Psychology Needs

At the same time, anyone who spent any time on familiarization with psychological productions can not find them either the slightest attempt to look into the processes that are, by nature of things, are the root cause of various psychological phenomena, including – the fundamental personality traits. So – what exactly is outside the field of psychology, and without which you can not eliminate much of the psychological problems, including lack of 'will power'? – It is about individual characteristics of the brain and its various departments. It is these 'features' and create an unusually broad palette of psychological portraits of temperament and personality accentuations, desirable or undesirable. Here, the reservation that the nervous system – is primarily a physiological concept, based on from which it is wholly dependent on those physical processes that occur in it. For example, in the presence or absence of such human qualities as a 'commitment' are primarily responsible, the frontal lobes of the brain. Any significant disturbance of blood circulation in these areas, any deviation from the normal biochemistry of the brain causing certain violations of goal-setting mechanisms, that is – the inability to 'focus', 'Distraction', the need for frequent changes of occupation and so on. Another of the many examples that you can bring: – persons who have the nerve centers to work in unison with each other in front of the brain (So-called focus of maximum synchronization) – always characterized by severe authoritarianism, independence, self-confidence, criticality.

As soon as this tune was shifted to the central and parieto-occipital regions of the brain (50 and 20% of subjects), these psychological qualities evolved over time until the exact opposite. Separately, we note that most of the events given here has a well-established, constitutional in nature and can not be radically changed by any spell was actively practiced by the same psihologami.Nelzya think that these are physiological deviations can only occur as a result of injury or serious illness of the brain. On the contrary, it can be caused by a large number of relatively innocuous reasons for which, incidentally, can effectively influence. This begs the question: 'What about the doctors, but as the same survey, but what you do not say and what to do? " – Expect no radical changes in the answers to these questions in the coming decades it is hardly worth. Affordable and well-reasoned coverage of those raised here, as well as a wide range of little-known information about the real causes of the weakening of the nervous system along with the methods of recovery described in my book, 'Anatomy vitality. Problems and solutions'. Web address