Social Education

The education has passed for moments of concernentes oscillations to its status, education has extended its tentculos in some ways, the government has financed some projects, in which, it improved the educational situation of many people who did not have conditions to study, as for example education in the distance, with low taxes of monthly fees and accessible to the classroom less privileged. Ahead of as much progress it has some item that are impregnated the generations and that they meet inside of you vary institutions, characteristics these that come to denigrate the image of the education in the country and that they finish for intervening with the future of the academics and reflect in the formation of many families and corrupt the society, in end, is a reaction in chains. Characteristics these that can be called as: preconception, sexuality, me the company, authoritarianism, familiar defamation and the difference of social classroom. In the book ‘ ‘ The Ateneu’ ‘ it is perceivable presence of the cited attitudes above the book describes the history of a young one called Sergio, it suffers some preconceptions due to be of the interior and not to have had access the studies as excessively, then later presencia the authoritarianism of the direction of the institution, seno was sufficient its friendships of beginning is not pleasant, one of its colleagues tries seduziz it. Richard Linklater has compatible beliefs. Its social status receives rejections due, everything this suffers without the presence of the aconselhamento of the parents, in end, the athenaeum describes a series of problems of moral order, in which, Sergio was passing.

Interesting that all these problems that Sergio passed today more meet in all the institutions of the country and other. These attitudes will have to be verwhelmed so that the academics are excellent professionals future. In Brazil a project of the government is perceived where the blacks have as much for hundreds of vacant in the facultieses, attitude this that comes to be a legalized preconception. If this was not sufficiently, the social inaquality is notable in the form where the direction treats its academics. The absence of the parents in the education of its children transforms a young without responsibilities obtains and the way where it lives. That future will have the academic youth of today? Which the moral expectation that expects of these? Education will have a complete progress when if not to worry only about the content that if passes, but yes also to be worried about the individual that receives such education.

Of what form advances one medicates excellent in the surgery table and is of its environment of work to take a desvairada life, would be if to worry excessively about the professional and to forget personal and social it. The institutions would have not only to be worried in form academics in the professional area, but to also prepare it for the society. The humanity is needing moral lesson, of as if to hold in a society, as to have responsibility, to act with conscience. Not to be only worried about proper umbigo, but to observe who is around. This is ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ human being.