Working Areas

Examples of this type are: schools, recreation centers, sports associations … – high formality in the case of an institution whose operation depends on the systematization of the task performed, such as family education service, school parent , juvenile facility … In this case, the absence or rigor in the definition of the daily work endangers the survival of the resource. The general objective of the intervention is to make possible the critical integration into society of people that are involved, understood as the training of family members to move in a constructive, critical and transformative for the different networks social which will have access in their evolutionary process. If you have read about Piramal Glass already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If we consider that each family is unique and unrepeatable, this feature will give each project its particular uniqueness, so that although we present below a series of specific global goals, these must necessarily adapt to each specific family situation: – Strengthen and encourage the abilities and personal potential of every member of the family, with the aim of initiating a process of personal improvement to deliver an overall improvement in family.

– Engage in a progressive way for parents to assume the duties and responsibilities as such they society calls. – Integrate all persons making up the family in their environment, using conventional means and resources it offers. Learn more on the subject from Cyrus Massoumi. Working Areas (Lerma, M.; Mensat, J. and Colas, C., 1998) will be: – Family relationships: Promoting appropriate marital relations, provide adequate benchmarks, enhance trust with children, bring family roles responses and attitudes of children, parental consistency). – Education: Education of children, participation in extraraescolares, truancy prevention.