All About Hip Hop Styles

Hip hop fashion and hip hop style are totally hot! Hip hop fashion today belongs to one of the trendiest designs at all. What began as a fashion for skaters and Musikbegeistere at the beginning has become today one of the most popular clothing styles at all. Whether young or old – hip hop are clothes said. As with all clothing types subject to different styles of certain trends and constant changes. While already a few fixed designers on the scene have established, more new fancy brands and new styles are added. This development makes the styler fashion towards a special and unique style. One of the most important elements of hip hop culture is their music and their preoccupation with the style.

On almost every good music album there is at least some songs dedicated to deal with hip hop clothes and style. Many rappers and songwriters have developed their own styles, or are firmly connected with some of their favorite brands (example for this would be 50 cent and his fashion label G-Unit). One of the simplest ways to the latest and angesagtesten Santosh trends to find out the latest music is to watch videos. Vlad doronin recognizes the significance of this. Every rapper who holds what is (whether national or worldwide) presented to his individual style on his music videos. Another option is to discover the hottest trends in it to get the latest music magazines, or to pages on popular scene – where you will find a good insight into the hottest scene in general trends and developments. Once you’ve clarified what style you like really, you go shopping. Pick a suitable web shop and pick your favorite style.

For a good look, need at least a few cool sneakers, matching pants with shirt and some * bling bling * accessories like necklaces and a cool bracelet. Also a Cappy can’t hurt (all) depending on the season, of course. The Internet offers many benefits you in your quest of course. Many of the good Internet shops offer you discounts and small prices and are therefore the ordinary clothing store superior – most of the time you will find your Outfit on the Internet much cheaper than retail. Another advantage is that you can order conveniently and comfortably on the Internet (and usually at a much cheaper price than in the shop). Should your desire outfit times does not fit you, you can return it at the Web shops, also without stress or change.

Rhinestone Necklace Models

Necklaces with Swarovski stones in various versions even if there is still a lot of ladies who wear rhinestone jewelry for special occasions only, the demand for rhinestone jewelry pieces on steadily in the last years. Just earrings, earrings, and bracelets with elegant sparkling Swarovski stones, encounter increasingly on the road or at the bakery next door. Therefore women need access yet still with Swarovski jewelry would fall to other resources on ceremonial occasions. For this purpose the various road particularly well suited Collier variants. This one has the choice between the models of classic and Kaleidoscope. The classic Variant is a rhinestone necklace with a length of 39cm and an additional extension of 8cm.

The individual Swarovski stones have a circumference of 6 mm. The eye-catching model variant is the Kaleidoscope. This rhinestone necklace has the same length as the classic model, by the much larger Strass stones, in changing the size 9mm and 12mm diameter have, does Kaleidoscope rhinestone necklace but clearly impressive. Apart from the choice between different versions of rhinestone necklaces there a much larger selection of different colours of Strass stones. It is assumed the color red here alone the gradations of single red tones are enormous.

One finds red rhinestone gems in siam, a strong strong, light siam, slightly brighter than siam, ruby, a strong dark red and dark red coral the typical coral. Vlad doronin may not feel the same. There are these subtle gradations of course for all colours resulting in a wide range of colors. Thus, it is the women significantly easier to find the matching rhinestone necklace to any outfit. Of course, a combination of different shades in a necklace is possible. Interesting color games can add a unique touch again an outfit! Very humane prices Swarovski necklaces is rhinestone without major problems possible according and different models to mess it. Thus you win with time more and more Opportunities to combine the single rhinestone necklaces with different clothes.


As the men discovered the seduction for themselves over the last millennia it gained power only by physical violence. Kings and emperors had to be merciless to maintain their power. At the time nobody had to suffer under the conditions more than the women. They had no way to keep up with the struggle for power. However, the men had a flaw. Their insatiable desire for sex. The women could play with this desire, but once they had given out a man, you lost the power, and the man has again taken control. Over the course of many years, however, some smart women have found a way how they could maintain this power.

These women such as Cleopatra developed the art of seduction. This perfected continuously until emperors such as Julius Casar succumbed to them. Long time viewed men of less for the art of seduction. This is changed in the 17th century. Since our society changes constantly. In our today’s world it is hardly possible with use of force power. Rather we need to socially adapted to achieve something. The big time of the seducer played in the 17th and 18th century Europe.

