Scientific Advisory Board

Continuation of the qualification campaign ‘Be different!’ Munster, November 15, 2008 the training and continuing education for Public Relations com + plus in Munster has his study guides for the year 2009 presented today. Now, the brochure on the homepage of the Institute may downloaded or be requested free of charge. In the study guide you will find all the information about our year-long PR course, further education and training opportunities, as well as about our faculty and the Scientific Advisory Board”explains Dr. Sonja plus cracks, Managing Director of com. 32 pages, there is enough space to answer any questions from potential participants. “We go with the new study guide our qualification campaign be different’ away”, so cracks. We show our students and all the PR professionals, how important it is to differentiate from its competitors in this profession.” Visually this is underlined in the study guide with his numerous paintings, on which in Orange will be advised on the difference.

“We are sure that readers browsing the one or other times will smile.” A versatile, oriented to the needs of the labour market training and continuing education programmes com + plus supported by actively improving individual career opportunities.