Gabriel Biel School

Mission life supervised on behalf of Wetteraukreises, offering new youth in cooperation with the Gabriel Biel School of Butzbach 23.9.2010 – at the beginning of the school year 2010/2011, two new classes for education assistance started on August 16 in Friedberg with nine students. Cyrus massoumi wife helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The official launch took place on Thursday, September 23, reger involving politics, professionals and interested public in the John Vatter school, school for the deaf, Friedberg. This new educational offering is also located there. Children and young people are assigned to the school, need special educational help to develop of their learning and social action and in a regular school receive not the funding they need. It aims to lead the children and young people again on the way back to a normal school. Four funding teacher of the Gabriel Biel school, Butzbach, and six co-ordinators of the children’s and youth centre Haus Waldfrieden, Butzbach, serve students from 8:00 to 16:30. Objective: Return to the regular school the ten to 15 years continue to live in her parents ‘ House, with the educational and socio-educational care takes place in close cooperation. Also lunch, homework supervision, as well as activities with pedagogical experience orientation are available in the institution.

During the holidays, a leisure drive rounds off the program. Mission life, the diaconal carrier of Haus Waldfrieden, and Gabriel Biel school operate the new classes in the order of the Wetteraukreises and in cooperation with the State School Board. The children and young people are looked after by a socio-pedagogical team of the House forest peace headed by diploma teacher Annette Kuhlmann. Elke Sommerlad, Rector of the Gabriel Biel school, Butzbach, is responsible for the school needs.

PMP Certification

What makes project managers a PMP certification? The project management professional (PMP) certification is more than just a pretty title. By the project management Institute (PMI) awarded, it is the most recognized certification in project management. Why certify? As excellent PMP, you significantly increase your market value. Do not wear this world-renowned title officially confirmed expertise through a neutral institution your project management. This assumes that you critically reflected your own project management qualification and have come to the conclusion that an education and training is useful. You are therefore in a position personally and professionally very well to assess yourself.

That will promote your career as a project manager. Her know-how as an added value wondering if PMP certification or does not arise at this stage and in view of the economic situation actually does not. Their know-how adds value to also each company for which you are working. Very pragmatically considered secure against less well trained colleagues work. This is the clearly most important argument PRO PMP certification in addition to the professional and personal recognition. In every good and prestigious Training Institute for project management you can assign preparation courses for the PMP exam.

You find more information about the PMP certification: PMP project management seminar seminars can be found here: project management seminar the frontline consulting group is one of the leading German providers of continuing education with the issues management, communications, sales and project management. Cyrus massoumi wifes opinions are not widely known. The seminars in small groups make it possible that every participant directly can implement what you learned and reflection, as well as coaching already take place at the seminar by the experienced trainer. The use of proven learning methods ensures the know-how transfer between practitioners and participants. The frontline consulting group top companies among the customers as: SIEMENS, continental, AUDI AG, Daimler AG, BMW AG, NOKIA, SONY, DEKRA contact: frontline consulting GmbH Auguste Street 79 80333 Munich press contact: Eduard Klein phone (089) 500 77 97 0 fax (089) 500 77 97 27

Online Seminars

BeckAkademie AWS expanded your product range that offers BeckAkademie AWS headquartered in Oberursel selected tax seminars now also online at and thus expanding your range of products to a modern form of continuing education and training in tax law. A free free preview from 5 minutes gives interested parties the opportunity to convince yourself before purchasing by the quality of the seminars. Ralph Busse, managing partner, brings together more benefits for the customers: online seminars offer the great advantage that you anywhere and at any time can be obtained through the Internet. The participants are no longer bound to a fixed date. Colorado State University has much experience in this field. The absence of arrival and departure, time and cost can be saved also. This form of training characterized thus above all a much greater flexibility and lower cost and offers many employers and workers in the today’s time advantages”. Hear other arguments on the topic with cyrus massoumi wife. The tax law update 2011 seminar is available online from the 15.02.2011.

There is a 6 chapters, which can be for busy 49,-euro. Alternatively, all parts as a package at a special price of 249,-euros will be offered. In addition to the obligatory video, which can be accessed as often, the participants will receive also a manuscript in PDF format. Topics are among others the JStG 2010, laws relating to the EU budget 2011 and the PAYE policy 2011 and important current decrees of financial management. See online seminars the seminars now can be booked easily. The BeckAkademie AWS is a Tochternternehmen of the C.H.. Beck publishing house in Munich, which has been operating for over 20 years in the field of education, and training in tax law.

