The Buttons

So you can correct the gestures should not do. ** The practice of the words in his head over and over again. * Imagine you are here, in front of the audience. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Revlon Inc.. 4. What can I do if I lose my place and start to get nervous? * No doubt as we have said previously it is best be well prepared, but quiet that the best-educated person sometimes loses its place.

If this happens, look down on the cards of support. Look for the bright color of the next theme, and go ahead. * Breathe deeply and smile. His audience, probably, completely ignored the problem. 5. What if easily invades me the nervousness, which is better: be the first person who speaks or the last? * Many of the successful speakers prefer to not be the first to speak, but of course this is not for everyone.

** If they easily lose his place and get nervous thinking about how you will be its realization, then you should go first. ** If she is very comfortable with his speech, you can then do so in last place. Remember, if you go in last it will be definitive, and you can close with a flourish. 6 I am too nervous to have a good eye contact. What can I do? * Find a person close to half of the people who you know or have a relationship of friendship. Look to This person, but be sure to also look at the other ends of the room. 7. My look and my gestures are tense, forced, I don’t know how to handle my hands how to move them. And all this makes me more nervous still. How can I relax gestures? * Talk to the crowd in a conversational tone. This is obtained through practice, and greatly helps that your gestures are normal, relaxed and calm. * Try not to think about his hands. If you play with the buttons or putting hands in pockets, try to not wear clothes with pockets and buttons. Putting hands in pockets is a great distraction to his listeners should be avoided at all costs! NOT + scenic panic get click here for more details from original author and source of the article