x the process teach-learning if it becomes more painful and the marks could be noticed with easiness. The home as the first school Who never heard to say that the Education starts in house. this is a great truth, therefore it is in the home that the education of the child is initiated. She is, that all there the base of moral principles for its life will be constructed, having the parents as instructors. This education, happened of the home, has as objective to prepare the small ones to deal with situation-problems that appear in elapsing of the life, situations that they are related to the social area, economic, familiar and emotional. if this formation will not be enough efficient, the point to develop pensantes, independent and operating individuals for a devoid society of this type of people, in the adolescence this will reveal with clarity, therefore it is very common that in this phase they face some social and emotional crises and if to associate with this an education of the inefficacious home, with absent parents as we will have resulted young in constant crises and causing many problems to be noticed.

Intellectual Biography

Intellectual biography Toms NAME de Aquino BIOGRAPHY It was born between 1224 and 1225 in Rocca Secca, the kingdom of Naples. Son of conde Landolfo de Aquino. Of 1230 the 1239 were educated in the monastery of montecassino for Abbot Sinibaldo, its paternal uncle. To follow, it entered shortly afterwards in the university of Naples and in the order of the domincanos. Hurt, its brothers had laid an ambush to it they had confined and it for some months to the jail.

But toms remained firm in its decision and in 1245 it was freed and it could follow its vocation. Italy left and entered in the Dominican convent of Paris, under orientation of Great Alberto, whose it influences on the Toms young was immense, especially in regards to the filsofica preparation; it was who he introduced in the philosophy of Aristotle. In 1257 he got, together with S. Boaventura, the master heading, being able, since then, to teach public the theology. In 1559 he participated I capitulate of it general of the order in valenciennes, being sent, after that, to Italy, where theology lecionou in the Urban cut of IV Clement IV; for this time it composed the Summa against Gentiles. It passed its last years in the convent of Naples, composing the theologica Summa, commenting Aristotle and nailing to the people. Of 1269 the 1270 live in Paris, where averrosta enters in fight opened in the aristotelismo.

in January of 1274, the invitation of Gregorio X, set it way of Lio to take part conciliates in it that there it was become fullfilled. Arriving fossanova, de adoeceu in the house of its Franscisca niece Aquino. It asked for to be led for claustro cisterciense, in which it faleceu in 7 of March of 1274. WORKMANSHIPS the main ones written of Toms de Aquino are divided in four great groups: systematic workmanships, questions disputed, philosophical commentaries, commentaries on the sacred writing.

Online Tools

Proliferating online and useful tools that will support their learning, should also be careful with websites that promise to its users to achieve "a perfect pronunciation." The reason for this warning is an impeccable diction should not be just a goal to meet from the perspective of education, given that, in fact, no language has a unique pronunciation Think for a moment the use of Castilian. In Spain, speaks of a very different way compared to Latin America, and yet the differences between countries within a region are immense. For example, sometimes it seems that the Cubans, Mexicans, Argentines and Peruvians speak different languages, by variations in pronunciation and meaning that culturally we give to words. If an Anglophone could learn Spanish in Madrid would have a very different tone when communicating in Mexico City, but the important thing was his diction, but the fact that could very well be implied in a language not their own. Therefore, flawlessly pronouncing each sentence is frankly the least, since there is no general rule as to what the ideal accent to use for a particular language.

In any case the important thing is to understand the grammatical structure, the conjugation of verbs, daily build vocabulary, develop conversational tools, exploring the writing and reading practice with commitment and enthusiasm. Internet sites that promise everything said in the preceding paragraph are worth consulting, as they will be for you a guide during the process of learning a foreign language. Always keep in mind that the challenge of mastering another language is considerable and will require time, and the use of a dictionary or bon (online or offline) but with patience and perseverance will be equated to more complex language. Everything is a matter of will, discipline and genuine interest. If you have these three items will only meet every support materials that can collect, discarding those that are presented as false promises. And do not worry about achieving a perfect pronunciation. The truth of the matter is that language teachers to have a trace of an accent, inherited from their mother tongue. In addition, it often happens that these small differences when talking is what makes a foreign person more interesting, is not it?

Bariatric Surgery

One in seven people over age 50 suffers from impaired glucose tolerance, which consists of the elevation of blood sugar levels after eating. In the majority of cases, this intolerance develops as a result of obesity and associated metabolic syndrome. If the person does not take concrete measures (low weight, controlling their diet and regularly practice exercise) when this problem is diagnosed, the direct consequence is diabetes, which grows to great strides and has become a serious problem for public health, particularly by its high prevalence among young people and children. It is estimated that one in ten people who suffer from impaired glucose tolerance will develop type 2 diabetes and it is estimated that in thirty years, the rate of people with diabetes around the world may grow in more than one hundred percent. Diabetes produces, in turn, own complications.