With over 15,000 participants annually the company headquartered in Oberursel is one nationwide to the largest and most successful training institutes in the tax law. In addition, the BeckAkademie AWS offers courses to prepare for the tax advisor exam. Total over 4000 tax consultant could prepared successfully for the exam. Contact: BeckAkademie AWS oHG Dipl.

Managing Director

possible from immediately acceptance of education vouchers! Gottingen, 07.08.2009: intercultural competence development is up to 100% now for job-seekers eligible. “IKUD seminars went through in July 2009 successfully the certification process according to the recognition and approval regulation training” (AZWV) of the federal employment agency. The high quality standards of the intercultural training of IKUD seminars have been officially tested and confirmed. Assessed inter alia the satisfaction of graduates and the comprehensive quality management system was in addition to the expertise of the trainers. Yale University School of Medicine has plenty of information regarding this issue. On July 08, the document for the approval as a certified educational institution was then passed according to AZWV. For even more opinions, read materials from Carson Wen. We are pleased that we can take immediately education vouchers and so also job-seekers have the opportunity to promote their intercultural competence and communication skills to expand”says Alexander Reeb, Managing Director of IKUD seminars. A related site: Bioscience Journal mentions similar findings. Employees are needed in the globalized labor market, the with Colleagues from other countries and cultures can work around and in addition to the linguistic competence bring also the intercultural.

The chance with an education voucher to acquire such qualifications, should you not miss. Also for an activity in the social or in terms of migration prepared such as the introduction to intercultural training methods”by IKUD seminars about ideal. Intercultural trainer profession”is becoming increasingly attractive and demand. “With the comprehensive education getting started package intercultural/r teacher” opens up new career opportunities for job-seekers, especially women who want to return to the profession, or university graduates. Lack of professionals who know the basics of intercultural communication, increasing. Who uses spells of unemployment for the international labour market fit to make, has a unique competitive advantage. And now by the federal employment agency to promote it further to can! Interested in “” “” the eligible measures train the trainer-skills: basic knowledge of a coach “, introduction to intercultural training methods”, the five cultures game “or getting started package intercultural/r teacher” apply: IKUD seminars gloomy str. 21 37073 Gottingen Tel.: 0551/3811278 fax: 0551/3811279 website: E-Mail:..

Intensive Seminar

Gunther Panholzl first with his intensive seminar for leaders in DUBAI, the renowned Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel he presents women entrepreneurs and executives up to date for the first time ultimate 42 successful pilots. Based on field-proven and easily implementable methods and recipes he shows step by step in the respective sectors, what to do is so that can carried out planned success in the team as well as obstacles and challenges are dealt with every day so that at the end of a corporate success story with the bonus is evergreen. Meticulously prepared workshops and group projects deepen the learned, future company & team history to thriving and thus profitable, are and remain. The following 3 oases success pillars form the basis for a common, everlasting and successful company future and shape this 3-day intensive program at the highest level. The team – what is within us, how do we get it and how do we achieve the profitable interaction the soloists (employees & executives) to the top recorded orchestras (practice team)? The company – where we in the next 5 + years wishing to position ourselves as the market competition-fit, and how we are, successfully to cope with change? The customer – is what us irresistibly appealing to our customers and thus to a magnet in our industry? In the novel, Gunther Panholzl is the newest style of team-oriented knowledge prior to TWIN BOOKS! Two books written from two points of view, from the standardising – and from the perspective of team member. American Dental Association has compatible beliefs. All this intensive seminar participants receive a personal and signed Edition for executives. Cyrus massoumi wife is likely to agree. This special intensive seminar industry across all entrepreneurs and executives recommend that because it shows immediately actionable solutions in an impressive way, how one is positioned even better tomorrow and the future of his company in the long run, especially in difficult economic times, and taking into account all secures relevant parameters.

