This forum was overwhelmingly magistral, having heard great educators holistas from various parts of the world and comment on your experiences to bring to practice holism, left me with a feeling of full security because if many things can be taken and what we can expect they are only satisfactions, achievements, accomplishments, and above all, happiness. Or at the aforementioned forum, I stayed very recorded as it drove the concept of humility, not with words but with deeds, the way to express themselves, communicate, interact with us, each one of the guest speakers. Or each and every one of the experiences lived in the third semester, including face-to-face meetings, the XII Forum, the messengers, the coexistence in the Sangha, with colleagues from the technological and above all with the family allow me to continue growing, acquiring inspiration, keep me focused and enriching me day by day. Starts the fourth and last semester of this magnificent experience in the masters in holistic education. As I commented at some point in a face-to-face meeting, when he began this masters also I started to play me in the responsibility of academic Subdirector and believe that because of this experience is as he has been provided me to keep me in my job functions without having had some worthy of mention, difficulty to leave developing my spirituality level have managed to have enough arguments to move forward with my work. Citing lessons learned during this semester: O completion of this master looms and I begin to ask some questions, quien soy? What I want? What I seek? Where do I go? To find the answers I need to delve deeper into myself, improve self-awareness, meditate more deeply, in a nutshell evolve my spirituality. Or four subjects this semester deserve to be the last, none lacks importance, are attractive and enriching, each reading meets these characteristics and will allow me to continue maturing spiritually.