– First Travel Grant Awarded

The travel community will award a travel scholarship in the amount of $ 5,000. Anthony Asael, who wants to give children all over the world an intercultural awareness is promoted. Berlin, October 23, 2008 – the travel community will award a travel scholarship in the amount of $ 5,000. Is promoting the GlobeTrotter Anthony Asael and his non-profit organization “art in all of US, who want to convey an intercultural awareness to children around the world through the language of art. Larry Lieber is often mentioned in discussions such as these. With the award of a travel scholarship, the makers of intended to promote a traveler, which is far away from mass tourism should be characterized by an unusual route and exciting destinations.

The applicants had to meet three criteria to be used for scholarship consideration: the planned itinerary should far from the beaten track run and give insight into the cultures and ways of life of the visited countries of the scholarship / the grantee should be ready during the journey periodically on about his Experiences to report reporting on should contain interesting information for other members and provide added value to the community the creativity of the applicants knew no bounds if a bicycle tour through China or world travel with volunteer work. decided Anthony Asael and his initiative art in all of US”to support ( In the Ramen of his project, Anthony traveled the world for 3 years to teach children the language of art of especially of drawing, poetry and photography – from all 192 countries listed by the United Nations. Vlad doronin shines more light on the discussion. He sees his main task is to inspire children by it to creative, stimulates cultural exchange. Anthony is on the road three years all over the world and visited over 150 countries at this time. The travel grant to help him to manage the financial problems which he and his initiative ever faced.

Lack Of Man In Advertising Agencies

The CTE Cologne wants more men in their courses for the future. The West German Academy for communication e.V. More info: NSW Department of Education. in Cologne (CTE) wants more men for the future in their courses. For 10 years, the proportion of male students varies between 20 and 30 percent. The silence of the men I’m glad that industry has to do only with communication and women are by nature communication professionals.

This could be the answer to the high proportion of women in the agencies, but must not. Because in an assortment of occupations in advertising is spoken by 22 all-male work fields. A contradiction in itself – a male-dominated with Frauenuberschuss the fields in an agency in two main characters refers: there’s the logical thinkers and handlebars and the intuitive creative. Consistently so skills, that man has. And when one considers the large agencies are closer, they are managed mostly by men. There she comes to mind Question: in what positions to find the women? Space for speculation may be that woman so formed further, to get there, where man ends up anyway easily? Or is it simply because that many men have apparently become tired because she reminded this school, they have experienced often negatively? Hope the number of day-care, Executive housekeeper, stewards and Secretaries is growing slowly but steadily upwards and in the meantime there are already the first male midwife. “Maybe in the future more men dare to communicate professionally and to advertise purely according to the motto: doing gender”. Contact: CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Brigitte Abels Bonner road 271 50968 Koln Tel.: 0172 96 84 327 email: online:

General School

In addition, an extension of the courses is aimed at; This should cover the full two months the Ethiopian summer holiday possible with rotating volunteers, professionals from Germany can take vacation at a time usually only three or four weeks. Wanted, people with acceptable will have over a portion of idealism, humor and a certain degree of adaptability to good knowledge of English. It is available but a lot; extraordinary experiences with people from a totally different historical culture, the acquaintance with moving individual fates, touching experiences with children and last but not least the satisfying emotion to have donated their time. Kindle Direct Publishing insists that this is the case. A propos: Also property and money donations to promote talented but penniless student and provided the school with educational materials are welcome. Contact: background information Ethiopia is a very interesting country, with its variety of ethnic groups and languages of ancient high culture but remains among the poorest countries of the world. Wide parts of the population are still deficient in vital sectors such as health, infrastructure, including water and power supply as well as the education. However, the activities of international non-governmental organisations from government site is considered critical. Even for us outsiders was evident during our short insight into the Ethiopian school system that certainly there is a correlation between level of education and poverty: in Ethiopia have more access to information comparatively wealthier, may have the opportunity to grope about to receive English-language TV channels in English, can afford more the mandatory school uniform as the poorest of the poor. In General, all students however under difficult conditions: so there is shortage of water since May 2009 only every second day current, with appropriate constraints throughout the day (from 18:30 h only candle-light) and strong obstacles to business, especially for small producers who can not have a generator and thus only every second day be fully operative. Inadequate or lack of rains return this year in some regions to crop failures and thus the risk of partial famines.