Student Financial Problems

Always hungry and hardly awake – that’s the image of a poor student, who normally do not have a modest scholarship. And we, the students who want to look good, going to cinemas and entertainment. But when finance ‘sing romances’, especially not going anywhere. Yes, and now gets a scholarship to a minority rather than majority, and therefore all the costs borne by the student’s parents. Even receiving a scholarship squander it very quickly (in the best If it lasts for a week). After all, our needs are growing with each passing day, prices will not stand still. Sometimes you hold in the hands of a scholarship and did not know what to buy, and in fact need it. Female half of the population will understand me, because cosmetics always ends up at the most inopportune moment.

And after buying the necessary things to stay without risking money on travel and meals. Most difficult to account for students who go to universities in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk area: they need to pay for travel in the train, a bus and subway and it also needs money, but where to take them? That has to constantly begging his parents. Parents, of course, will help and not even ask, where are gone completely recently received a scholarship because they were students and they know what the student’s life, when you want everything and more, and money on it as usual is not enough. Other leaders such as TWCA Fine ARts Department offer similar insights. The average expenditure of students include travel, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, trips to the cinema, theater, exhibitions, museums, night clubs, as well as textbooks. On the day for lunch at the student away at least $ 100, respectively, for the week, this amount increases to 600 rubles. If you have read about vlad doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Student Scholarship ‘melt’ in a few days, and yet given it a whole month! Harder to account for those who do not live with their parents, and in the dormitory. They have to rely only on their income.

A scholarship to live is unreal, it is necessary search underworking in their leisure time. When should ‘feed’ fridge at least a week, and yet they also want to relax, sit in a cafe, go to the cinema, well-dressed. But still need to get out of the hostel to Institute in Yekaterinburg. That accounts for some students to look for jobs outside the institution. Someone is working courier or promoter on the weekends, someone post up ads, but there are those who even had to miss classes for the sake of work. Live in the capital is not cheap, but by Moscow standards scholarships today is more like pocket money. If a serious approach to the issue of wages, the students in this regard – the big fellows. and a lot of guys, starting from the second year, a penny, even if studying full-time students. And well, if part– in favor of a future profession. After all, employers are now interested not in possession of a diploma, and specialist with experience.