Public Education And Health

As is the case with housing, transition to market principles of payment in public education and health can not be forced, because wages and, therefore, the whole cost structure of pay for those services excluded at their market value. Meanwhile, spending on these purposes of the consolidated budget in the reform reduced the time and absolutely, and as a share of GDP. For example, spending on education, made up in the late 80's 5.3%, decreased to 4.3%. C macroeconomic point of view this is a huge blow to the qualitative level of human capital, not to mention the direct social consequences. Reducing the level of education – one of the foundations for a stable material poverty. Noted above, significant deterioration in demographic indicators – the result, in particular, and the decline of health. Credit: Gerald Weissmann, MD-2011.

Under these conditions, the forced transition to paid education and medicine paid more undermine the human capital of Russia – and intellectually, and physically. Such reforms, if they are needed, should be postponed until the economy enters a phase of sustainable recovery. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the proportion spending on education and health care in GDP in no case does not fall further, and possibly increased slightly. Only this, combined with economic growth will come at least pre-crisis level of these costs. A special issue – the fate of social enterprises. There is now a mass escape from enterprises of this sphere, because costs by more often unaffordable enterprises in crisis. The preferred option – transfer of social enterprises in the balance of local authorities, who at some assistance from the federal budget to prevent the extinction of the sphere. Transfer of commercial structures excludes the possibility of wider use of it's employees and other citizens in their respective regions.

Particularly negative consequences of such privatization in cities and regions where the social sphere enterprises was virtually the only developed a system of such institutions. Creating such a system again in the market environment is practically impossible in the near future. All of the additional cost and other investments social services have a twofold positive effect on the macroeconomy. First, they allow you to maintain and develop quantitative and qualitative parameters of the labor force (human capital) and, secondly, – stimulate aggregate demand. From both points of view, such investments contribute to the restoration and growth of the Russian economy. They can be regarded as one of the most effective and humane public investments and public funds.

State Tax Service

New taxation would apply to contracts of donation, which will be signed no earlier than January 1, 2006, in our view, the problem may be due to the fact that the design ownership of property that passes by inheritance, the heirs takes longer than that of the donee. If the property owner died in 2005, the tax is calculated on the opening day of the inheritance (Ie the day of death), even regardless of the fact that the procedure of registration of rights to inherit property is about 6 months. The legislation before January 1, 2006, establishes that the tax is calculated on the opening day inheritance. In addition, under Section 6 of the Regulations of the State Tax Service of Russia May 30, 1995 N 32 "On procedure of calculation and payment of tax on property transferred by inheritance or gift" tax on property transferred in order inheritance, is calculated from the value (valuation) of the estate on the opening day of the inheritance, even if the value of the property at the time of issuance of the certificate would be different compared with the estimate on the opening day inheritance. Federal Law N 78-FZ, unfortunately, these explanations do not contain. Refer to Chapter 64 of the Civil Code, which defines the procedure for issuance of the inheritance. Within 6 months from the date of opening of the inheritance (day opening of the inheritance – the day of death of a citizen of Art. 1114 Civil Code) the heirs must go to a notary or authorized by law to make such a notarial action officer at the place of discovery inheritance, a statement of acceptance of an inheritance or a statement for a certificate of inheritance.