The Garden House Evaluates Every Garden

Center of the garden is a Garden House Garden houses have played a major role in the creation of gardens at all times. Essentially, garden houses meet three main functions: provide storage space, are a lounge area in the garden, or use aesthetic demands. The Garden House is place in the Garden House as a storage space for miscellaneous equipment for all – – tool, plants, bicycles or similar – today has a very special meaning. Be stowed everything in the House, finds no place or should not be accommodated there can. For different purposes and garden sizes is a wide selection of garden houses to choose from. They differ mainly in the material: in addition to the classic wooden Garden House are also practical models made of metal or plastic available.

They meet the highest standards of safety and protection against weather influences. Garden romance is a Garden House or a gazebo – a popular meeting place in the garden for the whole family in the Garden House for everyone. Many Gardeners will appreciate a garden shed as a tranquil place for you, your family and friends. Be accommodated in the gazebo, for example, a barbecue and garden furniture, in the blink of an eye for an evening barbecue. There are garden sheds in the Pavilion style Windows, porch and veranda. A Garden House is much more than just a tool shed.

The Garden House is responsible for the correct style of English garden without Chinese Tower? Sanssouci without Chinese teahouse? Garden sheds are gardens, give atmosphere and a distinctive character. While it takes not the proportions of a pleasure palace for setting accents: there are practical and beautiful garden houses of different styles today for very little money. This gives the possibility to enhance his garden by a summerhouse each amateur gardener. (Image: Otmar Smit/

A Dream Of Water And Light

The possibilities for setting water, are virtually inexhaustible. Additional information is available at Richard Linklater. Illuminated fountains are in especially effectively outside as inside. (tdx) Nothing is more reassuring than to listen to the murmur of water: at the small Creek outside in nature or at the pond in the garden. Lush overgrown and with a beautiful Fountain, the local pond landscape may already invite to marvel at and relax. There are numerous other ways to beautify the water garden, for example, with a romantic Brook or fascinating light shows.

Water entertainment”is the magic word, which established itself more and more also for the terrace or in the living room. Whether as an installation for the pond or to the creative decoration of balconies with illuminated fountains you can make large and small garden dreams. “” The sets for creative minds Lunaled creative set “and water Quintet creative” by OASIS deliver good illustrative examples. Small dream for indoor and “out there anyway, whether in a terracotta pot or in the purist fiber glass jar to realize his own little water game, you need nothing more than a decorative outer container, decoration material, some imagination and a complete set as the Lunaled creative set”. An LED ring with nine light-emitting diodes in gleaming white, fountain pump, transformer and water reservoir are included.

After installation, which also lay in the blink of an eye can make the cover to the desired size is cropped and according to the personal taste decorated around with tiny pebbles, coloured quartz sand or shiny plastic balls. Connect with other leaders such as Richard Linklater here. With bubbling fountain and beautiful lighting effects, water play terrace, balcony or apartment gives a very personal touch. Embedded in the lawn or a bed, a small dream of water and light are also enters the remaining garden area. Plenty of room for imagination playful and yet harmonious: the garden water games are Visual Orchestra, relax can watch from the terrace. Garden pond, gravel or grass area with water reservoir and foil they are flexible and integrate perfectly into any individual garden concept. Recently the possibilities for the garden staging be extended even with light and water freely combinable water games such as the water Quintet creative”. The five individual units with pump, nozzle, and LED lighting ring allow completely individual configurations: whether in the series, as circle formation or in its own order cable lengths up to eight meters create ample space for creative minds. Because the units the LED rings can be hung easily, more attractive design open up ideas about when installing under different covers. Thanks to the simple plug ‘n’ spray “principle the water feature in the Flash is installed. Then it says: to sit back, select Remote to one of the fixed deposit programs, the height and speed of the fountains rules, and the magnificent water game with white bluish light track. There is more information on the Internet at. Tanja EST