One of every three people with diabetes will develop kidney failure and more than 70% will die of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it is the leading cause of blindness and amputation of limbs. When this gloomy scenario is presented, the obese must take measures more effective. If traditional treatments have already been tested and not the expected results have been achieved, undergo a surgery can be an interesting option. Still don’t understand the exact mechanisms by which insulin levels are controlled after an operation of this kind, but there is extensive medical literature which endorses its results and give us guarantees to take the risk. The patient may have a great recovery after the intervention. Approximately 70% of patients are able to eliminate their diabetes and lowering triglyceride levels within a few days of post-operative.

This percentage may increase or decrease depending on the type of surgery. The speed with which it happens makes think experts not associated with the low weight, since patients are still obese when their values are stabilized. Some say that it is due to hormonal changes, to the improvement of habits and the reduction of calories that are assimilated by the organism. Even if Bariatric Surgery is not viewed as part of the treatment of diabetes, you need to call your doctor the possibility of making it. There are different types of operations that can adapt to your case and your needs, and may help overcome two of the most dangerous diseases of our century. Obesity Surgery offer several alternatives to recover his health as the Gastric Bypass, gastric banding or gastric balloon among others. Don’t think that you can ever reverse your situation, must only know the options that are at your fingertips.

Responsibility Education

There the present article of literature revision had as objective to explore the importance of the collective pertaining to school, understanding itself as the team of managers, professors, parents and pupils, but mainly the importance of the familiar participation in the school by means of the pertaining to school planning elaborated by the institution. Word-keys: School, Family, Collective. INTRODUCTION To understand the process of construction of the person with human being implies necessarily in knowing it in all its dimensions. Understanding that this biopsicossocial being is weaveeed in the tram of the evolution human being we walk to open a fan of possibilities and ways to be trod for initiative and fondness of this being that acts actively inside of this process. Pablo Freire (1996) in its walked by the education and for what he is human standes out the importance to stimulate ‘ ‘ reading of mundo’ ‘ , basic paper of education and of the educator: ‘ ‘ Thinking critic implies the dialogue that is, also, only the capable one to generate it. Without it, he does not have communication and, without this, he does not have education. The education is dilogo’ ‘.

(FREIRE 1996, p.20). For Pablo Freire (1996) the citizen not form and mentally ill reform of its social environment, in the same way that it is influenced by its historical time, social and cultural, it (individual) marks the society where it lives in the measure it questions where it and the ressignifica according to its new learnings. In this context, the educator acquires the quality of assistant of this apprentice in its discovery becoming the way of the learning the induction of a new to know, as who if assuring of the starting point side-the-side with who walks tames the walked one, understanding that this to walk not if of by itself, but that it needs to be mediated by the school and the family as partners in this construction.

Isabel University

From the edition of 2009 of the National Examination of Average Education, the ENEM. Initially created with the objective to evaluate the average education of the country, door of access for superior education and the attainment of the certificate of conclusion of average education becomes, being a great dbia generating many repercussions in the media. Access to superior education is a possibility through the System of Unified Election (SiSU), for the method of candidatar on-line in programmed dates and best respective notes to the course selected by the candidates, who are approved. The new method of conclusion of average education, being able to be compared with supplementary, however the most efficient one in the contribution of the rise of the escolaridade of the realizantes, becomes target of many controversies, some had also been to even stop in the Court of Justice. As examples: A great example is the pupil, Isabel Tolentino, of 16 years student at the time of 2 year of average education when it was approved in the University of the Mato Grosso of Sul (UFMS) with the gotten note in the ENEM. However its registers was vetoed, a time that the State Secretariat of Education alleged that Isabel did not have minimum age of 18 years to get the certification by means of the Enem, then the family decided to appeal to the Court of justice to grant to the certification right, where the threshold was granted so that the document was emitted. Already another example is Bianca student Torquato of the interior of So Paulo, obtained in Justice the right to study in the college of electric engineering of the So Paulo State University (Unesp), in Ilha Solteira (SP), before exactly to finish education average. The lawyer of the family alleging that Bianca had conditions to continue studying in a school and to attend a course the college at the same time. .

State Certification Commission

Graduate student provides to the protection of the following documents: Gradebook, which bear all the assessment tests, made a record of credit, coursework, practical training according to the curriculum. Fully-fitted thesis, which contains 7 documents: the standard cover sheet signed by graduate students, and the head referee (the first sheet, sewn), "Quest for the research paper" (the second sheet, sewn), the text of the thesis with a table of contents, list of references and applications, and the last leaf (sewn) to the Chairman of SAC (embedded) application for approval of thesis topic (Embedded); review of the supervisor (embedded), review (embedded). Protection of the thesis takes place at an open meeting of the State Certification Commission, which may be present, ask questions and discuss graduate work everyone. The objective is to determine the SJC level of theoretical preparation of the student, their preparedness for professional work and decision-making on issue the student a diploma qualifications. The task of a graduate student in the defense is not the retelling of what is contained in the literature, and the presentation and justification of what has been done by him in studying and solving threads study.

