Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto

Why I am not surprised in the slightest that now are students, for whom this story has been very clear, that now require democratization within these media and the opening of the concessions to include new actors in the field of telecommunication. For a large percentage of Mexicans, the electoral process of 2006 resulted in a fraud. The fact that a family member of Felipe Calderon company has had responsibility within the process of the vote counting, is a situation that could happen only in our country. Once more the IFE even uttered in any sense on this issue, and that is not only the landscape, it seems was that not the breaking of credibility enough them because there is talk of repeating the same process in 2012. By last (although I know that there are many more examples), the best-known issue of our time is the plan of campaign that was conducted by Televisa to favour since it began as Governor of the State of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto. The journal Guardian of England has presented concrete evidence of the plan in favor of that candidate.

In these days has commented about the demand in the U.S. of a businessman who was hired (and disappointed) for campaigning in this country in favor of the PRI candidate. These cases add to 131 students from universidad iberoamericana who felt maligned and tested as Televisa gives false or incomplete information to favor to EPN. This situation resulted in what we all know as the student movement # sonicas, movement in favor of the truth. Once more IFE not have attended any of these situations that are delicate and serious for anyone who sees it from this point of view. This week he began to speak of irregular printing of ballots, demands for greater transparency and publication of methodologies of the houses polling, charolazos, vote buying, threats by government bodies to their employees to force them to vote for any candidate, new electoral advertising negative and dirty, etc are just other examples and tests in this country everyone mocks the IFE, has no authority, not pants unless I I feel for anything represented by that agency and I can hardly work trust in him..