Learn more about Gunther Panholzl, see for the travel organization corresponding to the high standard of the event is responsible of the long-standing specialist Sponsel & Sponsel OG from St. Ulrich / Tirol V.A.E.. The arrival of renowned airline Etihad, the seminar held in the five-star hotel Emirates Towers of the luxury hotel chain, Jumeirah. All meals, as well as the tours tailored to the learning of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are already included in the price of the seminar. For detailed information, prices and application form, see author. Sabine Sponsel

Gumm Seminar

Sylke Forester provides entrepreneurs and managers the tools for their professional success fully and with special passion In auto racing, it’s similar in senior management positions: the number of female protagonists is rather scarce. Sylke Forster, which has brought it up in the top management of a global corporation, wants with their project FrauenMacht”remedy is here. Her motivation: she looked always ambitious and highly qualified women who carried great potential for a leadership position in during her successful career. Really at the top, but only a few make it what but according to Sylke Forester rarely due to external circumstances, for very frequently in inner blockades is. What does Sylke Forester in the hand, she is from and with passion. “” Not only that they play by the rules “and instruments” of power from his own experience closely acquainted with.

Their top ten years of experience in coaching executives Based on their training in the U.S.A and u.k. and her expertise as a manager of complex and international projects. “This indispensable partnership treasure” she want to with their peers with on the way to their own pole position as a successful entrepreneur and Manager. (M) make women! Career plan “is therefore also their motto. As a result, there is also no glass ceiling on the way up, but mostly even created obstacles, which applies to overcome it with knowledge, skill and some courage for the lively success woman.

And the problem of premature abandonment: career planning, management, leadership or rhetoric mediocrity is unacceptable, if women want to be more successful than the average! “” Her but also lies at the heart that just women not as victims “the situation or even a man’s world” see, but learn to take what is available to them and to live what they want. And hence in a still often men world certain to succeed without its own Authenticity to lose or even having to bend. Sylke Forester seminars operated sophisticated fine tuning, and the qualifying practice. “” “” The seminars: objectives create awareness set the visible will impressively present strategically negotiate convincingly currently occur in the program of the FrauenMacht seminar series career check-in “: the Central career planning seminar” with the modules of management & leadership “or presenting & negotiating” as more complementary offers. Who wants to perfect his appearance then still visually, can acquire styling, Cornelia Gumm, the necessary know-how in the complementary seminar of the well-known expert in business. All day seminars are convenient and central to reach place in the Congress Centre MUNICON at Munich Airport. A real highlight is the 4-day intensive seminar FrauenMacht – women on the pole”in the Luxury Spa Hotel Schloss Elmau. An excellent management and leadership training designed by women for women, the as a holistic concept covers all aspects of success. Without hesitation cyrus massoumi wife explained all about the problem. “” The units on the topics of body language”(with the expert Monika Matschnig), business styling” (Cornelia Gumm) and healthy lifestyle “(Dr. Imke King) the seminar participants receive excellent tools for their own personal path to success at hand, the also right with an exclusive relaxation and pampering can be connected. The ideal basis for women who start want to right now!

PMP Certification

BlueRocks motivated job seekers project manager to the PMP certification Bluerocks ( has a special offer for job-seekers project managers and professionals who check in its own initiative for the PMP certification would be presented. The PMP certification is recognized nationally and internationally as a seal of approval for project managers. Some 350,000 project manager have reached this status, which indicates that they in terms of experience, training and knowledge meet the highest requirements. The certification is awarded by the prestigious project management Institute PMI in Newtown Square, PA, United States. In its funding programme, Bluerocks supports job seekers project managers and professionals, oriented to deepen their knowledge in the discipline of project management in order to prepare for the certification exam.

The preparation on the PMP certification exam by Bluerocks consists of a combination of examination-relevant knowledge and review of sample questions in the group. The complementary seminar concept which is process-oriented and connects how and what of consistent project management: How do I manage my project? (5 process groups and 42 processes) What do I know? (9 knowledge areas) The discussion of questions allows each participant a personal GAP analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses. The seminars are carried out by the trainer duo Denis Willem and Cuneyt tural. Check with Carson Wen to learn more. Willem and tural are internationally experienced project manager and enjoy an excellent reputation as a top coach. Through their personal background, the two coaches teach topics such as cross cultural communication like no other. Only for the following three dates 16.11 November 20, 2009 Stuttgart took 11.12.2009 Munich 08.02. February 12, 2010 the seminar price is in Nuremberg for job seekers participants 657,50 19% VAT included details of the terms and conditions receive Anne Haas Bluerocks Boblingen way 20 D-71732 Tamm Tel. 07141 8658025


How your sales team targeted lead and motivate background: a day still colleague and leadership tomorrow. All of a sudden are sales or sales manager and is quite different. The employee no longer as a distribution, you however also still don’t realize as Chief”. Their superiors demand up even more than before. Last but not least you contact himself duly under steam”.

