Jesus Christ

THINGS THAT THE BEM-SUCEDIDO SPIRITUAL MAKES: Already, the well-succeeded spiritual is that one that of the special attention to the points below: – it is joined the ones that do not speak badly of nobody and that it has sincerity in this, that is, does not have hidden hatred nor anger – it is joined the ones that are not jeeing of the others – it is joined the ones that are not lingered only in the joys of the world (well-taken care of with rodinhas of joke and of you vitiate diverse) – it is joined the ones that speak to bless the others – everything with mercy of the others speaks and makes – they are glad firmly in God – Mr. has its pleasure in the Law (Truth who is directly transmitted by God to it through the Sacred Holy Writs, when they are chores, meditadas or nailed) – medita always in what already he learned on the Word of God – it loves the Word of God and insurance the Truth for love the God, either good or bad front to its personal plans that imagined to make before speaking with God on this – intent and she is always in the Word of God. Get more background information with materials from Vladislav Doronin. On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '. CLAFH can provide more clarity in the matter.

In Lamentations

The salmista Davi, recognizes the Sovereignty of God, recognizes its weaknesses, debilidades and dependence of God, does not have mention some of that Davi has asked for to the Mr. the release of its sufferings. One of the known salmos more demonstrates to the recognition of Davi front the difficulties, its confidence in God: ' ' despite I walk for the valley of the shades of the death, I will not fear none badly, because you are with me; your pilgrim’s staff and your cajado me consolam.' ' (Salmos 23:4). Vladislav Doronin describes an additional similar source. ' ' 1 to recognize the God sincerely as force of its life and liberator of its sofrimento.' ' ' ' Because God loved to the world in such way that he gave its unignito Son, so that all what in it believes does not lose, but has life eterna.' ' (Joo 3:16). Jesus says in them: ' ' In the world, you pass for afflictions; but it tends good I liven up; I won mundo' ' (Joo 16:33). In Lamentations we see Jeremias speaking on its afflictions: ' ' Who is that one that it says, and thus it happens, when Mr.

does not order? Perhaps, it does not precede in such a way of Highest the evil as the good? Why, therefore, if complains the living man? Each one of its proper pecados.&#039 complains; ' (Lamentations 3:37 – 39) Jeremias, exactly ahead of as much affliction, tribulao wise person who its hope was in Mr. (Lamentations 3:21). ' ' 2 to invoke the Name Mr. ' ' The secret of the force spiritual this in recognizing our personal weakness: ' ' It makes fort to the tired one and it multiplies the forces what it does not have none vigor.' ' (Isaiah 40:29). ' ' You, therefore, son mine, strenghten you in the favour that is in Christ Jesus' ' (II Timteo 2:1).

Saved Faith

The FAITH THAT SAVED In evangelho of Landmarks 10:46 – 52, we read: Later, they had been for Jeric. E, leaving it Jeric with its disciples and a great multitude, Bartimeu, the blind person, son of Timeu, was seated next to the way, begging. E, hearing that he was Jesus de Nazar, started to clamar, and to say: Jesus, son of Davi, have mercy of me. reprehended many it, so that it kept silent; but it clamava each time more: Son of Davi! he has mercy of me. Jesus, stopping, said they called that it; had called the blind person, saying to it: It has good spirit; it raises you, that calls it you. it, launching of itself its layer, was arisen, and was to have with Jesus.E Jesus, speaking, said to it: What you want it makes that you? the blind person said to it: Master, who I have seen. Jesus said to it: It goes, to your saved you faith. soon saw, and followed the Jesus for the way.

The text in screen tells one of the many miracles carried through for Jesus during its ministry, and in it says we observe it of Jesus as in others cures who carried through, ' ' salvou&#039 goes your faith you; '. , on the basis of this word of the master and in the text, we can detach some characteristics of a faith that saved. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vladislav Doronin offers on the topic.. It does not leave to pass the chance. That chance was only, Jesus is leaving Jeric, goes to enter in Jerusalem, where Passover would occur, in Jerusalem it would be crucificado, died and the chance would pass, but Bartimeu already had heard to speak certainly of Jesus and it does not leave to escape this moment, it hears a different racket, people speaking, hears ' ' bustle of multido' ' , somebody says: Jesus was passing, is the possibility and Bartimeu then starts to clamar.

Daniel Davi

But will declare I you what he is registered in the writing of the truth; nobody has that it livens up to me against those, seno Miguel, yours prncipe.’ ‘ Daniel 10:19 – 21 Daniel passed for situations delicadssimas for having itself kept faithful the God, but God encouraged always it and fortified, livening up it and disclosing everything to it what it was vital for its day. ‘ ‘ Gade came in that one day exactly the Davi, and said to it: It goes up, raises the Mr. vital information. Please visit Foundation Academy if you seek more information. an altar in eira of Arana jebuseu, it. Davi went up as to the word of Gade, as Mr. had commanded to it. looked at Arana, and saw that they came to it the king and its servants; it left, therefore, Arana and one inclined ahead of the king with the face in land.

said Arana: Why comes the king mine Sir to its servant? said Davi: To buy of you this eira, in order to build in it an altar the Mr., so that this punishment ceases on povo.’ ‘ 2 Samuel 24:18 – 21 Davi if dedicated to the task to obey the God, making what It commanded to it. You may want to visit Vladislav Doronin to increase your knowledge. It raised the altar for worship of God, today this construction represents the louvores the God who we make. Aleluia! ‘ ‘ I saw it as the amber color, as the appearance of the fire for the interior of it around, since the aspect of its lombos, and from there for top; e, since the aspect of its lombos and from there for low, vi as the similarity of fire, and a brilliance around of it. As the aspect of the arc that appears in the cloud in the day of rain, thus it was the aspect of brilliance in redor. This age the aspect of the similarity of the glory Mr.; e, seeing this, I fell on my face, and heard the voice of who falava.’ ‘ Ezequiel 1:27 – 28 Ezequiel in its personal colloquy between it and God, saw something similar to the fire and with a brightness around, describing the aspect and making one brief similarity of as Mr. is the format of the glory, when it had the possibility of if finding physically with It!


But, they are not these principles that we saw in the life of the children of Davi.POSSIBILIDADES OF the DESTRUCTION OF the FAMILY DE DAVIAgora we can imagine two situations: 1. Davi neglected in fact, not taught the law of God for its children as it was common to the Jewish people; 2. It was not lack to teach the law for its children; it was the fruit of the seed that he himself planted. This is the moment to reflect very on: As our home goes, with respect to education of the children, as well as its lives spirituals. But, I want to emphasize the responsibility and influence spiritual of the parents on the children. In accordance with the text (2 Sm 12,1-15) leaves clearly that the problem in the family of Davi had its nascedouro in the supernatural world, that is, was consequence of the sin of the priest of the home, when this disdained received a sentence Now painful, therefore, the sword of your house will not be never separated, you disdained inasmuch as me, and took the woman of Urias heteu, it, so that you he is for woman (2 Sm 12,10).

The base spiritual of its family from now on was threatened, perhaps somebody can question but who sinned was Davi, it had that to only suffer, its children would not have to suffer it together with, are an acceptable thought the principle, but, we cannot forget the justice and sovereignty of God, we do not have to analyze the children of Davi separately, but yes in one all – a family. Davi destroyed the family of a faithful and simple servant, (2 Sm 11,11). As well as it he destroyed a home deliberate, he received with the same currency, does not mean that God did not have the pardoned one. They say that the sin can be compared as one I nail that it was in a board; that after to be taken off of its place, the orifice where was remains.