Harvard Business School

Life is not measured by the years lived but for their achievements. Known few financial contributions that are provided to the less disadvantaged sectors in Latin America, where there are them in large quantity, wasting will be able to use their manpower, resources that can help them to grow, develop. This course is not suitable and the Governments should pay more attention. Before Sunrise has firm opinions on the matter. In this regard, as says it comunicarseweb.com.ar, the Institute of Social innovation SEKN Ibero-American network, led by Harvard Business School and ESADE. Michael Chu, says Harvard Business School Professor, to make effective intervention in poor countries it is necessary to gather a massive reach and create an effective financial model, which mainly happens to be cheaper. Also, Manuel Mendez, President of the BBVA microfinance Foundation, committed to maintain the social commitment and economic growth as necessary conditions microfinance institutions to adequately fulfil its social mission.

This last topic is very important, because it is an aspect that many Latin American countries have been neglected since long time ago, and in the case that concerns us, Venezuela, has been a fact, especially in poor communes, where what the informal economy generated have been neglected and that of know you organize many micro-enterprises could have arisen. Probably Chavez enter more with this need and collaborate with financing that could minimise unemployment, give way to a productive sector that has lately been fractionated which requires rescuing to bring the country forward. You should develop well defined funding programmes for these sectors. It is said that Chu was concerned about certain abuses that perform some multinationals when implanted in low-income countries. In this line, it defends that the only guarantee so that the benefit is not in the hands of investors is competition, because this ensures that prices go down and that credits conform better to sectors of low income. Since then, that concern is valid, since we know from the incursions of the transnational corporations, which leads its operability and its effects, appearance, for example, that the Venezuelan Government now has taken very seriously the impact which currently multinationals play the country its effect for the population and for the same competition, which knows not there is much productive part of the country’s business sector competitiveness.