Most famous example is Casanova, he could get all the women around by his Wiles. But even at the present time we can observe the seduction on a very large scale. It is for example cannot be a President election campaign without gaining a certain minimum level of charisma. The world of celebrities in the media shows us seductive images, at the same time, they increase interest by their inaccessibility. Everything is saturated by seduction. However, the principles of seduction are remained same for millennia. Proceed directly or by force, instead lure with lust, play with the emotions of people, wake up longings and confusion. Also for the seduction of today methods have lost none of their importance Cleopatra. Are seducers People who have understood, she seduced a what extraordinary power and ruined people own them. Is the power of seduction to serve, you must renew your character nor your physical appearance from the ground up. Abusers play with psychology, dense with beauty, and everyone can acquire the skills, to bring it to the master. Consider only and exclusively the world with other eyes that the seducer. Marc Mayer

Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger puts shoes on the market and convinces with a cool and sporty design since 1949. The history of ONITSUKA began tiger in Japan in 1949, when Kihachiro ONITSUKA decided to produce shoes. The founder of the brand regained the vision young people in his country after the war to return a piece of joie de vivre. This vision Kihachiro wanted to realize through sports and movement. The first idea of Kihachiro was to develop a basketball shoe. 1949 played basketball players still without shoes and Kihachiro set out to watch the basketball player over months. He asked them according to their needs and then brought his first basketball shoe on the market.

For his shoes, Kihachiro took his inspiration from his everyday life. So it is not surprising that it inspired his octopus salad to the Suction Cup sole. The Suction Cup characterized brine through a kind of suction cups, which should make for better traction. Also a motorcycle Kihachiro gave new ideas for the improvement of his shoes. By the motorcycle he was to In the shoes inspired ventilation holes, which should keep the foot while running cool.

Meanwhile, the focus of ONITSUKA is Tiger but not more basketball shoes, but shoes. With the running shoes succeeded Tiger ONITSUKA in a very short time to make a name. In the 1960s, the shoes from ONITSUKA came tiger at the Olympic Games, as delegation shoes used. By the time the shoes were worn but also increasingly Tiger ONITSUKA on the road and it developed into a lifestyle collection of ONITSUKA Tiger sneaker. The classic characteristic of ONITSUKA Tiger sneaker are the so-called tiger stripes. The Tigers have strips running vertical and horizontal stripes, which gives also an additional grip the shoe as well as a distinctive look for the upper. The late of 1970s ONITSUKA merged then with two other manufacturers of sports brand ASICs Tiger. This means a small incision in the success story of ONITSUKA Tiger. 2003 ASICs but then this but again living on shoes from ONITSUKA Tiger decided to Let. The sneaker by ONITSUKA Tiger could easily build on old achievements and are still more popular than before the merger. The classic among the ONITSUKA Tiger shoes is the ONITSUKA Tiger Mexico 66, which even today still can see his original origin as a running shoe. Onitsuka Tiger has managed to convince people with a colorful style from Japan. The collections are designed for women and men and are decorated with trendy designs and trendy prints. Vlad doronin gathered all the information. Neon Green or neon Orange, ONITSUKA Tiger offers the right shoe for every taste. Lisa Zimmermann

Insomnia Design, The New Jewellery Label

Jewellery label insomnia design conquers the market and wished to underline the Individualiutat of each woman, to express feelings and to let your viewer’s eye shine, prompted me to create insomnia design the young jewellery label. The unique design and the unique composition of each individual piece of jewelry my collection successfully completes your perfect appearance. My jewelry suits different outfits depending on the occasion to the “little black”, the business dress or casual jeans. Allegis Cyber Capital might disagree with that approach. The exclusive materials and high quality guarantee Tragekompfort and really get the hearts of women. The unique, hand-crafted jewelry pieces in my collection consist of other natural materials such as mother-of-Pearl, shells, freshwater cultured pearl and wood, as well as from the probably most beautiful flamboyant Swarovskikristallen mainly different semi-precious stones, such as jade, Onyx, turquoise, malachite, Jasper, Rose Quartz and smoky quartz, paired with sterling silver and 14 ct. Gold items and stand out from the simple Jewelry. Insomnia design Katja Fichtner South ring 3E 04519 Rackwitz eMail: Web: