The Current

The humble leader knows when fulfilled their time, when You should relegate his activity to his successor, the same as the I am, knows his time and its transience, when the delivery your management to his team, the mismosque led him to be their leader, if he is not committed to its impermanence can only say that it was not a leader, he was a dictator. It is sad to see the lack of implementation of the concept of open doors, where the leader allows the constant involvement of all its collaborators, all without excluding any, any opinions should be taken into account, this eagerness to teledirigir, or a management without human approach is not possible, knowing all the aspects that underlie actions should be directedYou must go with the premise of individual problems. It is not based on an address from desktop, simply share the point of view of our collaborators will make us change our perspective to reach a term best of the company’s activities and realize the so dreamed indexes and goals. For the current leader must be an exercise that go processes to observe and talk with the collaborators of its shortcomings and listen to opinions and ideas of solution, a healthy exercise which in turn has the purpose of bringing to the team with which the company has. Based on the premise that to be leader must belong to a group, this term covers a concept very specific that it is to be part of the group, this means everyone must consider their status and participation, each who must play their role within the company where the leader not only directed, must consider everything that encompasses a transcendence leadership supported the active participation, the fact of being part of the Group and that the contribute in function Director not delegated mandate action, a humble leader shares these responsibilities with his team. .

Hebrew University

Jarrous and his wife Ghada who also holds a doctorate in Molecular Biology at the Hebrew University and now work in his postdoctoral research emigrated to the United States in 1996. Yale was a world different from what was used. I really liked says Jarrous. You are people everywhere, in every corner of the world. He also had a wonderful counselor in Professor Altman, and I was fortunate to join a lab that made exceptional science. After three years in the American University, Jarrous applied an external position in the HU and joined the academic staff as a lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology in the 2000. It gradually raised its own laboratory and stood on their own, said Kaempfer. Jarrous has prospered in its own laboratory, and his teaching career.

When asked to describe the work that does with RNA, it is easy to understand why Jarrous is a Professor of success, given that it is more patient even with questions Basic. We basically do is to study the flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA to protein, focusing on the transition from RNA to protein. We specifically studied the paths of maturation of RNA molecules transferor (called tRNA) in human cells, said Jarrous. The tRNA is an adapter that can decipher our genetic code which is messenger RNA to protein. We apply Biochemistry and cell biology to look at processing machinery of tRNA molecules in human cells. Nobody knows much about the paths of maturation in human cells. Through our pioneering work, we now know much more about the function of the cell and genetic information?. More specifically of the maturation of the molecules that decode our genetic information.

For those wishing to get to the bottom as to how this research can have uses outside the scientific world, Jarrous is equally succinct. a disease Genetics can affect DNA and thus affect the flow of genetic information. The normal situation is crucial to treat the disease with gene therapy. We do pure research without connection to any medical research, but we are thinking about that in the future. His concession, the prize Ben-Porath, is awarded annually by the President of the Hebrew University in honor of the memory of the previous rector and President of the University, that he died with his wife and his young son in a car accident near Eilat in 1992. Jarrous has also won other awards during his relatively short career. He is a recipient of the scholarship of the Kahanoff Foundation and has won research awards from, among others, the Israel Science Foundation, the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation and the Foundation Abisch-Frenkel in Switzerland. Jarrous says that she has had the same opportunities to advance professionally than any Israeli citizen. I have never been subjected to any discrimination in my career due to being a professional minority. I never had any doubt in my mind that would end my studies, my doctorate, would go to America and would return and would work in Israel. I have never felt that I were differently.

Cesar Vallejo University

We must place on record that in one Master’s degree or doctorate in law not all languages can be studied from a point of view legal, but only in very elementary form, therefore, it is clear that we must study how studies to part, to effect to make comparative law also with regard to right of countries in which it is spoken foreign languages, as they are by the way those mentioned previously. We note that dictates the professional career of languages, which we consider that it should be studied in order to right compared with all the advantage that may be necessary, however, few have taken into account these studies, and in any case it is clear that we do not know of any Peruvian survey who has studied this career in Cesar Vallejo University in Lima, therefore, must put on record that the market be free so that young lawyers can start their studies in this subject. It is necessary to put on record that the world not languages are spoken only two as would be by the way the English and the Spanish, which must be subject of study by writers, and even languages may be matter of comparison. I.e., this topic is very extensive, so it is clear that we must take into account in order to understand the comparative, e.g. law if we compare the Chinese and German with Italian law, or when we want to study that family legal belongs to Japan and China to. Comparative law is the discipline legal in which language technicians have greater importance, which should be a matter of study by writers. I.e. not only enough to know the languages but also must master is the language from a point of view or juridical approach, e.g. English law or French law, German law, Chinese law, Japanese law, Brazilian law, Portuguese legal, among other cases.