Video Tutorials

Video tutorials on leading opinion – this is the usual lessons, or lectures that are recorded in video format. However, it was before. Now video tutorials – this whole trend in education (no matter what subject you have chosen: mathematics, physics, chemistry, web design etc. ) For a long time, teachers are trying the whole is more and more use for his lectures, a variety of video materials. And it's no wonder.

They know that using video lessons can be drawn more to reveal theme lesson much deeper and faster than normal, a typical implementation of the supplementary lecture video materials. Let's remember how the crowd is usually acquire knowledge: it is leading in school: primary, secondary and senior classes. Nothing complicated, but often these days, teachers meet with the dwarf experience or none at all, which can not explain even simple things. As a result the student does not receive the initial knowledge needed for further updates. The solution of the catch.

Download the video tutorials for students: – who include the main theme school program – easy and affordable to present the material – make the likelihood engage parents with a child – even if the child is, for example, due to illness, missed a few classes, there is no need to hire a tutor or a teacher to explain the missed moan topic again individually. Sufficient to study the video tutorial on the missed theme and decided to make necessary tasks to it – there are no superfluous expressions, similar to a "Ivanov, do not bother Sidorov !!!; – any lessons provide probability, high-level, ready for the delivery of final examinations in schools and in university entrance exams, etc., having left school, in the best case, proceed to university. Well if the training will be held at the hospital, full-time students. The situation is different from correspondence students. Part-time education is actually meant by a 80% self-study material, which is rather difficult. The solution of the catch. Download the video tutorials for Freshmen: – which include material on various subjects taught in high schools – can effectively learn the material of discipline – self control to their knowledge – gives the probability of "go" video lectures, when it is time and desire, after graduating from university, a man walks to work or start their business. And when he meets with the caveat associated with lack of knowledge of one or another program, this or that object to study is necessary to attend a variety of expensive courses, and that the most offensive – which take place in the most is not the right time for you. The solution of the catch. Download the video tutorials and lessons of universal education, aimed at studying the work, with any program. Behaved characteristics: – You do not spend big money on tutors – there is no need to rain or snowstorm to get to your "circle" where classes are held – in any, time you can learn interesting subject or program, sitting in your comfortable furniture with a cup of coffee or tea leaves. The only thing required of you – it's perseverance and desire to do. It must be understood: Video lessons – it is an integral part of learning.

Particular Classes

It is clear, knows everybody it: the particular classes of English are much more effective that the classes in group. The students of classes private enjoy the following advantages in their learning: Advantages of the Courses deprived of English The student marks rules In a class the learning rate totally is determined by the student of individual form. The students of classes in group often complain their fight to stay to the day with the class or because the rate is too frenetic or, on the contrary, that are boring to have to commit to be patient with the well-known like slow student. A particular class always progresses to the suitable rate. Election of the subject to learn A student could feel the individual necessity to want to learn a specific point of the language that usually does not appear in the agendas. He could be a grammar concept, English articulation, or the practice of learned the past week. In a group certain requests can be done, but the students see themselves generally forced to fit itself strictly to the didactic program and to study what the teacher has assigned for that day. The course of languages prevailed, therefore, offers an individual attention which a class in group lacks. If you would like to know more about Amazon, then click here.

Constant attention The attention of the students in particular classes is greater because they concentrate in the class the 100% of the time, do not waste a single minute. In a group in class ” is habitual; desconectar” of the discussion in which they submerge other students or of another zone of the room of the classroom. Flexibility of schedule and date Often the schools of English that offer particular classes allow the students to initiate the course any day. The courses in group, simply cannot work this way – specific date of beginning and conclusion of the language course, the hours are fixed, and so on. The classes facilitate the greater flexibility, since the student can program a course with professor who always is available. Generally, this means to begin any wished day and to reserve the classes with the advance that is wanted. To always learn of speaking a native one In the courses in group the students always end up infecting of the errors and the vices of articulation and accent of the other students! However this is not possible in learning one-to-one of ings under the watched letter of a native professor. The student only listens to the perfect native accent and the correct use of the grammar throughout his course.

