School Bureaucracy

The closure of the primary school Hasenthal school end of the year 2012/13 was a done deal, without involvement of the parents. However, those concerned with the civil initiative Hasenthal went up in arms. True words? Official expressions of will that made courage since my last thing articles on the subject outcry against the country dying and failed education policy in South Thuringia I belong as a mother of a Schulanfangers even to the assets of the civil initiative Hasenthal. We meet almost every week to gather ideas, write requests to elaborate question catalogs. Short and sweet: We are trying everything to show the authorities that we are serious about saving the elementary school Hasenthal. Each participant of civil initiative Hasenthal invested time and nerves, to achieve a turn for municipality, municipality and district day, at policy and Ministry. A hard strike was carried out against our efforts in June 2013. The Sonneberg district day met on the 16.08.2013.

We assets came to four, were armed to citizens question time with 16 questions to the Association. As all Questions were made, said the officer into his microphone: “we answer all questions in writing. But the spokesman also clearly, for all you hear: “it will be at the primary school of Hasenthal the beginning of a new school year 2013/14. Silence as delaying tactics – the citizen’s initiative is not on good things adopted we us, drove with the sense of home, finally having won a success. But just 24 hours later the Office wherewith it is capable without answers showed us. During normal school operation, a Brandschutzverantwortlicher locked the school garden.

Statement: the staircase is not sure, the railing a risk of injury. A Handspan uncertainty was the occasion. The measure was the result of a fire log – the first after nearly two decades of school operation. We realized that a lack of fire protection may justify a lockout of school operation.