Pedagogical Trends

The Pedagogical Trends, white subject of this work, are of extreme relevance for the Education, mainly most recent, therefore the same ones contribute for the conduction of a more conscientious teaching work, based in the current demands of the clientele in question. The knowledge of these trends and perspectives of education on the part of the professors is basic for the accomplishment of one practical really significant professor, who has some direction for the pupil, therefore such trends objectifies to guide the work of the educator being helped it to answer it questions on which the education process must be structuralized all, such as: what to teach? For who? How? So that? Why? so that practical pedagogical in classroom the reach its objectives, the professor must have the answers for these questions, therefore, as Luckesi defends (1994): ' ' The Pedagogia cannot well be understood and be practised in the school without if it has some clarity of its meaning. This nothing more is of what searching the direction of practical docente' '.