Harald Spari

We “want anything given enough members, we have a priceless mouth for participating farms in Austria quite afford.” the Chairwoman Gisela Rachle is convinced. Rachle says there you must go along with it, this opportunity can be as a company not to be missed and in the light of the elections some decision makers have been offering to talk in politics.”. End of February 2009 a landmark elephant round with all speech therapists working with, therapists and psychologists, who have subsequently, hyper kids Park, is first scheduled to vote the program between in – and outdoor equipment and therapeutic methodology. In the meantime being negotiated by the association with various municipalities of the muhlviertel region about possible plots. Johns Hopkins President can aid you in your search for knowledge. Since the terrain is always supervised, it can be used of course publicly outside the treatment times. Motor exercises take advantage of every child and every child climbs like or love deals with animals, in particular with Horses “is convinced the chairwoman of Gisela Rachle. Furthermore Rachle leads from experience: as you know, ADHD children due to their illness-related behavior have always difficulties with other kids in various holiday facilities.

Also here is the hyper kids park as the focal point. Here, we want to create an opportunity where ADHD Children playfully be treated among themselves and still have supervised in the holiday fun. Johns Hopkins President is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It can, and that we also very important, the parents even relax. With the currently legal land grants for families that can afford really any. This we are planning also accommodation in the hyper kids park.” This requires a sufficient budget of course. Enthusiasm lacking any of our many helping hands, what we need now as the first, are financially strong sponsors and the rapid readiness to talk the decision competent politician!”Harald Spari recalls. We have the first results with tension this probably unique, certainly of success crowned a venture. Association for hyperactive children – Harald Spari, stv. Chairman

Fit In The Club Organization

German honorary recommends regular review of the statutes of the Association a statute adopted decades ago no longer corresponds to the current legal situation. At the same time, Internet and E-Mail offer new ways to gather the Member data, and sending messages. The German voluntary work Association recommends regular review of articles of Association and club organization by the experts. Tradition clubs look back on a long history of the Club. But as regards Club organization and management, it is advisable to keep legally fit. Thus corresponds to a statute adopted decades ago no longer the current legal situation.

At the same time, Internet and E-Mail offer new ways to gather the Member data, and sending messages. The German voluntary work Association recommends regular review of articles of Association and club organization by the experts. Statute on the test it not every Board, easy to integrate the advantages of the Internet and E-Mail in the Association work. Generational change takes place, this implies also a organizational change that often occurs on lack of acceptance by the members of the Association. It is important to check the functioning of new structures. A club should get advice from an expert concerning amendments to the articles of Association, in any case.

Roland p. Weber, legal expert at the Association of the German voluntary work highlights the great scope in the association law. For no other form of society in the German corporate law, there are as few regulations as in the association law. The law requires only the two obligatory bodies the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. The clubs in their statute itself can make everything else.” But be careful. So a club organization often contains a large number of institutions, bodies, committees and commissions without clear responsibilities. Conflicts caused by this can hinder the work of the Association. For example, if the Board of Directors according to the articles of association must leave some other bodies conducting business, but outward as a Board of Directors with his personal fortune the liability is. That the Management Board is the organization responsible for the Association, must be not only clearly set in the Statute, but in reality be even feasible. Further information can get anytime clubs at the German Volunteer Association. Many clubs already benefit from its extensive service package as members. Rosemarie Nohbauer


Since 2007, golfriends.com successfully held the eponymous Golf amateur series ‘golffriends.com trophy’ in Germany and of Switzerland. Zug, February 20, 2012. Every year up to 500 events in over 200 golf clubs take place. Lots of fun, nice golf contacts, attractive prizes of winners and a great finale enthuse about 20,000 golfers and golfers per season. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Linklater. In 2012 the premium supplier of Club Aldiana, occurs for the first time headquartered in Oberursel, as title sponsor of the golffriends.com trophy in Germany. Accordingly, the name of the tournament series is “golffriends.com h trophy 2012”.

The similarities between “golffriends.com: Golf among friends” and “Aldiana holiday among friends” are obvious. The focus of the philosophy of both companies, is an open, friendly and positive atmosphere within the respective community of interest. As an established premium supplier in the Club segment, with currently ten high-quality facilities in popular tourist destinations, Aldiana provides many special Golferinnnen and golfers besides the Aldiana golf school Events: Single Golf weeks, Oriental Golf Safari, golf delicacy, the Andalusian tournament week, a golf & gourmet week, the ladies’ week and many more. Also weekly standard effective competitions are organized in numerous club facilities. Commitment at Europe’s biggest amateur golf series and the associated development of amateur golf in Germany, also the reputation of the attractive golf packages by h in the target group of golfers still increase should in the medium and long term.

