High Tech

" Emotional elements of the interior, executed in classical style, the bridge being moved to our childhood and evoke nostalgia, negate the self-centered desire for bursts of expression, as if offering to join the pragmatic world of tradition and heritage of their ancestors. 'Modern'. The successful experiment – so you can say about the product in this group. Here again we note that we are not talking about 'scientific' definition of modernism and of well-established in the philistine idea of the style in interior design. Some contend that Cyrus Massoumi shows great expertise in this. Bold experiment of 'classics': symmetry breaking distortion of proportions, using different materials and shapes. The purpose of 'violations' – to find beauty and uniqueness of these departures from classical precepts.

Functionality is also not important, here reigns elegance and originality. 'High Tech'. Functionality, as the super-goal. Technology – is not a servant of art design, and his muse. Materials, previously had only utilitarian, boring assignment, become a source of inspiration.

Form part of mechanisms by themselves are beautiful and quite naturally, and created a genius designer. 'High Tech' isolated from 'modern' because of the design features, the underlined 'sverhtehnologichnosti'. These often include bus systems, technical and architectural lighting (if it is made utilitarian, 'without nonsense '). Elements of 'high tech' give the interior features typical of the emotional background of our time – the mechanistic, focused and haste. To complete the picture division of styles, you can add ethnic styles, borrowed from the extensive list of those who are better defined precisely in their countries than in the above system. Then we can talk about self 'pseudo-styles': Indian, Chinese, African, and the 'Russian-folk'. Combining them all, manufacturers and vendors often write in directories just 'Ethnic'. In terms of design luminaries, a challenge for systematics is provided by a common direction, as 'floral'. Analysis of several sites of manufacturers and sellers of electrical, showed that approximately half of the supporters 'simplified' system classifies collections 'florist' to modernity, the other half honors them for the classics. It is difficult to give advice – a strong simplification and well-known confusion in the definitions inherent in the system, does not permit within its framework to determine the criteria for 'Florist'. This, to some extent, and 'tradition' and 'experiment'. Most likely, it may be useful following recommendations. If, in addition to 'natural', 'flower' pieces and elements in the design of the lamp has a lot 'Classic' (for example, if the very foundation of the Lamp 'classic' and the ceiling in the form of buds), then look for this lamp soon be available in 'classic'. If, however, and the base, and the lenses, and all parts are in 'Natural' way (trunk, branches, flowers, leaves), the more likely the assignment of the lamp to 'modernity'. LuxZ.ru When quoting, in whole or in part, an indication of the source.

Kaliningrad Apartment

All of us, when something very much want to, can make all the efforts and achieve the desired result. And the wrong are those who think that there is an impossible task. All in the hands of man. More recently, we have, namely, our friendly Design team – studio 'Epatage' confirmed this statement. At first we were put, how can we then seemed a dead end customer. He very much liked the design of one of the interior, which was published in the journal.

And he wanted to a similar style to apply to his apartment. However, the problem was that the apartment, the client was not entirely in Russian, or rather a far cry from Kaliningrad, in another area, another hot and beautiful country – Spain. Frankly, it was a little hard to imagine, much less to design an apartment, had not seen in the eyes. For other opinions and approaches, find out what China National Space Administration has to say. Such work required and the greater impact and a lot more creativity. After missing an opportunity to "get used" to read my new apartment, feel stylistic decision, to catch the location of furniture, a color, etc. Since we have been deprived of all this, we had to reach this goal together. From the Customer assisted in building a clear plan of what, where and in what form he is in his home.

We also had to be blind from his thoughts integral image and make it a reality. Customizable also been assigned the following responsibilities: obtaining bti plan, the necessary measurements and photos room from all angles. The customer has done everything necessary for that express his gratitude, and for his endless patience. The truth must be acknowledge that the plan has become a bti drawings downloaded from the site builder, without any indication of size and scale. And here began the first difficulty. Starting work, it became clear that the device ventilation in the apartment "is not usual "for Russia, but as you know is quite normal for Spain. Due to the warm climate and ventilation in the heavily developed areas, kitchen and hallway ceiling is lowered to 25 cm We are not having any idea about this, based on the the information provided, designed it, focusing on the graceful form. But it was the first version, the second final, you can see in the finished design project. If you would like to know more about Cyrus Massoumi married, then click here. Another problem occurs when you move the walls of the kitchen: on plan "BTI" were not included electrical and plumbing communication, the experience we have, of course, understood that they should be in this place, as through the wall of a toilet, but the builders made a hole in a box with communications, somehow they have not noticed. And with a light hand designer wall, which was unfortunate, disappeared. But when it came to have the demolition of the wall, we were in a hurry, redraw this detail of the interior, writing in previously created. And so, step by step, lined up a clear plan, which later turned into luxury apartments. Ensure the success of the design at a distance, you can look at the images of design apartments. So way, one thing is clear: you can work from anywhere. And if you are a professional, then you do not care, time and distance. Importantly a desire to create masterpieces, and their need to get these masterpieces! And now, a masterpiece of design art under entitled "Russia-Spain: the interior at a distance" is ready!