Graduate, having received a review of the supervisor, review and opinion on the admission to protect, to prepare a report (10 minutes), which clearly sets out the main results of the research paper. For more visibility is advisable to use illustrative material. It is possible to use both hardware and prepare illustrative handouts for the members of SAC. The report could be prepared in writing and used during the defense, but to act on the protection should be free, stating the contents of the report "in their own words," not reading the text, but only relying on his eyes. Preparing to defend an important stage in the work on his degree. Important – as should not only write high quality work, but also qualified to defend it. A high rating, this director and reviewer can be reduced because of the commission bad defense. For a successful defense must be well prepared report.

It should be said about what guided a graduate student in selecting the theme, which is the subject of study, the methods used to study the problem, what is done in person graduates, what results were achieved during the study and what are derived from the study key findings. The specific content of the report is determined by the graduate together with the supervisor. The report should not be overloaded with digital data, they are given only if they are needed to prove or illustrate a finding. At the end of the report graduate chair asking questions, the committee members present. Questions may relate to the subject of the thesis, and to the specific provisions of the economic theory. When defending a graduate student is permitted use the text of his thesis. On the report and answer questions about the breadth of SJC judges outlook undergraduates, his erudition, his ability to speak publicly, and argued to defend his point of view. After answering graduate to the questions read out a review of the supervisor and review. Then given the final word graduate. Estimated to work on a 4-point scale (excellent, good, fair, unsatisfactory). Assessment of the defense of the thesis is made at a closed meeting of SAC. In assessing taken into account quality of execution and registration of work, as well as informative report and responses to questions. Rated declared after the end of the protection of all work at a public meeting SJC. SJC decision is final and not subject to appeal.

United States Tax

Persons residing in the United States, are required to file a return and pay federal taxes if they receive income such as salaries, income from self-employment, tips among others. Although there are some exceptions, it is convenient to advise very well, because there are penalties for those who fail to do so being forced to do so. For many taxpayers file a federal tax return is friendly although they are not legally bound to do so. This may be the case of taxpayers who need to claim a tax refund since only through the presentation of the Declaration is possible to apply for it. Also the tax return may be helpful to check the time that has resided in the United States, especially for those with immigration processes; also for those who wish to apply for medical assistance, education or others, the submission of the tax return may be helpful already that through tax declaration is You can check the annual income of the applicant. The obligation to pay taxes not is determined by the immigration status of the taxpayer, but rather, your income, your marital status and other circumstances. For more information on this topic visit me on or on the IRS Web site:. Original author and source of the article.

Personal Information

If you’re new to online marketing, it can be that you aren’t aware of an important fact and is that everyone is on the lookout for your email address. It is true. Ever get heard the sentence, the money is in the list, as well, do people think of the lists? Some people are greedy and in some cases ill-intentioned, and agency to obtain your email address and so be able to again send you messages promoting or offering products and services but when least expect you realize with surprise that in your Inbox there are many more messages from people or companies you don’t know which of your contacts proios, becoming something really unbearable! But how is that it comes to occur? without a doubt what happened was that te convertiste part of a ‘list of capture’ or landing page. If your beam never heard this term, it can be that you’ve listened to squeeze page, most of these pages work the same way. A place of capture or squeeze the page failmente in your content there is almost text nor graphics, however one thing is constant the small box to enter name and email is recognized. Some are more elaborate and they may ask for your address and phone number, anywhere in the page capture should explain why you want to access your personal information and the person or company that collects such information must commit itself to not share it with anyone for any reason! When you’re browsing and you see a page with only a please, register here and in the box, there is no further information regarding the privacy policy of the then care site! In fact, you can subscribe in one as all the lists you want, or maybe none.

But don’t forget that if art thou who provides them access to your own information, you should then be consistent with the results that this ocacione; I refer for example to telemarketing calls, or to the number of emails that You will receive every day since to give information you leave open the possibility that such person or company makes bad use of this. Known cases where it is known that many times these people or bad honest companies sell or rent telephone numbers, as well as emails from their lists for purposes that often are unaware of themselves. Therefore, if you want to provide your information make sure of the following: to) know what you’re getting in return. (b) that the offer comes from a reliable source. do (c) know what’s going to happen with your information once you provide them? (d) having done a thorough visit of the page where you want to subscribe. Just taking these precautions you can avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous or badly intentioned people. Miguel Mesia Borgono. Quebec Canada want to start and promote your business on the Internet.