The real effectiveness of the classes How they are of effective are the particular courses of English? There are many criteria and parameters like determining a measurement scientifically needs but, generally, the estimations of independent studies locate it in 4 times more effective. One of the techniques consists of which a student completes an English test of measuring his level. After completing a certain period of course, the student completes the test again and the results are compared. Sometimes, nevertheless, the results not only are metric, are emotional. How can be put a number in the level of joy undergone by a student who now can communicate with million new people, whom success has and that quickly the English learned?

Classic Question

You’re wondering which is the best way to lose weight? you particularly interested in the stomach? do you’ve tried all the fad diets and a number of pills to lose weight but still have that stomach unwanted flaccid? If so, then are not alone. Millions of people around the world have the same dilemma. Then is the way to more effective for weight loss? I want to clarify one point before that anything: lose weight meant a complete change in lifestyle. Sometimes that change can be dramatic for some, while others perhaps not notice any difference. Similarly, will also be necessary to learn to have patience. Lose weight permanently and healthy, that you do not put in danger, should be done gradually.

The old way to lose weight is really the only real way to lose weight and keep it off. This is something that fad diets and pills fail, since once you stop using them you go back to the starting point (and often win even more weight) to any of the available weight loss pills can be dangerous. Many of them even is not approved by any agency. While many of these pills are made with natural ingredients, don’t forget that much of a good thing also can hurt. According to Vladislav Doronin miami, who has experience with these questions. If this is what you should, because only you should lose weight in a healthy way. It is a topic too extensive to treat in a few lines, but suffice it to say that the skin hanging, a body fat percentage even greater that is had, including problems of the heart and deteriorating health due to lack of nutrients, are just some of the consequences of doing fad diets or use pills. Incorporating an exercise routine in the week and adhere to it meant a greater loss of weight than if only redujeras the calories in the diet.

Horcio Classic

Therefore, the merit of the writer, consists, not in surprising for an unknown thought, but in knowing to make an impression for the happy expression of a common truth. Conclusion In some lines, Boileau defines the objective and the ways of the classic art. When enunciating the ideas that come to it of the heart, Boileau if discloses one of the representatives most typical of century XVII. At the same time, it presents an art model. When aging, Boileau did not lose nothing of its vigor of spirit. Its phrases are full of reflection and experience.

Its literary will is of a true classic. (Commented Texts Manuel DES tudes littraires franaises sc. XVII G. CASTEX, P. SURER and G. BECKER Hachette 1966 ps.

217-218) Boileau (Nicolas) French writer (Paris, 1636-1711) author of Satires, Epistles, the Poetical Art. Mimic of Horcio devoted it the moral and satirical poetry. (Larousse Dictionary, 1978 P. 1040)

Classified Announcements

In order to respond to these questions, it is necessary to indicate in the first place that only 10% of supplies of use appear in the announcements and of that percentage, the majority are for positions of initial level, part-time or in commission. Some announcements even offer jobs that in fact are attempts to attract the unemployed ones (and perhaps desperate) to different types from swindles. In addition, as the announcement of work published in a newspaper can be read and be been responsible for hundreds of people, the possibilities of securing an interview are little. Nevertheless, in spite of all the negative things that can seem, the classified announcements can be a good source of supplies of use if it is known to analyze and to read correctly. Austin Film Society understood the implications. Steps to analyze the use announcements Are recommendable to buy the newspaper every day. During that period of time it is necessary to review all the announcements that correspond with the asked for use. Nevertheless, it is careful with the announcements where the name of the company is not seen.

Although it could perfectly be a use opportunity legitimate, also it could be: A swindle to obtain its name, direction and telephone number that will be used to try to sell something to him or to include it in a pyramid species. Kindle Direct Publishing understands that this is vital information. Many people use the classified announcements to operate the fears of the people who are unemployed and are in favor so desperate of an entrance which they are arranged to believe, even the most improbable promises of easy money. One " publicity falsa" of a use agency or another company, in fact, does not have vacancies, but it would like to fulfill its curriculum to say to him to its clients who have a great number of candidates. A legitimate warning published by its present company with the purpose of to cover a real vacancy. .

