Raspaltsovannogo Apartment

The introduction and selection of an agent-estate agent. In our opinion – one of the most important. We are aware that without mutual trust and if you want a certain sympathy between agent and seller of normal operation will not work. Therefore, the question of the identity of the agent was very acute. Representative of the first agencies represented the raspaltsovannogo young man, who had (his) experience in sales of everything that can be sold.

The impression was that it marginally interested in the apartment, its advantages and disadvantages (which we honestly told). The key phrase of his, finally otbivshey we desire cooperate with him was what is the difference of what and how to sell, most importantly, to buy. We did not want confuses the buyer himself or accept the fact that it will make our representative, the realtor. The second agent – a woman, looked good on this background, much more attractive. She thoroughly learned all the details, looked into all the window and asked them to close and open, to check, do you hear the street noise, and asked many questions about the apartment registration of property, etc. As a result, the agent made it clear that, although her story buyers will focus on advantages of an apartment in the first place, but also the disadvantages, it also will not hide. Clearly, we have opted for it favor..