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Coaching and coaches are booming–what can people note range? Coaching is becoming well known: many people who want to solve their problems, meet their challenges or reach their goals are nowadays looking support. “” Who but for a German city the words coaching “or coach” Googling, gets several million hits in the shortest time. “” The main reason for this: coach “is not protected professional designation, each coach must it be so” call, no matter what training he has or just does not have. “Who so coaching” and has typed in the name of his town or region in an Internet search, is at least a few seconds later before the spoilt for choice. In addition to systematic clicking on each individual interest website, the ads also deserve attention. Because it is a sign of professionalism, if a coach afford paid advertising. Coaching is a craft that can also learn like any other craft. For this reason I advise Interested parties, a trained coach a not trained prefer.

I meet more courses which can be completed with less than 30 days of presence, with caution. And also the total duration of the training, so from the first day of the seminar up to the end, plays a role: since much of the content should be well trained and integrated, is at least 1 year training period appropriately, more is better. In addition, a coach should have at least a regular training, possibly even a completed higher education. The successful completion of training can be demonstrated by certificates, certificates, diplomas, or similar. However always just as much worth as the institution that has issued it as a proof. Who wants to know more precisely what belonged to the training of potential coaches, finds at least a brief description on many certificates. Every professional coach can call references a prospective and still maintain the proposed discretion. Ask some coaches in the meantime her clients to provide out references on referral Web pages, for example on Qype.

There, the clients themselves can decide how much you reveal about yourself and your concerns. First and foremost aim the question for references to the experiences of the coaches. How long he is as a coach on the road, how many clients he has supported successfully? “When some simpler” comes it not quite so much on the experience of the coaches at, komlexeren “tasks but in any case! And of course also a shaken amount of life experience of coaches includes many complex coaching tasks. When a business coach, I recommend also to pay attention to the active management experience of the coaches. Also, the fee is an indicator of the professionalism of coaches. However, the hourly rates vary depending on location and experience, from about 80 to over 200 euros should be invested for 60 minutes. Due to the high dependence on location and experience, it is recommended that different providers to ask locally for their hourly rates and hook up exactly at special party.