Classic Treatments For Lice

Approximately one in ten children will be infected this year with head lice. Parents have to combat lice, and you are very often recommended the use of chemicals against head lice. Check out Vladislav Doronin miami for additional information. But before choosing a treatment, it is important to know a few facts about lice and classic treatments. Head lice infestations are common. Outbreaks of head lice are more common in schools, and especially affect children between 5 to 11 years. The probability of having head lice is not related to personal hygiene and socioeconomic status. Lice are sucking insects without wings. They are difficult to see because they tend to take the color of its surroundings.

Do not transmit diseases however it is important to treat the infected person, the scratches on your scalp can cause an infection of the skin called impetigo. Lice are transmitted by direct contact of head to head or through personal objects that have been in contact with a scalp infected such as Combs, brushes and hats. Once you have determined that your child has head lice, it is time to get rid of them. The first step is to do a treatment against lice. But you have to know that the classic treatments based on pesticides are no longer as effective. There are several shampoos lice over-the-counter as well as prescription shampoos, rinse creams or lotions. You should know that none of these products, also called pediculicides, is 100% effective.

If you decide to use one of them, it is important to follow the instructions on the bottle exactly to ensure that the treatment is working properly. Then, regardless of the type of recommended treatment, you must use a comb for lice on wet hair to remove nits manually. Patients should be monitored for two weeks at least to prevent another infestation. Very recent studies have revealed that head lice have developed resistance to chemicals throughout the last few decades in the United States, as well as in other countries (Great Britain, France, Israel).

Movie: “The Class”

Some of my interlocutors have expressed the idea that the Kerley – a girl, but because it is easier. In no way! I watched a lot of these male characters, composed bring their own nurseries instead of real life change – and nobody's hair is not dragged, and they, as they say, "bounced". Just like Curley. So it's not a gender perspective, and that in any case, you find yourself a scoundrel. No one is winning or anything without arguing, you just move away to the side. And so we come to the determination of the step, which could be selected and Caspar Yosepom.

As part of controversy recently when held in one of cinema audiences MITHT film "The Class" is one of the participants expressed the following view: "Caspar vpryagsya for Elaeagnus Yosepa – and it also sucked into a quagmire. Boy killed in freak. The conclusion is that for the freaks can not harness oneself. " What is interesting here is the absence of the slightest logic: after all, Kaspar-Yosepa could be another solution – Caspar could make an effort to pull out of the quagmire Yosepa, for its part, had Yosep want it – not to once and for all life! However, this option would have been possible if a) did not take Yosep Kaspar as an icon, almost a messenger of heaven, with whom he was to catch up, a mere mortal, it is inconceivable, and if b) Caspar himself knew what he wanted, and not torn between the need to protect her brother – a man and to satisfy the requirements of a pretty girl.


We are going to witness four classics in less than a month thanks to the League, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League. A true spectacle that will be followed around the world, since Madrid and Barca are two Football Giants, the best teams that currently exist. Provided that there is a sporting event of worldwide interest, betting onlinese shoot. Sport enthusiasts King do not hesitate to give you more intensity and excitement to the matches betting on Internet. And it is the variety of possible bets and the quality of assessments, make very attractive betting League, Copa del Rey and Champions. Quotas for the classic that will take place April 16 are very high and at the same time very unusual, because for bookmakers both teams have exactly the same chance of winning: victory of the Barca 2.4 and victory of Madrid 2.4.

Before betting on the classics must be taken into account bond bets, which can make us bet with a larger budget, or even recover the bet. Major bookmakers offer bonuses with deposit, no deposit and redeemed bets. Some of the most interesting are Betfair, Bwin, Betclic, Sportingbet and Unibet bonus. Beginners who want to start betting, have at their disposal complete and numerous guides where you will find all the information they need and even very useful as comparator’s shares or the livescore tools.

