The highest form of the RapPort – so appreciative contact is the honest, heartfelt, shared laughter! Have you laughed today? Not only to transfer a weakness or to demonstrate superiority? But because you felt comfortable with each other and you have shown even open this your counterpart? Joy share means a positive mood to matter, and this in turn is the fertile soil in which motivation can thrive! Motivation not based necessarily having to prove something and to accomplish a task only from incorrectly understood ambition! But the motivation that actually moves projects and people and achieve goals together! The motivation that makes happy and serotonin is freisetzt…das happiness hormone that hug the world can be when something really good out! Without greed only with pleasure! In Meyers conversation lexicon of 1905 it means the keyword ambition among other things: “…Be applied according to this direction of the same ambition and according to the purpose of the only fair means or unfair also not spared, depending on a distinction is a noble and a common ambition. The ambition for the passion is called Ehrsucht.” Kirchner / Carl Michaelis: Dictionary of philosophical concepts describes the ambition as “exaggerated desire for outer honor” and evaluated this attitude with the words “If the faith developed the ambition level falls poetically to the morally indifferent sense of self; because most any means is right; the ambitious He not ashamed, to buy the honor by dishonor. Like any desire, grows the ambition, the more he will be satisfied, and is therefore the people unhappy. Here, the laughter has no place! In many industries, people seem almost by the ambition to be eaten away – if you the explanations of the dictionaries to peruse leads, also no longer wonders one that consumes them and leaves a Holey unfortunate soul. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi married offer similar insights. In the sense of (on) correct leadership so the healthy ambition – so not the greed to honor sick making – but the form of honor is on respect and appreciation – also and above all to himself the shape of confined to louder means and sometimes even and especially to the Equalization and defusing uses the laughter is based! If the report is good, the chance is given to combine a warm laugh – even with a wounded head-shaking in any situation because sometimes the ambition drives bizarre flowers and associated hardly understandable behaviour of some executives at the daylight come! If we imagine a Holey soul like a leaf in the wind – leaving no doubt what sheet on duration has the better lift the Holey or the intact? Is our way of thinking curious?? We offer you in 2012 us in a special way “get to know: the training and concept testing day” gives to our approach and our methods to meet the chance without obligation.