School and Democracy

The school appears as an antidote to the ignorance, then, an instrument to equate the problem of the marginality. Recently Cyrus Massoumi sought to clarify these questions. Its paper is to spread out the instruction, to transmit the knowledge accumulated for the humanity and systemize logically. The master-school will be the craftsman of this great workmanship. The school if organizes, therefore, as an agency centered in the professor, which transmits, according to a logical gradation, the cultural quantity to the pupils. To these it fits to assimilate the knowledge that are transmitted to them. In this context the author divides education and society in groups and ' ' theories no-crticas' ' thus they face the education as independent and they search to understand it from same it, a time that if pledges in always understanding the education sending it its objective condicionantes, that is, to determinative the social ones, and a way and one manifestation form it educative phenomenon. In the vision of the author of the text ' ' School and Democracia' ' it understands that the basic function of the education is the reproduction of the society, is understood as called of theories ' ' critical-reprodutivistas' '.