The Same

But this is not expressed through a suggestion that you can accept or discard, if not through a levy covered by the law. If you believe that students are not a category different from human beings, but they have the same rights as any one of us, can be achieved that they can choose freely with respect to their learning of knowledge and skills? Those who from birth have had the freedom to be educated according to their tastes and preferences, do not require or accept that others impose their vision on what is best in terms of education. They are able to determine for themselves since since always had control over what they learn. A person with these characteristics will explore everything what causes interest and, as a consequence, will be able to build a pyramid of skills and knowledge that will serve as tools and will be conducive to meet the purpose for which it has chosen for his life. It’s believed that Bioscience Journal sees a great future in this idea. Those who have experienced during much of its life the current instruction set will be faced with a greater number of difficulties. You will suddenly find spaces to choose how to educate yourself after having been subjected to the opinions of others regarding what is best for these years.

There is a conditionality that is not easy to break. I imagine that it must be similar to the situation that an inmate faced to be freed after dozens of years of being locked up in a prison. Freedom can be confusing. They spend a time eliminating years of conformism. But eventually they will be aware of the impact that educational freedom has on their lives and will have the same benefits of a person who has enjoyed it throughout its existence. After all, humans are curious by nature. As described, the children and young people are faced many difficulties to change their mindset from receiving instruction from schools towards obtaining education on its own initiative.

State University

And this because a student without identity, sounded you hollow to everything you want to learn and teach, it won’t find you sense; by This should be paramount courses that have to do with identity, and Lake stop some courses that are not scientific and that do not have to do with the identity of each human group.We must add Trahtemberg what he thinks in terms of the quality of education. If paramount to him, is the institutional climate at the educational institution; It should also be in all walks of life, just as I would add it to its position that have something correct, but we must also add that it is also preserving the dignity of the national teachers at the salary aspect. How is it possible, that any child that enter the national police as official sub and quit perceiving a salary greater than a contracted Professor, and that it will not reach him even for the month of maintenance. The fallacies which has subjected us Government of Alan Garcia, deceives us than the Faculty above the wages of all the State administrative system. If you look for a professional who has spent five years of studies at a State University, since the they end up in a private, they do not work in the State; go to the labour field to receive a salary of misery that does not reach even to the three hundred dollars and instead a gendarme of the national police who only prepares one year finished winning the double of what a contracted teacher earns. Here we must rescue what was done by the previous ruling that if I at least care for the salary aspect of teachers; but with this we’re retreating to points that are unimaginable.

And that is what tells the Union of teachers, is the question that would make me most, he would answer anything; For this the Government has implemented the strategy that entering the majority of their co-religionists in the contest held in the month of November, likewise did so in the Decade of his first Government, they were as teachers of higher education, people who had not even walked a University. So we have the case of a teacher in all evaluations of the training and the competition bag that a little less than zero, but even though in the last insolvency qualification has released 19.8, or only by a question was the super genius. Thats the APRA companions.