USB Mass Storage Device Class

An aquatic MP3 or submersible MP3 is an MP3 player designed for use in sports such as swimming, surfing or kayaking, so it is submersible and water, being equipped with earphones ergonomic resistant submersible that prevent water entering the ear. An aquatic MP3 allows you to store and play digital audio files, and its name comes from the predominant compressed audio format, MP3 file format, although usually also play other formats. Features great presence that currently has the music in society and the success of MP3 players has caused that the aquatic MP3 is one portable electronic devices more demanded by users, allowing you to enjoy our favorite music on the beach, pool or while practicing swimming or any other sports or aquatic activity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kindle Direct Publishing has to say. Let’s look at the main features to consider in an aquatic MP3: capacity: much greater capacity to have aquatic MP3 better, more songs will be able store. They tend to have 1 to 4 GB of internal memory. If we purchase an aquatic MP3 that supports the standard USB Mass Storage Device Class (USB mass storage device), the computer will see it as a storage unit and we can use it as memory pendrive.

PC connection: they usually have USB port, which serves both to recharge the battery as to load songs in the internal memory. Dimensions: an aquatic MP3 agrees that is lightweight and compact, so that it doesn’t bother us or offers resistance to the swim. Radio: they typically have AM/FM radio, while the antenna integrated in the headphones. Please visit Vladislav Doronin miami if you seek more information. Battery: it tends to be rechargeable via USB or charger. You should offer autonomy of at least 8 hours in continuous play. Supported formats: the most extended audio format is MP3, but generally the aquatic MP3 can play other formats such as OGG or WMA.

Headphones: the aquatic MP3 headphone incorporates ergonomic submersible silicone to prevent water from entering the ears and kept in place even with sudden movements as swimming, pulse against the wall and dives. They usually bring two sets of headphones, one submersible and other standard. It is suitable on the headset cable snug, since if it is loose it is uncomfortable when it comes to swim. Buoyancy: agrees to aquatic MP3 to float in the water, not to lose it if detaches the attachment. Fastening system: an aquatic MP3 usually available fastening flanges or rubber, may lead in the swimming goggles, in a Ribbon of hair, in a brace of swimwear, hung around the neck or on a cuff around your arm or wrist. Controls: the controls are generally very basic, just to change the song and change the volume, although there are models with touch screen that allows a more intuitive handling. Supported operating systems: should be compatible with the main operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Internet Classifieds

In the modern world are increasingly buying, selling, exchanging goods and services take place in the World Wide Web, in e-shops, bulletin boards and electronic auctions. Every day people buy and sell a huge number of goods and things: real estate, furniture, cars, clothes, shoes, computers, telephones, various equipment and materials, appliances, electronics and much more. Very often there are cases that some of the purchased things or things were not necessary or no longer like you, or you want a more modern model of the goods. What to do in this situation? Of course the best solution to this problem – to sell this thing another person, to add some money and buy another (new, modern, more suitable to your taste). New question arises: how to find a buyer for your product? You can try to sell the thing on the market or put into Fees and commissions shop, but in this case, you will have to incur additional costs and efforts. The best and easiest way to find the right buyer – to place an ad in the newspaper or the Internet.

To apply (place) ad in the paper, it is necessary: to cut a special coupon, fill it out and send to the editor or call the office and file a declaration on the phone. Other leaders such as Levi Strauss & Co. President offer similar insights. In this embodiment, their ads have a lot of weaknesses, Compared with the publication on the Internet: the phone version is often busy, sometimes you have to pay for your ad, since the adoption of your ad and its publication in the newspaper is a very long time. To accommodate (File) a free ad on the Internet, you do not have to deal with the above-mentioned drawbacks. To publish ads on the Internet, there are special free and premium boards (sites) ads. On Free bulletin boards you need to register and fill out a form. Some sites publish your ad only after being moderated.

