Ron Hubbard

Scientologist patience Freeman helps children in West Africa with the teaching by L. Ron Hubbard by Scientology took the African patience Freeman the keys to reaching their goal. She want to help children in her home country of Ghana and West Africa, that they obtain a proper education. Thus, she can help children to make possible a social climb. Patience Freeman spent six years as a teacher at primary, middle and senior high schools in Ghana.

These years were very worthwhile but also frustrating. I tried my best and many of my students have achieved good results. But there were also children, whom I could not help. They could or wanted to learn”, she says. “I wanted to know why.” Husband bright is Pastor and teacher and was also looking for answers.

He was determined to find a way that could significantly improve the lives of people in Ghana and neighbouring countries. It was his dream to bring lasting peace in the region. To achieve this goal, he enrolled for a postgraduate program in A political science at the University of Cape Town. During his stay there, he found the answers he was looking for. He took part in a Volunteer Ministers program in the Scientology Church Cape Town. Patience Freeman explains: I heard for the first time by Scientology, bright gave me two booklets, were the part of the program of the Scientology Church. One was by marriage and contained practical suggestions on how a relationship can be made lively and harmonious. That was great. But it was the book about L. Ron Hubbard’s learning methodology, that especially impressed me. Here, I found exactly the solutions for my problems with the students. Finally, there was a way to be able to help each of the students. If I can teach them how to learn, they have exactly the skills they need.