Psychology and School

A School or a school of Psychology are a discipline that combine elements of clinical psychology and the psychology of the education with the purpose of to help the students to overcome the conduct problems and difficulties of learning that interfere with the educative process. The professionals of this specialty of general psychology, are used in the K-12 schools in the EE.UU and as the equivalent of the educative systems of other countries, and are called scholastic psychologists of school or advisors. Scholastic psychology is a field in expansion due to an increasing number of students who face problems in the school. In addition, the professionals are involved in the intervention in crisis, the efforts of prevention of the violence and to work with personnel of the school to create a positive atmosphere for the learning. The main intention of the specialty of psychology in a school is to help to the children in educative surroundings for the academic, emotional and social success. One of the ways in which this is carried out is by means of diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems and difficulties of learning, thus helping to the students to overcome these barriers for the academic success.

Another aspect of the school psychology includes the advising to the students with emotional difficulties and to help them to process its feelings without interfering with the social or academic operation. In the majority of the configurations, this specialty includes to help to the students with socialization problems and to help them to learn how to sail difficult social situations such as to rise to the pressure or the negotiation with the intimidatory behavior. Professionals in the field of scholastic psychology are called scholastic, advisory or working psychologists social. The minimum formation demanded to enter the profession is a specialist title, level that at least require 60 hours of credit concerning postgraduate, as well as a course that lasts approximately nine months. With the purpose of to be used in the majority of the schools, it is required generally the certification by the competent, regional or local authority. The majority of the scholastic psychologists works in K-12 schools, since they play a vital role with important responsibilities. The field of the psychology of the school is expanding due to a variety of factors, the discipline and now it includes much more that the educative tests.

The psychologists of Madrid do important contributions to the educative atmosphere receiving a greater recognition. An increasing number of students has problems that affect their learning, which brings about a greater necessity of services of scholastic psychology. The students with physical and emotional problems, as well as those with learning incapacities, often are incorporated and frequently they need the support the psychologist of the school to fulfill the academic goals. With the increase of the scholastic violence in many localities, the department of psychology of the school often provides important services of intervention of crisis and directs the efforts of prevention of violence. In many cases, the schools are trying to satisfy the needs that before were of the dominion of the parents, and all the personnel, including the psychologists are involved in the creation of an atmosphere of support for the students.