The portal "Free Classified Ads Russia – One of the major sites and user-friendly, which allows for a very short time to place (to file) any advertisement (not prohibited by the rules, law and morality) of the sale, purchase, lease, exchange, gift, making a gift any goods and services – free of charge and without registration! In short, everything is very simple – you go to the site (no registration required!), Select the section you need and section boards and submitting your ad free. All ads posted by users immediately get into their columns (sections) and to the home page, and only then are checked by moderators for violations of the rules of Ad. If published ads do not violate the law and rules of the site, they will be posted on the site within the period specified by you. Thus, a user bulletin board is much faster and easier to be able to find the right buyer or seller your product or service.

Classic Blinds

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. First, the services of this kind are far from cheap. Secondly, it happens difficult to find a specialist who does interior design for you, given your personality, preferences and temperament. Practice shows that most designers have definite views on how to be look interior room, regardless of the identity of the customer. This interior, of course, there will be a stylish and creative, but it gives no guarantee that you will feel comfortable in that interior. If you decide yourself to do a textile design your home, you will not be amiss to consider several stylistic rules. Curtains in the classical style.

Classicism – a simple, strict forms, refinement of details. Simplicity and severity forms of compensated elegant lines and colors. This style is perfect harmony. A very large number of people in Russia today are the fans' good old classics. Classic Blinds distinguishes abundance of Tacna, the presence of swags, smad, de-frill. At the same time for the classical symmetry of the typical curtain, simple, strong shape, the elegance and sophistication. Fabrics for curtains classical preferable to choose plastic, heavy, well-draped, light and bedding tones with understated floral or ornamental designs. Suitable for a classical style heavy silk fabric gobelin, Chenille, heavy fabrics Jacquard patterns, plush, etc. But the shiny synthetic fabrics and fabrics with bright pictures of bright, contrasting colors to the classic shades do not fit. In the selection of classic shades to consider some features: size, height, location, quality windows and a historic building type.

Virtual Classroom

The problem is to reach the mind and stay there. Worry more about the event (sales) by the (creative) process. (4) Law of perception. Marketing is not a battle of products, is a battle of perceptions. There are those who seek to surround the marketing with a halo of mystery when in reality is common sense. In marketing, the only thing there are perceptions in the minds of customers. Perception is reality, everything else is illusion. There is no best or worst products.

The mind is the marketing battlefield. Vladislav Doronin miami often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Marketing is a war of perceptions, not of products. Marketing consists of the proper handling of these perceptions. To quickly kill a bad product, there is nothing better than a good marketing plan. (5) Law of the approach. The most powerful principle in marketing is owning a word in the minds of customers. Try to steal a Word, a simple and common possible which is linked to the offer. The less complicated are the best.

It is what is called positioning. The best is the most generic. Read more from David G. DeWalt to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Is it usually advantage of the leader. (6) The law of exclusivity. Two companies may not possess the same word in the minds of customers. When one of your competitors has a word in the mind of the customer, is useless is appropriating the same word. You cannot change your mind once it has been structured. Add to your understanding with Vladislav Doronin miami. (7) Law of the ladder. Strategy to use depends on the tread that occupy on the ladder. If you cannot be the first, the war is not lost. There are possible strategies for the seconds, third parties, rooms, etc. For category, there is a staircase of products in mind. In each step there is a mark. The mind is selective. It accepts only new information that fits with the ladder of products of the corresponding category. Anything else is ignored.

