This paper presents a remembrance of my experiences during my path in the master's degree in holistic education, everything I learned is a process meant wonderful in my life was find myself, decided to start my spiritual being, to love unconditionally throughout the world, values, and value every day to which I have at hand. Before I felt that something was missing, say, I had something that said a esto I want to change, but I was not complete, and felt I was looking for something more, but did not know what that something was. And during the course of the analysis of different themes, the wonderful encounters with the sangha, I realized that something was being connected with myself. I found that often was not connected with myself and therefore did not enjoy certain times or certain things that should enjoy. The Masters gave me the opportunity to connect with me, to break down a lot of wasted effort, and be content and happy with love and unconditional love. Although the words are repeated, is the truth. It was a unique experience, the excellent leadership of Dr. Gallegos, counselors and wonderful group that make up each of her colleagues gave a very spiritual touch our group, each of their contributions helped me in a very significant way, helped me to open roads that were closed, helped me understand that life does not end today, which follows the life. I am extremely grateful to everyone and Ramon Gallegos, because I really feel accomplished because I could fulfill the dream of being happy.