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You need to know how to make correct the search engines and catalog applications. Many providers offer entries in many catalogues. Usually it happens through software that do all applications at a time. It is from the point of view of search engines and the human mind, that arise at a time many links, mostly still with the same description, where before and after any links. But did you know, that search engines determine such applications as unnatural, and best pick up such acts? In the worst case scenario is you kicked out from the index? We avoid in all applications with us over a period of time run since when are various descriptions and link title. This method looks much more natural to the search engines. If always the same title on a page will be shown and this links the same title and in addition from a time, detects the search engine, links as unnatural way to. We have already described the consequences.

Many applications in catalogues and link collections be done by using special software, this software allows but no different titles and descriptions. With us having the ability to define multiple titles, in the context set logon times, acknowledges the search engine that this left as natural. Also the descriptions of the links play a big role, because it otherwise so called double is content (duplicate content) and the search engines ignore, if you’re unlucky it will even punishing that the. With us, you have the ability to use multiple descriptions, in order to avoid this problem. For example, The period is set to 1 day and per cycle maximum 50 registrations should be carried.

6000 applications takes the procedure 3 months. If you have created multiple descriptions, all links are considered natural. Thereby creating not only lots of links, but these are assumed to be natural links in the search engines. Tip! It is very good as an additional measure to other applications, because these applications not only proved, of course prove, but also other applications help to look as natural. You can relax there because not every day must see after your post, to confirm your registration.

Tilo Sommer University

New PS3 slim already for 300 Euro technology giant Sony made a big secret to the release of the successor to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) in recent months. It finally happened on the Gamescom in Cologne and the Group presented the PS 3 slim. The consumer portal presents the new model. The compactness of the new game console ( price/games-consoles/90) is striking. The rectangular shape of the predecessor model gives way to a housing of the brand square, practically, well”. Kindle Direct Publishing can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Practical and good, not least because of its matte surface. The piano paint coating of the classic PlayStation 3 was significantly more sensitive than the new model to fingerprints and dust. Regards the dimensions of the PS 3 slim, so she has slimmed down compared to its predecessor by good three inches. Thus, the device despite built-in power supply is less than the Xbox by Microsoft’s. The stronger competition for Sony, however, is from the House of Nintendo. The game console is Nintendo Wii already to have less than 250 euros and so cheaper than the PS 3 slim. With 300 euro, Sony’s new model is while around 100 euros cheaper than its predecessor but still 50 euros more expensive than the Nintendo Wii. Source: Carson Wen. An investment that can be quite worthwhile because of the built-in Blue-ray player.

Just for movie fans, the movie player is a criterion that Nintendo can not offer. In addition come various websites that can be easily used with the PS 3 slim. So Sony could agree already with the ZDF on it, that the online offer of the public broadcaster on the game console will be available. In addition an online video store from November. Users can order movies via an Internet connection and on the television screen transmitted directly from the console.

University Trends

sums up roof & Nordics Kai Gutzeit, head of Google Enterprise. Cloud computing products such as Google apps, you can communicate voice or video chat with their colleagues around the world not only by E-Mail, but in real time via instant messaging, and also from anywhere in the world and at any time while working on documents. Only cloud computing provides this flexibility. It can and should benefit companies of every size. In the workshop mobile business, Nokia deals inter alia with the question of what business models develop contextual mobile services together with the industry can. Hear from experts in the field like Levi’s for a more varied view. It must be clear: unless the offer for end customers is attractive, it is for us to success, as Maximillian of Safwan, head of media partnerships, Nokia.

These and many other aspects with real business relevance are discussed not only common, but should generate real solutions in various event formats. on would likely agree. In addition to keynotes and interactive workshops, the E12 Summit still provides its decision-makers many more highlights, which are currently in the design: Business 2.0 compass World Cafe Business 2.0 performance index Twitterwand, live-blogging panel discussions exhibit Park RFID participant management concluding makes exclusive E12-gala-dinner in the renowned ZKM Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, where in addition to the first mayor of the city of Karlsruhe, Margret Mergen, more prominent Dinnerspeaker and guests will be present dramatic match continues it the following day with the IT trends of the next 10 years on the trend Congress in Karlsruhe. There are innovative IT vendors and CIOs of IT users, as well as leading scientists, current trends in information and communication technology, resulting opportunities and risks for the company as well as a fast and successful application of these technologies by the industry discuss ( The E12 Summit is an initiative of leading companies, including by EnBW, Google, Nokia and Lufthansa, XING, with the Institute of electronic business e.V. as a scientific Driver. He is a creative platform for Exchange on new trends in the areas of Economics, IT, communications and research. The participant mix of representatives of Start-Ups, established companies and renowned research institutes combines fresh business ideas and innovative research approaches. The Institute of electronic business e.V.

makes biggest Institute of the University of the arts Berlin and in close cooperation with the University of St. Gallen for more than 10 years the transfer of latest findings from the research to the economy. Design aspects of the user interface play an equally important role as economic and technical aspects in digital communication. As a non profit-making organisation, the IEB aligns the research on the needs of its members. OLE Strehlow lap man event consulting

Education Parents

“New LJS project offers low-threshold parents work on media issues first partner to take up their work landing site parental Lower Saxony starts with parents talk of Lower Saxony” an initiative to low-threshold parents work. The target group are parents who are hard to reach for Classic offerings to the education of parents. Parents talk of Lower Saxony wants to attract parents as experts in education and contribute to the Exchange. The discussions in private are organized to achieve education families. The initiative is supported by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, women, family, health and integration and is initially for three years. The parents talk of Lower Saxony project awareness education parents and families with a migration background for a conscious use of the media”, so Andrea urban, head of regional office youth protection in Lower Saxony, Germany. To reach these families on a private level. A good network is important to organize as many rounds of talks.

We are pleased that we in “Gifhorn, Uelzen and in Harburg District have won the first three dedicated site partners, who take their work in November.” At the heart of the moderated evenings are education questions around computer games, television or dealing with the mobile phone. The project parents talk stands for an Exchange at eye level, where also the moderators are parents and their own experiences. In the discussions when allowed his child a cellphone or how long children per day should watch TV off it comes, inter alia,”explains Eva Hanel, project manager parents talk moderated meetings. Site partner of parents talk of Lower Saxony can be local authorities, associations and free carriers. The State of Lower Saxony supports the site partners with initial funding. The Organization of parents talks site is organized by the regional representative of the location partners across Lower Saxony, Germany. Upon request, parents talks can perform in the mother tongue of their parents. Who is responsible for the concept and implementation of the initiative Country place youth protection in Lower Saxony, Germany.

There also foreign language study materials and background information on german are Russian, Turkish and Arabic available. The project management has Eva Hanel, consultant for media at the LJS). About the LJS landing site parental Lower Saxony is a specialist unit of the Working Group of the free welfare in Lower Saxony, Germany and works on current issues of child and youth protection. Our fields of activity are training, material developments, expert advice, projects, working groups and committees.