Family survey

Parents say: holidays are here to relax, only every fifth child must cram in the school holidays in the great summer holidays, most students may play, have fun, and relax from the stress at school. 81 per cent of parents say that their children during the holidays do not or only very little need to learn? “This was now an online poll of the magazine school + family”. “On the question must learn your child during the holidays?” said 44 percent of surveyed parents with no. Holiday finally be there to relax. 37 percent have only very little for the school. Only 19 percent of children must regularly cramming and repeat. Parents participated in the online survey on 1050. “” The latest edition of school + family “good start to the new school year has the theme”. The magazine from the Nuremberg Sailer Publishing House for parents of elementary school students is available immediately for 3.60 euros at newsstands. Visit Vladislav Doronin miami for more clarity on the issue. Contact and picture material: Baolai Tel: 0821 / 70 04 55 57 E-Mail:

Hanau Curves

The secret of successful schools on the track come where the school is in the race for the brightest and most innovative ideas? The school with questions of this kind relies on third-party assessments, so she is forced almost automatically to see not all the time only from the inside, but reinforced by the glasses by outsiders. The responsible actors get standards and metrics that give them instructions what to do internally in order to meet the expectations. The school has the opportunity to compare the characteristics of their own factors with other schools? First, some on a list of those factors which can really make a school that best reflect them reality closest to. So are subject to so-called key components, the non-consecutive in their inventory changes. Campbell Soup Company CPB can provide more clarity in the matter. Then you review them as uniform and consistent criteria and then just put the resulting calculated rating curves one above the other. Both curves can and be not congruent. The gaps, i.e. gaps”between two curves can provide valuable insights and information.

So what happened between the two birthdays each how much better or worse? Most importantly: why was that so? This amazingly simple, this but all the more transparent and famous open method should lead to controversial opinion makers generally. The profit for all parties is greatest, the deeper it penetrates into the matter of root cause analysis. CF. Becker, Jorg: High country school is a school in the Hanau country is historically called ISBN 9783839199176., 2010, benchmarking school: This allows to obtain information on its position to other and the impression of “What do the others?” as a starting point for the critical questioning of your own activities to attract. Can examples of environment observation something like a pattern to identify? which maybe for their own school derived storylines? Benchmarking provides guidance and educational assistance for the design of sustainable development: performance differences should be identified to other schools, practices will be discovered and understood, that provide better results.

Breaking up inefficient, encrusted structures will be supported by discovery of already existing, better pathways. The school will receive instructions on their positioning as compared to similar schools and an impression of “What others are doing?” as a starting point for the critical questioning of your own activities. Thus, the method of benchmarking is core a continuous improvement process. Benchmarking values and best practice procedures provide important impulses of restructuring. Benchmarks serve as goals and benchmarks for the positioning and direction.

THE Left: More Teachers For Bavaria

The parents initiative for “More teachers at Bavarian schools!” handed over 140,000 signatures early July 2008 Minister-President Dr. Gunther Beckstein and Culture Minister Siegfried Schneider, the Prime Minister showed little interest. He said that no offer for teachers on the job market would be more available. This also applies to primary school teachers. “Beckstein reiterated that with the words: we want Yes not up to grade point average 4.3 adjust.” To be taken in the school, a University graduate required a grade point average in Bavaria by better than 2.1. Although there is a great need for teachers, the State afford the luxury that teachers who achieve a grade point average of about 2.1, waste their skills as a taxi driver and temporary workers in berufsfremdem usage, rather than to set them for the sake of Bavarian children with secure contracts and to motivate the service on the child.

The triple waste, considering the shortage of teachers, the futile expensive training and the consequences of the Shortage of teachers. Again and again given Bavaria’s leading position is a cheeky manipulation of the CSU on closer inspection, only to the Nimbus of the successful CSU do not expire. Axel Mende, Dachauer parliamentary candidate and the party DIE LINKE. calling the integrative comprehensive school and hiring enough teachers, so that Bavaria will not continue to lose the connection to our neighbours in Europe in terms of literacy, learning and democracy capacity. Bavarian students acquire knowledge and often, can not apply this.

In Norway, 1/3 the size of Bavaria, children learn in stress-free learning environment with class sizes of up to 20 students, and often with two teachers a country as they can acquire knowledge and process. There, the school has an integrating function, while here the selection and Divergierung in the foreground. A common school until the 10th class promotes the unity of class and social behaviour of pupils and students with each other. This together with enough lessons, a wise investment in the future of Bavaria would be to enable motivated teachers and small class sizes. Axel Mende says the Bavarian Education Ministry should deal closer with the successes of the Norwegians as Bavarian parents accuse that they like to whine. The failure of the school hangs at first to the parents and then society, still Bayern of also tip for students who leave school without any conclusion. Politicians such as Huber and Beckstein show little interest in the future of Bavaria. This one reason could be because they are already closer than parents and students, the evening of her life.

