Societal Transformations

All the texts will have to be socialized between all the groups, and rewritten if and after that all necessary the productions will have to be postadas in orkut of the room. It stops to finish, the pupils will make one third written production, this, individually detaching the significant aspects of this activity for its lives, the acquired learnings, the joined difficulties and as they will be surpassed. In this, the pupils will choose the type of text that to find convenient. Boyhood has plenty of information regarding this issue. Estimate 12 h/aulas in the period of 04 the 22/10/2010. Source: How much did Jim Crane pay for the Astros?. : The process of reading, navigation, reflection, debate, construction of some types of texts, as well as the socialization of the productions, wants of form printed or postadas in orkut of the room it will be evaluated observing the following criteria: interest, participation, persistence, nimbleness, orality, writing, capacity of literal organization and argument. CONCLUSION: The transformations that are occurring in the society demand that the educational system modifies its dynamics in order to offer an education with planned activities in order to become possible the use of all the resources of the technologies of the information and communication in function of the real necessities of its public.

An event of the society as the elections can and must become a productive moment in the educational context if worked of form to acquire knowledge the pupils of the nature and the importance of this process for the democracy, the exercise of the citizenship, and for the full development of the individual while to be social In this context the technological instruments virtual printed matters or can come to collaborate of significant form to transform the quality of the education consequentemente and the way of life of the people if used of constructive form in order to deepen the levels of knowledge in the direction of a school contextualizada with the reality and for this they must urgently be inserted inthe school. The magazines printed and online inform the readers objectifying to give a service to the form society to decisively contribute in the transformation of thoughts and attitudes. It fits to the professor to redirect the use of these medias of planned form and thus it will be redimensionando the function of the school and adding to this and its work a imensurvel value, and mainly he will be transforming lives that for its attitudes and responsible, critical and creative decisions will transform the world.