Functions and types of hedges. In hedges several functions. If you look at this element of the garden, in terms of landscape design, this is one of its main elements. Hedge separates the site creates harmony, comfort and the geometric rigor. In terms of gardening, hedge is to protect fruit crops in your garden, from the icy winter winds and the scorching summer sun. Do not forget to protect from dust and noise. What is not little importance in our time. Hedge, itself acts as a decorative composition, but it can also serve as a backdrop for flowers and low shrubs giving it extra charm emphasizing the details.

External and internal hedges vary in height and have a different purpose clear from the title. There is a fence of one or more species of plants. The first requires more care and look more beautiful and more severe. The second type of hedgerows will save you time, but usually they take up more space. -Species of evergreen hedges, clipped plants the most popular with garden designers. It will look great round year.

In forming the hedges, must take into account the penetration of sun rays on the lower branches. If they will not be enough light, your composition will have a different hue that will look bad when panoramic view. In addition, with poor penetration of light, there is likely to be infected plants. It is also necessary to consider the degree of oppressed among other plants. This will be discussed in the articles section – gardening.

Landscape Design

His name sounds mysterious and, like the rustle of reed thickets on the ocean – , wind and water. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese teaching that helps people to live in harmony with nature. The task of Feng Shui – management of cosmic energy qi, in order to increase positive energy in man, increasing vitality of the body. This does not necessarily make out a landscape design area in the eastern style, but with many recommendations of the Feng Shui many will agree. For example, suburban area can not be beautiful and comfortable, if he is cut off from the world around fences, if located nearby sewage treatment plant, a lively highway, and in the visible garbage cans or compost heap.

Carrying out landscape gardening in Feng Shui, you should consider the following requirements: the walls of the house is undesirable planting of tall trees, which will be block the view of the garden and the windows should be visible playground for kids. Serious shortcoming is the lack of a comfortable corner of your garden for relaxing, shaded and open to the sunlight plots favorite plants. According to feng shui, energy moves in a smooth, wavy lines, like a winding forest path. Also, the energy of qi does not welcome the angular spaces: inside the obtuse angle is blocked, and within an island – dissipated and no longer valid. Also, scientists are advised not to pave the path exactly in the center of the site. Much more practical to arrange a spacious lawn, woodland clearing, flower garden or a rock garden. .