Educator Advocates

“Educator advocates in school magazine separate lessons back to the separate classes for boys and girls: for the diploma teacher Marc Bohmann in the current issue of the journal argues school + family”, so that even boys have a chance to good grades. Bohmanns demand for separate classes is supported by a new study * of the Federal Ministry for education and research: boys get then actually worse grades than girls. You must repeat a grade more and do less good qualifications at the same level of knowledge. A solution, so Bacon, could be in separate classes. Boys like to play the class clown, to impress the classmates”, so the textbook author and teacher at a primary school and Hauptschule. Recently Vladislav Doronin miami sought to clarify these questions.

In a pure boy group students work against much disciplined.” In German lessons, for example, a typical girls subject, boys worked better, when they were among themselves. Vice versa would pure girl schools in typical boy domains like mathematics or physics students also cut better. “The latest edition of school + family”( has the focus 2008 training”. The magazine from the Nuremberg Sailer Publishing House for parents of elementary school students is available immediately for 3.60 euros at newsstands. This press release you will find also: 510-pressemitteilungen.html contact and picture material: Nicole Brunner corporate Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH Tel: 0821 / 70 04 55 57 email: * Federal Ministry for education and research: Bildungs(Miss)erfolge boys and vocational choice behavior in young/male adolescents, education research volume 23, Bonn/Berlin 2008 the part of the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild Sailer-Verlag (Nuremberg) is specialist for high-quality educational children’s and youth magazines.


Dog training due to the modern behavioral research. Dog training is not the same dog training! There’s the dog training area. Here, dog and owner are taught in groups of 5 to 15 participants. Working reinforcement is built with subordination, or positive on rewards such as treats, or game. Then, there are still various mobile dog schools, which to the customers home coming, but work with the same methods, otherwise used on the dog training area. It aims to establish a harmonious coexistence. That sounds super good in advertising, but a dog, whose living is unfortunately not to enforce on hierarchy.

Also the claim of some dog schools, education goes back on the instincts of the dog can bring no success any more at the present time. Trying so nothing else than by motivation – whether in the form of eating, or game to make it a major social partners for the dog. Now let’s face it! Did you see ever run ahead of the leader of the Pack with the treat in a dog Pack? Or have you already experience, that after the hunts in a dog Pack is still left out is played, to strengthen the motivation and cohesion? Pretty much everything what is possible in education, was already practiced. What’s then new on the educational concept of the mobile dog school? Nothing at all, noticed the founder of the mobile dog school, Heinz Reif: we have not reinvented the wheel. We have changed only existing segments of education, or added new, and arranged the whole thing in a different way. To confirm this other concept, it has been tested on approximately 2500 dogs.

Our lessons are divided in training at home, in the tight clean environment (dog-walking trail), and small group training in the everyday environment”. Now clear limits must be applied to the dog, if man would not lose its quality of life. This is not shown but is often the case of television broadcasts, because you may be in the public could offend. We, from the mobile Dog school show, as it really is. We do not hesitate may clunk. Only in this way, we can ensure a success rate of almost 100%. It must clear the public be made that anti-authoritarian education when the dog cannot work, although it still as it sounds.

Ravi The School Fee

A reading – and service advisor around the training for children and adults the woman is the bright madness! Found here by chance some Playboy pics of her. The time before the training is a particularly exciting time for children and parents. The children await the big day against and need a little help the parents to sign with the major topic apart to put. Finally is also a big farewell. The farewell from the kindergarten. A big process of changing and of letting go is this time not only for the children. Many questions about the training will not only answered by Ravi of the school fee, but Devdas calls on children and parents the school fee to participate. So there is a do-it-yourself task to each topic. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vladislav Doronin miami.