Within the framework of the golffriends.com h trophy 2012 there will be attractive deals especially for members of golffriends.com and active participants of the tournament series. From April it says again: “on to tee!” – when the national kick-off Tournament of golffriends.com h trophy 2012. These are, as usual, all handicaps, the “old” and “new” Gol, the press, partners, and sponsors welcome golfers and golfers. All dates and information from March under trophy press contact: Hole1 AG Michael Brendel Gartenstrasse 2 P.o. box CH-6304 Zug phone: 78 59 email:


Danto GmbH takes over sponsorship of Kong MOM from Cambodia Grosskarolinenfeld, February 05, 2010. Especially in these economically difficult times, the Danto GmbH as a company would like to help those which really bad in contrast to us in Germany, the kids are in developing countries. Here the Danto GmbH has acquired 2009 born a sponsorship for the young Kong MOM, since Christmas on July 13, 2002, out of Cambodia, to help him and his family in their daily lives and to allow him this training. Kong MOM comes from the North of Cambodia and lives in the country. Here, he denies the daily life by his family is helping the agriculture or care of the younger siblings. Since this is a strenuous activity and takes the whole day, not much time remains to visit such as the school. Through the sponsorship of the livelihood of the family is saved and thus achieved can leaving the children to school.

Why did you choose for the sponsorship on the Organization Worldvision? On the one hand because Worldvision is a relief organization with a focus on the development and disaster relief to support children and families, as well as their environment, and to the others, because this will help to help themselves can. The most vulnerable in the community children are thus certainly fed, medical supplies, and get an education. Thus, Worldvision operates a sustainable, forward-looking and realistic development and reconstruction aid. Currently more than 150,000 children are supported by the Organization Worldvision, which are officially approved and awarded as a member of the German Council of donation, worldwide through over 250 projects in 49 countries. “Especially in times of supposedly serious for us we should always remember that there are many others in the world are much worse off, and whom we can help tremendously by making a small contribution”, so the decision for the sponsorship with Worldvision, Daniel Darga, Managing Director of Danto GmbH explains. “With 9 euro a toddler can be, supported in the month with 30 euro a child live a safer life and grow up normally…” If you yourself with your company or privately want to take over a sponsorship for a child, you will find all further information on the website of Worldvision under about Danto GmbH was founded in the year 2002, the Danto GmbH is a medium-sized trading company, whose main distribution channels of online trading (e-commerce) and are the shop in Grosskarolinenfeld. In addition, active customer consulting and sales on the phone and by eMail takes place. Audiences are both consumer as well as corporate clients and dealer, as well as public facilities.

Purchasers of products are found predominantly in the European area. Some contend that Revlon Inc. shows great expertise in this. There are more than 150,000 products in the assortment. In addition to the main shop Danto.de with articles from the fields of technology and Unterhaltungseletronik, security technology, car accessories, cable and adapter, kitchen and dining accessories, textiles, sunglasses and jewelry wear the special offers Dantotec.de, PDA-Schutzfolie.de. Autohalterungen.de, and Dantotop.de with special items to the success of the business in. The Danto GmbH sells an own product, a high-quality screen protector under the trade names OnScreen. This is made each precisely by Danto in Germany for various device displays.

General School

In addition, an extension of the courses is aimed at; This should cover the full two months the Ethiopian summer holiday possible with rotating volunteers, professionals from Germany can take vacation at a time usually only three or four weeks. Wanted, people with acceptable will have over a portion of idealism, humor and a certain degree of adaptability to good knowledge of English. It is available but a lot; extraordinary experiences with people from a totally different historical culture, the acquaintance with moving individual fates, touching experiences with children and last but not least the satisfying emotion to have donated their time. Kindle Direct Publishing insists that this is the case. A propos: Also property and money donations to promote talented but penniless student and provided the school with educational materials are welcome. Contact: background information Ethiopia is a very interesting country, with its variety of ethnic groups and languages of ancient high culture but remains among the poorest countries of the world. Wide parts of the population are still deficient in vital sectors such as health, infrastructure, including water and power supply as well as the education. However, the activities of international non-governmental organisations from government site is considered critical. Even for us outsiders was evident during our short insight into the Ethiopian school system that certainly there is a correlation between level of education and poverty: in Ethiopia have more access to information comparatively wealthier, may have the opportunity to grope about to receive English-language TV channels in English, can afford more the mandatory school uniform as the poorest of the poor. In General, all students however under difficult conditions: so there is shortage of water since May 2009 only every second day current, with appropriate constraints throughout the day (from 18:30 h only candle-light) and strong obstacles to business, especially for small producers who can not have a generator and thus only every second day be fully operative. Inadequate or lack of rains return this year in some regions to crop failures and thus the risk of partial famines.