RAY Music

The education can, by means of programs of radio or other medias to contribute for the development of abilities and abilities varied as well as for the sense of the creativity, of criticidade, of solidarity, of ethics, of justice, the fraternity and other values many unobserved times currently. The inserted medias in the educative process can be used as a learning tool, since that the educators and students, know as to use them. The involved children and young in the process of pertaining to school production from the use of radiofnicas productions of its city or its state are in constant relation with the partner-cultural environment circulates that them. DEVELOPMENT the Programs of Radio chosen to develop didactic-pedagogical activities in classroom had been: IN THE TUNNING OF the SUCCESS, TOTAL MARANHO and RAY X as exemplifico to follow: IN the TUNNING OF the SUCCESS it is a program of an sender exactly of Are Mateus of the Maranho here. Radio nature FM.87.9. Available in:.

10:00 h starts and goes until 12:00 h of the morning. In my opinion the sound is good. By being an sender FM the program is stuffed of musics of the most varied styles with predominance for reggae. I believe that total it is come back toward the young public. To work with this program in classroom I would adopt the following strategies of action: Anticipatedly I would ask for that the pupils heard the program in one day predetermined and recorded in cellular a music of that they were executed on this day and they led for the classroom in one day marked; It would form work groups in accordance with the recorded musical headings, then the group number would be equal to the number of equal recorded musics; After the formed groups I would ask for that they wrote music and after writing that read in the group; After written and reading of music I would ask for that they detached the chosen musical style, the author of the letter and the interpreter, the reason of the choice of music, and the message of the same one, that is I would ask for that they made a critical one or a countersignature to disclose the positive or negative contribution of the text of music for the society; Production of a parody contemplating reality of the school, or the society. .