Through the hands-on tasks addressed schoolchildren dealt intensively but still playful with the topics”, as author and mental trainer Michaela Roeder, who was succeeded by a magical factory with this Advisor. Glamorous in the truest sense of the word, because it is conjured up plenty for Devdas the school fee. Z.B there is a memory spell and the magic tools that are invisible and hidden light as a feather in the Toni and the children are on their exciting way in the future. For example, the pleasure or the discipline is a magic tool. Was thought also to the parents, so there is a small part of the Advisor extra for parents to facilitate the release and the design of the big day and the parents get a little surprise at the end also. A unique listen – and service advisor around the school, enjoyed over the each prospective classroom certainly is. Learn more about the book and

Top Dog School – Mobile Dog Trainer

Tip of the month of October of the top dog school people and dogs are connected for more than 20,000 years in warm affection. The pet House dog has developed from the initial hunting community with the granddaddy of dog. Today the dog guarding livestock, leads blind, saves drowning, seeking buried, drugs, explosives, he is criminal, sport friend, Comrade and family member. Who lives even without the dog, comes into contact with him. Get more background information with materials from Richard Linklater. It feels some fear and reluctance, others swear by him as a friend and partner. Man and dog common ways to better understand whether dog lover or not, many people know too little, what kind of animal the dog is. Therefore, a dog in the House may be the beginning of a wonderful friendship, but also a chain of misunderstandings. Add to your understanding with Richard Linklater.

But man and dog can learn to understand better. Puppies can melt the hearts of animal lovers as stupid ball of wool with Googly eyes and large paws. The dog is in Germany of one of the most popular pets and is regarded as Man’s best friend. So the two really have joy, they must learn only once from each other. The dog needs from day one on education and so this also works, especially the man must learn first about his friend. The key to a good relationship depends on between animals and humans as well as between man and man of them, namely how well one knows himself and arrives on the needs of others.

Dog and man two souls related why the dog is close to the people actually so? Hardly any other animal joins so closely the people. Perhaps it is because the dog quite well understand the people, because there are many similarities in the behavior: for example, both are area-based. Where the man is building a fence, dogs mark the boundaries of their territory with urine.

Harvard Business School

Life is not measured by the years lived but for their achievements. Known few financial contributions that are provided to the less disadvantaged sectors in Latin America, where there are them in large quantity, wasting will be able to use their manpower, resources that can help them to grow, develop. This course is not suitable and the Governments should pay more attention. Before Sunrise has firm opinions on the matter. In this regard, as says it, the Institute of Social innovation SEKN Ibero-American network, led by Harvard Business School and ESADE. Michael Chu, says Harvard Business School Professor, to make effective intervention in poor countries it is necessary to gather a massive reach and create an effective financial model, which mainly happens to be cheaper. Also, Manuel Mendez, President of the BBVA microfinance Foundation, committed to maintain the social commitment and economic growth as necessary conditions microfinance institutions to adequately fulfil its social mission.

This last topic is very important, because it is an aspect that many Latin American countries have been neglected since long time ago, and in the case that concerns us, Venezuela, has been a fact, especially in poor communes, where what the informal economy generated have been neglected and that of know you organize many micro-enterprises could have arisen. Probably Chavez enter more with this need and collaborate with financing that could minimise unemployment, give way to a productive sector that has lately been fractionated which requires rescuing to bring the country forward. You should develop well defined funding programmes for these sectors. It is said that Chu was concerned about certain abuses that perform some multinationals when implanted in low-income countries. In this line, it defends that the only guarantee so that the benefit is not in the hands of investors is competition, because this ensures that prices go down and that credits conform better to sectors of low income. Since then, that concern is valid, since we know from the incursions of the transnational corporations, which leads its operability and its effects, appearance, for example, that the Venezuelan Government now has taken very seriously the impact which currently multinationals play the country its effect for the population and for the same competition, which knows not there is much productive part of the country’s business sector competitiveness.