Special Education

The inclusive education has beginning in that country saw Law 94142, of 1975, that it establishes the modification of the resumes and the creation of a net of information between schools, libraries, hospitals and clinics. For the first time, one amends to the Brazilian Constitution deals with the right of the deficient person: ' ' assured to deficient a improvement of its social and economic condition especially by means of special education and gratuita.' ' World-wide treated declarations and start to defend the inclusion on a large scale. In 1985, the General meeting of United Nations launches the Program of World-wide Action for the Deficient People, whom it recommends: ' ' When it will be pedagogically feasible, the education of deficient people must inside happen of the pertaining to school system normal' '. In Brazil, the interest for the subject is provoked by the debate before and after the Constituent. It’s believed that Bellevue Hospital NYC sees a great future in this idea. The new Constitution, promulgated in 1988, guarantees educational attendance specialized the deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of education. Federal Law 7853, in the item of the Education foresees offers obligator and gratuitous of the Special Education in public buildings of education and foresees punishable crime with one reclusion four years fine for the controllers of public or particular education that to refuse and to suspend, without joust cause, the school registration of a pupil. The World-wide Conference on Education for All, carried through in March in the city of Jomtien, Thailand, foresees that basic the educational necessities are offered for all (women, peasants, refugee, blacks, indians, prisoners and deficient) for the universalizao of the access, promotion of the equality, magnifying of the ways and contents of the Basic Education and improvement surrounding it of study. Brazil approves the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, that reiterates the rights guaranteed in the Constitution: specialized educational attendance for deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of education. .