Quarter New Village

The FIRST STEP the Association of Inhabitants of the Quarter New Village, if established through a popular movement of all the community. It was born in day 02 of September of 2005, the first movement of quarter. In this same date was present in the community Mr. Joo Ronaldo representative Mandrik of the Association of Inhabitants of the Quarter of the Village Roman. Joo in the night of 02 of September brought to the inhabitants of our quarter, all its knowledge in relation to the functioning of a direction, after that he commanded the request of the first provisory commission, which will be charged to legislate the association next to the right agencies.

The PROVISORY COMMISSION Mr. Domicio Milk of Souza occupied the position of president of the commission, the vice-presidency of the provisory group of benches was busy for Mr. Vicente of the Conceio, Mr. Tiago Brown Inocncio effected the first registers of the direction. The commission first defined that the assemblies would happen in biweekly way. American Educational Research Association is a great source of information. FOUNDATION OF the DIRECTION After diverse movements for collection of resources for them you proclaim officers of the direction, in day 16 of September of 2005, gave to beginning the solemnity of Foundation of the Association of Inhabitants of the Quarter New Village. They had been gifts in the occasion Mr. Prefeito Municipal Dr.

Luiz Fernando de Masi, Councilmen Silvio Lara and Juarez Antonio Wollz. After that Councilmen and Mayor, had given an explanation on the importance of an association. on its capacity of reinvindicaes next to the Public Power, after that councilman Silvio Lara proceeded with the reading of the statute that conducts the Association of Inhabitants of the Quarter New Village. The FIRST DIRECTION Finally caused the presentation of the first official directors of the association, President Mr. Domicio Milk of Souza, Vice-president: Vicente of the Conceio, First Secretary: Tiago Brown Inocncio, According to Secretary: Appeared Ivo Domingues, First Bursar: Wilson Jesus Mariano, According to Bursar: Valdemar Mauro, and the Members of the Statutory audit committee: Nizael Benedict of It hisses, Caetano Maria Gomes and Hamilton Brown Gomes, Substitutes Carlos S. of. Alexander, Jose Gomes Neto and Milton Castro. Currently members of the first direction still act in the Association of Inhabitants, as for example, the case of the first President of the Association that occupies today until the due position which was elect in the first movements of the direction of quarter. since then the inhabitants of the Quarter can count on the representation of an active direction, that fights constantly in defense of its inhabitants. In five years of existence the entity had one of its bigger conquests, asphalt improvements that had left the quarter with new face. The direction counts on a great rotation of projects as, 12 of October day of the children, Solidary Native Project, both complete in this year its 6 edition. To leave all the bacana one, the association places the disposal of the inhabitants, the meeting of hipertenso, and course of alfabetizao in partnership with the project Paran Alfabetizado. A great conquest for all the community, to each day that passes association if fortifies conquering its space, in the accomplishment of its social projects.