November Russia

Of the last works Leytsingera as chairman of the Caucasus Mountain Society is an ambitious project for a pedestrian trail to the top Elbrus and building on it weather stations. University of Cambridge has much experience in this field. Supported by the Academy of Sciences of Russia. Very important project Rudolph Rudolfovich establishing the League of sobriety in Pyatigorsk. Here are his main ideas, which he made the basis for his project: "I sincerely love their country think about a terrible disease of our country – from alcoholism, which loss is manifested in all classes of society, vast Russia, grows and becomes dimensions of universal disaster corrupting our young people, damages the health, paralyze all efforts in education '. So close to my heart take Russia's interests 'Swiss citizen' Rudolph R It's up to the last their days trying to do that or for the benefit of the resort. Cyrus Massoumi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Rudolph Rudolfovich Leytsingera rightly called the 'grandfather' children's tourism. Moreover, Rudolph R. in November 1907 issued a decree "On the pupils 'tour'.

This highly interesting document, which is of great historical value has only recently been discovered in the archive. February 4 (22 January) 1910 in the town of Pyatigorsk on 66 year of age died chairman of the Caucasian The Mining Company, its honorary member, a famous mountaineer and entrepreneur R. Leytsinger. 23. 01. 1910 in a special edition of the Caucasus Mountain Society has published an obituary on the death of R. Leytsingera. Here are some excerpts from the obituary, describing the man for whom Pyatigorsk became the second homeland after Switzerland, where he was born and raised.