School Professors

The school and the professors, worried in forming citizens enabled to the socioeconmico-cultural environment, many times finish forgetting that the child is cognitivo an integral being constituted of aspects, social and affective. The affectivity, in its majority, is associated the apprehension and construction of knowledge, therefore the learning and the affectivity are entailed processes. However, many professors, knowing of the importance of the affective aspects in classroom, prefer to remain themselves distant of this relation, for yearning of that the same one can confuse disciplines negative it and the order in classroom. In this perspective, this article tries to understand the relation professor-pupil in the pertaining to school context. For in such a way, some had been observed pedagogas in its environment of work. For analysis and enrichment of this research it was taken as base theories of some scholars as Piaget, Vigotsky and Wallon. Word-key: Affectivity; Classroom; Professor-pupil; Learning.