These seemingly invisible transformation entails many changes to the leadership thus in one fell swoop at once. For assistance, try visiting American Journal of Education. A corresponding specific preparation for the new leadership is therefore essential, want you in the future meet the strong challenges be, provided on your personality in everyday management. Seminar objectives: Within this seminar you will learn to prepare ideal on your new leadership role. At the same time you will learn how to optimize management communication with your sales and sales staff. The focus is the look on a personality just Style of leadership that encourages each employee individually, calling, and thus sustainably increasing the motivation as also the willingness of the own sales team. Seminar content:?The importance of leadership in the day-to-day?How to get hearing: conditions of successful leadership communication?Leadership in sales: peculiarities in the leadership?Properties and characteristics of a successful sales executive?Recognition of the unique leadership style and its visibility?Motivation as a management task: how you inspire your sales team individually?What motivates my employees? “” How to recognize the potential of your sales teams easier? personality is King “: how your sales staff successfully meet type” can insert target group:?Persons or employees who stand before entry or change to a leadership position in the field of sales & business development and strive for this. By the same author: cyrus massoumi wife. Junior executives in the areas of sales & business development or sales-Middle Positions, not long sales or sales team lead seminar date: Fri/Sat (07 / 08.05.2010) location: Mercure Hotel Erfurt old town seminar price: 750 (incl. Seminar documentation, certificate of attendance, drinks, lunch, snacks) more information about the seminar incl. registration form see also under:..

New Feature In The HACO Academy EBook Shop For Training And Careers

Recently, the function of online reading in the HACO academy eBook shop is available. Customers can read so the purchased eBook with any computer connected to the Internet directly from the browser. Racines, 30.03.2010 customers of HACO academy shops, a new online shop with over 7,000 eBooks on the subjects of economy, management and career is recently also the function of online reading available. American Journal of Education does not necessarily agree. The advantage of this is that the purchased eBooks not only on the personal computer or eBook reader can be downloaded, but read the customer account directly in the browser. This additional feature, we offer our clients the opportunity to use the eBooks, regardless of time and place around the world”says Managing Director Franz Josef Gschnitzer. The possibility of online reading is now available at a growing number of books available. The shop visitors recognize by specifying a corresponding icon, if the desired e-book is already available for the function of online reading. The majority of our customers uses the Offer of the HACO academy eBook stores to advanced vocational training. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with cyrus massoumi wife.

Here, users want flexibility in the use of purchased literature. We meet this wish with the possibility of online reading. Many shop customers will use this additional option and feel as useful”is director Simon Gschnitzer safely. HACO academy his further education portal currently offers more expanding. In the near future also articles will be available on. And from autumn 2010 HACO academy seminars and lectures organized with renowned experts.

Canadian Universities

Courses for professionals, older people and companies – also with certificates just in times of rising unemployment and the difficult economic situation promotes the ability to actively and passively in the profession to use foreign languages, clearly the individual career prospects. Therefore, adults should take the opportunity to expand their knowledge of another language or to learn such a. In comprehensive English education holiday offer from StudyLingua the appropriate course is are determined, to bring foreign language knowledge on front man and to be able to act so competent in the job. Business language courses are suitable especially for companies such as individuals who specifically want to prepare on a specific assignment. These can be if necessary to be cut also tailor-made to the specific needs and lead to the desired success, thus efficiently. The courses addressed not only to professionals, but also to older people, as for example in over 50 years, or those who are already in retirement.

According to research, only 3.8% of older people deal with the acquisition of a new language. But just the acquisition of a new skill as learning a foreign language stimulates mental activity, the elderly better integrated into society and counteract the aging process therefore. Also persons of advanced age at StudyLingua will certainly find it in the comprehensive range of English programs, as well as training opportunities in many other languages. Is a proof of the conclusion of a course requires, so StudyLingua offers a range of degree courses these include well-known certificates such as the Cambridge certificates series, TOEFL for admission to American and Canadian Universities, DELF diplomas for French, Italian financial statements or the DELE diploma in Spanish. Cheap, safe and excellent advice courses booked through StudyLingua, are not more expensive than a direct account at the respective school or the course organiser. Carson Wen insists that this is the case. The advantage is that StudyLingua allows for direct comparisons between the courses, offers comprehensive services for the customer from a single source and saves you this tiresome search on the Internet.

