State Certification Commission

Graduate student provides to the protection of the following documents: Gradebook, which bear all the assessment tests, made a record of credit, coursework, practical training according to the curriculum. Fully-fitted thesis, which contains 7 documents: the standard cover sheet signed by graduate students, and the head referee (the first sheet, sewn), "Quest for the research paper" (the second sheet, sewn), the text of the thesis with a table of contents, list of references and applications, and the last leaf (sewn) to the Chairman of SAC (embedded) application for approval of thesis topic (Embedded); review of the supervisor (embedded), review (embedded). Protection of the thesis takes place at an open meeting of the State Certification Commission, which may be present, ask questions and discuss graduate work everyone. The objective is to determine the SJC level of theoretical preparation of the student, their preparedness for professional work and decision-making on issue the student a diploma qualifications. The task of a graduate student in the defense is not the retelling of what is contained in the literature, and the presentation and justification of what has been done by him in studying and solving threads study.

Graduate, having received a review of the supervisor, review and opinion on the admission to protect, to prepare a report (10 minutes), which clearly sets out the main results of the research paper. For more visibility is advisable to use illustrative material. It is possible to use both hardware and prepare illustrative handouts for the members of SAC. The report could be prepared in writing and used during the defense, but to act on the protection should be free, stating the contents of the report "in their own words," not reading the text, but only relying on his eyes. Preparing to defend an important stage in the work on his degree. Important – as should not only write high quality work, but also qualified to defend it. A high rating, this director and reviewer can be reduced because of the commission bad defense. For a successful defense must be well prepared report.

It should be said about what guided a graduate student in selecting the theme, which is the subject of study, the methods used to study the problem, what is done in person graduates, what results were achieved during the study and what are derived from the study key findings. The specific content of the report is determined by the graduate together with the supervisor. The report should not be overloaded with digital data, they are given only if they are needed to prove or illustrate a finding. At the end of the report graduate chair asking questions, the committee members present. Questions may relate to the subject of the thesis, and to the specific provisions of the economic theory. When defending a graduate student is permitted use the text of his thesis. On the report and answer questions about the breadth of SJC judges outlook undergraduates, his erudition, his ability to speak publicly, and argued to defend his point of view. After answering graduate to the questions read out a review of the supervisor and review. Then given the final word graduate. Estimated to work on a 4-point scale (excellent, good, fair, unsatisfactory). Assessment of the defense of the thesis is made at a closed meeting of SAC. In assessing taken into account quality of execution and registration of work, as well as informative report and responses to questions. Rated declared after the end of the protection of all work at a public meeting SJC. SJC decision is final and not subject to appeal.