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Exhibitors also can recommend your best practice customers as spokesman”Sangeeta performs. The first day of the Congress stand under the sign of successful strategies. In the year 2015, the first keynote should take a look to understand what service innovations can be expected, through which channels, customer interactions will take place and how the balance of power between consumers and businesses will change. The subsequent round of talk is devoted to the question of what looks like the service organization of the future and what roads there lead. To companies which already need to work on a service concept for ‘Digital Natives’ but answer the question how they want to operate in the future the generation 50 + are invited. The second keynote will deal with the question of how to make the customer perspective, the starting point for the design of the service, to create sustainable customer experience.

In the subsequent panel discussion, leading to “Brand-name manufacturers, trade and service companies under the motto learning from the best ‘ before, how they did it, that your service keeps the customer in focus and creates a learning service organization”, so Steimel. The boundaries of the personalization, will the third plenary session”debate. Many companies in the search were one year after entry into force of the amendment to the data protection the right corridor between the technical possibilities of personalization, needs an efficient customer relationship management and the new legal framework. What options are available to companies the active customer address still available to? Is it worth it to invest in more service businesses? On the second day of the Congress, senior, project managers and experts in four workshops come to Word. In workshop 1 customer experience: The customer perspective as a source for better service’ is, can be taught how sustainable customer experience created.

Current examples demonstrate ways how the source client dialog for innovation and continuous development of the customer service and also unique selling propositions can be drawn up. In workshop 2 service automation: self-service across all channels ‘ case studies from practice to the various self service channels will be presented. In Workshop 3 processes and collaboration: implementation in the service organization ‘ is about the proper design of processes and collaboration in customer service. “” In workshop 4 performance management: management and quality assurance “is the point of view of quality management and controlling conquered and necessary management tools for continuous service improvement practice examples shown on”, so the Outlook steimel. Speaker suggestions can until April 30, 2010 online at Conference/call4paper / be submitted. About the decision of the program Advisory Board, interested parties will be informed until May 30.