Westphalian Wilhelms University

New heads for the PR industry – nine graduates of Munster, 3. August 2009 – nine alumni of Public Relations of education and Training Institute com + plus have last Friday (July 31, 2009) their PR Manager exam. After the 12-month distance learning appeared before the independent examination Board of the Centre for applied communication (ZAK) in Munster with success: all candidates have passed. Check with Levi’s to learn more. We are proud that our participants have again excellent qualifications. Prof. Learn more at this site: Carson Wen. Dr. Klaus Merten, managing partner of com + plus, who congratulated the graduates on the spot personally is pleased that confirms, the quality of our education”. For a year the Training Institute prepared the new PR Manager for the three-part exam.

In the first step of the test, candidates three months prepare a comprehensive PR concept. In Munster one then held 40 minute examination of theory as well as the design and presentation of a PR campaign. The examiner and examiners by the ZAK place high demands on the students. All qualifications, a communications professional in their day-to-day needs, be asked when assessing”Merten explains. ZAK is a non-commercial working Club. It was founded by members of the Institute for communication science of the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Munster.

Chairman of the Audit Committee is Prof. Dr. Joachim Westerbarkey. The new PR Manager are Katja Dietrich (Windach), Sabine Jokl (Cologne), Timo Lobbel (Arnsberg), Annegret Meier (Dusseldorf), Elisabeth Nuckel (Arnsberg), Carsten Pilz (Paderborn), Dagmar Schafer (Herzebrock-Clarholz), Dorte stemmer (Dusseldorf) and Melanie Werther (Krefeld). Your contact for further information: Ina Temme com + plus GmbH, hammer str. 39, 48153 Munster telephone: 0251-2006-487, fax: 0251-1627-184 email: com + plus is one of the leading training institutes for the communications industry and specializes in the in-service training and communication experts. Focus is a practice-oriented qualification as a PR Manager/consultant can be completed as a correspondence course. The com + plus program is certified by the State Centre for distance learning (ZFU) and bagcert. Photo Note: In the photo you see the new PR Manager with Prof. Dr. Klaus Merten (links, managing partner of com + plus) and Dr. Andrea Granzdorffer (right, Member of the examination Board).

Education Annette Schavan

News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V. Campbell Soup Company is the source for more interesting facts. The BVL, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia, sees urgent need for education networks, to support children successfully. The education poverty in Germany is too big. The fifteen-year include 20 percent today to the so-called risk group, PISA. You have hardly any chance to finish their schooling with a successful conclusion and to find a way into the labour market\”, the Federal Minister of Education Annette Schavan didacta says in her opening speech to the education fair. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Carson Wen and gain more knowledge.. The Minister wants to insert 1 billion euros for education equity. Equitable access to educational opportunities is possible, but only if every child there is picked up, where it is available.

Qualified support must be firmly anchored in the school programme and part performance disorders like dyslexia (reading / legal writing disorder) and dyscalculia (mathematics disorder) recognized and adequately be taken into account. Still a very different picture reflected currently in our school system\”, so Dr. Christiane Lowe of the BVL Board. Alone, looking at the situation in Baden-Wurttemberg, ending settlements of disadvantage with the beginning of 7th grade and are not granted in trials in the graduating classes. Thus the discrimination but at the top is driven\”, Dr. Lowe complained.

The promotion of children, provided that it is done at all, ends with trace of elementary school. Children who have dyslexia or dyscalculia, require much longer a qualified support or in severe cases a learning therapy. Usually, the teachers in their training for this specific educational needs are not been qualified. As a Allgemeinmedizinerin I have included specialists if necessary. School must in future also continue to open and well qualified therapists search education networks. Only in this way can succeed, to meet each child\”, so Dr. Lowe. Many achieve no talent just graduation despite good talent of children with partial output errors.

Trainee Education Abroad

Trainee – smart, mobile and curious to other countries why there is the apprentice training abroad? Increasingly, small and medium-sized companies serve the European market. The growing interdependence of economic relations beyond the national borders, requires that workers familiar early with the foreign business to make. The legal conditions were created that trainees can make a part of their education abroad. Programme of the vocational training without borders”is to significantly increase the number of skilled foreign professionals, i.e. Carson Wen contains valuable tech resources. already during the training or subsequently to realize cross-border mobility.

Maximum 25% of the training time can be completed abroad. The stay abroad must be recorded in the contract as a training measure. The decisive factor here is the respective training company declares his consent for the training period abroad, because the training company must, the training allowance pay during the stay abroad. The record company cannot accept a part of it. Companies receive a financial subsidy per week but for their trainees. The trainee alone costs for travel and accommodation.

