Enjoy the holiday and at the same time learn the Dutch language is that in the summer on the Caribbean island of Curacao possible. For those interested in a degree in Dutch language, a new way of Dutch language acquisition offers from the summer. The “University of the Dutch Caribbean” organized a summer language course, which prepares future students on studying at Dutch universities of as of 30 June up to 01.08. The funfwochige course is designed so that 8 hours a day for teaching or for guided self-study are reserved during the week (Monday to Friday). The participants are the weekends then the free available. It offered a Caribbean programme courses, other water sports activities and excursions. At the end of the course, participants in different schools or colleges can drop a language test to acquire as an official language qualification for her future studies. Depending on the College and Different linguistic skills are necessary in the Netherlands programme.

In addition to other islands, Curacao belongs to the so-called Dutch Caribbean’. These islands were once Dutch colonies. Even today, Dutch is here in addition to English the official language. Economically the Islands work very closely with the Netherlands. Many students of Dutch universities complete a semester here or get an internship. “To learn the Dutch language Curacao offers good conditions, as the learned directly in practice can be practiced.

This happens, for example, on the market, while watching a movie in the Dutch language or at a beach party”, says Jan Bollen, longtime expert on Curacao and a freelance lecturer at the University of the Dutch Caribbean. Interested in the five-week course of the Caribbean will be asked to register until May 13th for a language course. The cost of the course amounted to Euro 999,-, with flights, accommodation, Leisure programme and meals not included in the course price. Interested parties can inform in detail about these and other courses in the language & language courses section under. Media contact: The University of the Dutch Caribbean Landhuis Groot Davelaar Willemstad Curacao Web: contact person: Valerie Warnecke Tel.