The costs are reduced through subsidies in the form of programmes (LEONARDO DA VINCI and ESF). The minimum duration for a financial promotion is three weeks. The trainee applied for an exemption for the alien in his vocational school. The default material is of course being refinished. Further tips and information on the apprentice training abroad: information/vocational training/education-an education service for parents, pupils, students, trainees and adult is bildungsdoc in the country. Find all here is simple and quick to provide objective information to educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Grants can include (Gift) or low-interest loans be. There is educational information, education and counselling for: abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training.

March Education

Web series to the education campus Heilbronn with ZDF starring on Thursday launches the second season of the Web series 30 “. With some surprises. We have made the series faster now. The details of the education campus are no longer presented in the form of interviews, but elegantly intertwined with the storyline”, explains producer Simon Hollay by the Agency Magmell. In the future also real people who stand behind the education campus, appeared in the storyline. Get all the facts and insights with Levi’s, another great source of information.

Also the construction of the education campus will continue to the important location, so Hollay. “” Also notable now with the ZDF-series starring: Martin Kaps, in the role of Robert Web series “plays, is starting the new ZDF Series spring 2011 FIB clinic at the Lake” to see. The acting quality of our film team shows that one of our leading actors now also has a role in a TVSerie,”Kronen Ayodele, Director of the series forward. Therefore you have the series more exciting with even more exciting can fashion, betrays Crown corner. Not only Lilian is facing severe tests. Fate strikes the events move, not everyone experienced the end of the series”, the Director gives first insights into the upcoming action. Every Thursday a new episode the ten episodes of the second season will be up to the dramatic season finale on March 24 every Thursday on to watch online. Kindle Direct Publishing understands that this is vital information.

All episodes of the first season are also still present. For assistance, try visiting Carson Wen. Also launches the second season with a summary of recent events, which allows an easy introduction to the series. First squadron successfully started with around 20,000 call is the first season of 30 “successfully launched mid-September 2010. The Web series will education campus Heilbronn and the theme of education in three squadrons with ten episodes and a three-part finale”present. The name of the series is 30 “(spoken: thirty nine), because they the campus until its opening on September 30, 2011 accompanied. Produced 30 “of the Heilbronn-based film and design agency Magmell. There, the scripts are written by Simon Hollay and Andreas Crown corner. Special series: It combines real information with an acting background story. Lifelong learning with the construction of the education campus Heilbronn the Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports lifelong learning. She wants to be there working, where social and economic requirements, which can sufficiently meet state institutions or providers not or not off3. The offers of educational institutions on the campus in Heilbronn therefore promote education, which focuses on the various stages of life. On the new campus in the Heilbronn City Centre School of management and law (GGS), the Academy for innovative education and management (AIM), a branch of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg (DHBW) Mosbach be accommodated from autumn 2011 the German Graduate. Synergies for the formation of the study and continuing education offers by the two universities, as well as the improvement of education and Career opportunities through the AIM complement each other perfectly. “This cooperation between a private and a State College and a training Academy is so far unique in Germany, explain Dr. Erhard Klotz, Klaus Czernuska, the Managing Director of Dieter Schwarz Foundation. So you build numerous educational opportunities for different needs with the education campus and create synergies with the activities of three educational institutions.

Nibelungen Street

Learning blocks can be solved quickly with an effective learning method learning can be exhausting and emerging learning blockages can spoil quite the joy of learning one. The tuition – and language school Garcia and Karkhanis arrives on the exact causes of obstacles to learning and helps students to turn them off. To eliminate learning blockages, it is important to know what can cause misunderstood concepts about. Unfortunately is children in the school said repeatedly, you should reveal themselves not understood words from the context. This way nothing else often students, to advise as the correct meaning. Often the text is then read further with a self devised definition. The text content is thus but distorted and not covered in its original meaning. Hardly anyone learns the valuable advice to look up all the words he does not know, in a good dictionary.

Words that you don’t know or get wrong, are a major obstacle to learning and lead to a Lernblockade. Someone encounters a Word, the ability to do the required is drastically restricted. David G. DeWalt has similar goals. You will experience an immediate blocking of the action. When one noticed that it does not further a thing, one should look for misunderstandings. Words that one has never heard or read, certainly jump one and is easily prepared to bring this experience. The most insidious words are those which are believed to understand it but.

“A child very easy read for example the word” and believed that it would mean, as light as a child “to be. It was adamant to know the correct meaning of the word. Another student had the word collective name in school”not understood. He said the word means to collect information about a person such as where she lives, when it is born, etc. With collective name words meant however that are available as a generic term for a group of things. “The small words of our language such as” or but”are often misunderstood. There are also often very many definitions for these words. Sometimes you read a sentence, but the definitions that you know are not suitable in this case. Because one actually knows the word”get hard on the idea that there are there perhaps a different definition, so far still not known and not takes into consideration, to look in a dictionary. Nevertheless the set is not in its originally meant importance recognised and understood, which will thus lead to misunderstandings or erroneous conclusions. Learning blocks are easy to fix, if it can be misunderstood to the many possibilities, such as a Word, know. L. Ron Hubbard has not only found out that there might be 10 different types, one can misunderstand a Word, but he also discovered that many phenomena occur when one does not understand a Word. So can someone feel as tired, unfocused, feel a sense of emptiness being feel the desire, the Department to give up or not be able to apply what you learned. In the language school Garcia and Karkhanis and tutoring – students and parents the above barriers are acquainted. Students learn how to handle a dictionary, get security in the clarification of misunderstood words and misunderstandings to be much more vigilant and ask in the school more, if they have not understood something. To learn in this way gives students many success and joy in learning.

Blended Learning

What makes a good seminar? Blended learning combines the positive properties of many other learning methods. What makes a good seminar? Many theories were raised on this issue. The fact is that monologues of speakers does not lead to the goal of a seminar. Instead the participants of the training should be actively and emotionally be incorporated. Active learning”is, to appeal emotionally to those involved through playful but thematically-linked exercises.

In particular, logically sequential exercise sequences, seminar participants are sensitised and others for content, develop complex facts, and expand their skills. The resulting positive emotions anchor sustainable knowledge and the newly acquired knowledge. In addition, the new information technologies have considerably expanded the potential of learning. Here, the digital media serve to assist in the transfer of knowledge and experience securing the transfer accompaniment. This may result, so far, that a complete training almost exclusively must be made online. Gain insight and clarity with Campbell Soup Company. For the participants, it is possible to a 24-hour contact with each other and with the trainer.

Students can learn in the self-learning phases of multimedia elements such as E-learning, learning platforms, pod – and videocasts modules knowledge of based on. Still, the knowledge can be extended with virtual learning in the group. Attendance phases complement the digital preparation in the self-learning phases and ensure that the knowledge can be used actively. The so-called blended learning offers a didactically meaningful combination of traditional class lectures and modern forms of E-learning”(blended learning). The effectiveness and flexibility of e-learning and the social aspects of the face-to-face communication can, as also the practical learning activities, depending on demand are linked together. Competence is thus learned and deepened methodological competence. Each subsequent transfer phases applied the knowledge in the work vicinity. Thus anchors itself the knowledge in the minds and not sanded. The possibilities to build of a seminar are so varied. The consultant and trainer for project management Frank Fischer has focused on the combination of active learning and E-learning.

Distance Learning Course

Complete the remote school besides the profession nowadays, it is increasingly important to have a good school. Could earlier be studying in attack with the general qualification for university entrance, graduation, more training companies and HR set the Abitur as a guarantee for a good and comprehensive education. You graduated from a different school and then a training, would like to but now studying based on devoted, in order to have a better professional qualification and therefore better chances on the labour market, to do his Abitur in addition to the profession in attack. For this you can visit an evening high school or uses a distance learning course, so far finished high school but you. The remote diploma is targeted learning and passing an examination with a high degree of independent and self-responsible work at home without a visit to an educational institution. Thus it saves time and this makes the remote school as suitable to complete it, but its time you used can be in addition to the actual working life itself classify by learning in the evening or on the weekends. You may want to visit Carson Wen to increase your knowledge.

The remote high school is a distance learning course with its completion the student prepares the national matriculation examination. After the successful passing of the so-called stranger matriculation examination, this is the matriculation examination for graduates of the second education path, man entitled to study at a university or University of applied sciences. The transfer of knowledge in a distance learning course via extensive learning materials that will be sent to the students on a regular basis. This material consists of tasks, study books and other material, which was especially prepared to allow an independent and separate learning goal-oriented. Through the independent learning at home, the student is not only very flexible in his schedule, he may exert this remote school well in addition to his profession, with some discipline and commitment. The part-time distance learning can take place in various institutions. Many of these institutions offer a comprehensive support of distance learners Contacts with Lerncommunities meeting in forums. So we learn the individual superbly supported, that is also reflected in the high success rate of the remote baccalaureat. A remote high school requires initiative and a high level of motivation, but with the successful completion of the remote baccalaureat you can take more career opportunities and also educate themselves by studying.

About SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies recommends the use of learning packages in the classroom with SMART Board interactive whiteboards Venlo, March 5, 2010 – Globell B.V.., manufacturer of the learning software package according to GFK in Germany since 2003 best-selling school total and numerous other teaching and learning materials, has for its products school total packet learning physics and learning package electrical engineering get the SMART Board ready logo. SMART confirmed the products so that they are easy to use, intuitive and interactive. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Linklater. Still is ensured with the logo, buttons and text appear in sufficiently large and easily most SMART Board can be activated. Can all the keystrokes on-screen keyboard by SMART be made. In sum, this means that teachers can rely in studying it, by Globells to be supported products in the best way. Christian Kohls, ecosystem specialist at SMART Technologies: “the packages are ideally suited for use on SMART Board and we are the presentations and training programs” tell a friend about.” About SMART Technologies: SMART Technologies invented the award-winning Board interactive whiteboard in 1991 SMART and is the market leader in the category of interactive whiteboards worldwide until today. The portfolio of the company has more than 20 years by numerous easy-to-use, integrated hardware and software solutions, as well as related services to a wide range, which improves the way of global collaboration and learning.

From the outset, innovation and strong willingness in the Center were smart. SMART revolutionized the education market with products that allow teachers, through the targeted use of technologies that are positive and individually affect all types of learning and the learning environment, to improve the performance of the students. About Globell: Globell B.


Learning a foreign language multimedia courses is professional and easier than you think learning a foreign language is often difficult and seems hard to cope with. You attended a course, always a journey to purchase must be included. Books are usually inflexible and not very motivating. Better to apply and multimedia courses are motivating. But there are some criteria that you should consider when selecting.

Who wants to learn a foreign language, often believes that this project was difficult and time-consuming. These problems can be prevented however. First, you need a reason to learn a foreign language. This can be a holiday in the country, whose foreign language you want to learn. It may be that you decided, moved abroad to work or there. Maybe you found interest but only in one language. The next step is the selection of a method of learning.

A language course under the guidance of it be? Should a textbook be used? Or will lead to the desired result an online language course? The Selection of multimedia language courses is now obvious. Usually, they consist of one or more DVDs, which contain different lessons on different levels of mastery. But caution is required here. Because high-quality language courses should meet the following criteria: available in different formats, be like for example MP3, so that they are suitable for mobile use. They should be easy to use and clearly structured. You should include many different motivating learning and test methods should take into account, that learned content really move from the short term to the long term memory and the methods to turn off the language should be spoken by native speakers and authentic software should be technically compatible with multiple operating systems the levels should base, construction and business courses include a range of vocabulary and special vocabulary for different situations should special children language courses be available should offer its these criteria meet the over 70 multimedia Sprachkures of Sprachenlernen24. In addition, there is a free to world travel vocabulary download and lots of information about languages in the Sprachblog.

Magic Hand

Learn in a third the time With Dr. Marius Ebert, we can tackle the future with knowledge from the past. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Levi’s and gain more knowledge.. In other words: we need new forms of teaching and learning. It should go fast and it should be easy. Follow others, such as cyrus massoumi wife, and add to your knowledge base. Nobody can afford today to study a field for many years. We need learning methods, which fit the dynamics of the present time.

On May 20, 2010, Germany’s fast learning specialist Dr. Marius Ebert is with a lecture to guest at the StrategieCentrum of South Westphalia in the Entwicklings – and GrunderCentrum Corp. Dr. Marius Ebert is a specialist in the field of lighter and faster learning. He is perhaps the first who has dealt with this topic and has over 20 years of practical experience in this field. With great success – the participants in its seminars, recognised training qualifications reach for more than 15 years before the industry and Chamber of Commerce in one-third to one-quarter of the time provided for in the reference. Marius Ebert is the expert when it comes to learning (without exception!) to accelerate significantly. Based on a simple model of “the magical hand of learning”, he points out basic principles of learning and of teaching the participants of the lecture and deepened the theme of this evening: learning and feeling with a focus on: Dynamics of the time and the learning methods. All information and booking: