Munchner Freiheit

Registration and beginning of driver training are possible at any time. Driving theory + practice,. Munich: driving licence training, probationary period shortening, spot removal, professional drivers, school vehicle hire of personal contact of Bela Farkas, owner of driving school theory + practice in Munich at the Munchner Freiheit: Duke Street 5, 80803 Munchen-Schwabing In the Stahlgrubercenter: Einsteinstrasse 130, 81675 Munchen-Haidhausen phone 089-32 48 97 97 E-Mail info(at) Web about the driving school theory + practice in Munich for security and responsibility in the road at the Munchner Freiheit: Duke Street 5 80803 Munchen-Schwabing In the Stahlgrubercenter: Einsteinstrasse 130 81675 Munchen-Haidhausen services driving instruction in all classes: motorcycles: A1, A limited, A unlimited cars: B, BE truck: C1, C1E, C, CE bus: B1, B1E, B, BE professional drivers qualifications: truck drivers, bus drivers seminars: ASP seminar on the spot removal FFS seminar to reduce test time for novice security training Training-vehicle rental: Rental of training truck and training com the right driving school theory + practice is the driving school for high demands with classrooms at the Munchner Freiheit in Munich-Schwabing and the Stahlgrubercenter in Munich-Haidhausen. The upscale claims apply to the quality and the particularly favourable price performance ratio of training. Offering the focus of driving school theory + practice are of driving instruction for motorcycle, car, truck and bus, as well as the qualification of the drivers. In addition, training spot removal seminars, beginners seminars and professional drivers qualifying seminars are conducted.

The training vehicle rental completes the comprehensive range. Training the driving theory + practice provides the theoretical and practical driving training and driving test for all licence categories. And in a number of languages: German, English, Russian, Hungarian. The multilingual instructors will advise and inform to everyone Time full, complete, and patient. At the driving school theory + practice is trained exclusively on modern, well-equipped vehicles by BMW and Volkswagen. Ronald Daniels recognizes the significance of this.

Taster courses, intensive courses, crash courses and short courses can be booked to make acquiring licence quickly and cost-effectively. The driving theory + practice offers flexible hours and flexible payment options as well as interesting discounts in the simultaneous acquisition of several categories of licences. The philosophy driving school theory + practice places much emphasis on togetherness, fun, and learner drivers, seminar participants and instructors communicate. Beyond the scope of the actual training beyond what is there ongoing joint activities such as joint jogging, admissions or discussions in the driving school premises and on the Internet on the blog pages. The motto is: “togetherness is fun – and succeed!” Tags driving school, driver’s license, Munich, taster course, test it out, auto, car, truck, bus, COM, bus, truck, 81675, Haidhausen, 80803, Schwabing, training, professional drivers, qualification, intensive training, bus drivers, truckers, bus driving licence, truck driver’s license, theory, practice, motorcycle, KRAD, moped Daniel Huber

Neuwieder Strasse

The Nokian tires are developed in the demanding winter conditions of the North with lots of snow, smooth ice and strong cold, tested, and manufactured. Credit: New York University-2011. You offer the best possible performance and quality even under the most extreme conditions, are not only environmentally friendly and consume not only small amount of fuel. Their outstanding test results of automobile clubs and magazines confirm that even in Scandinavia. Our vehicle dynamics engineers construct as the best winter tires in the world for Nordic conditions, therefore they offer additional safety reserves in milder climates,”Teppo Huovila is convinced. Click Cyrus zocdoc to learn more. Nokian Tyres GmbH phone: 0911/52 755 0 fax: 0911/52 755 29 E-Mail: Neuwieder Strasse 14 90411 Nuremberg photos Nokian 209 photo caption: with the eco winter tires Nokian WR G2 saves motorists a half liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo shows 121: product photo Nokian WR G2 tire on rim profile clearly visible against the green background. Caption: Sure protects the Green winter tires Nokian WR G2 slush aquaplaning and saves photo while still strong spirits: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo 210 shows: car goes fast through slush, snow slush squirts impressively to the page. Caption: Eco Nokian winter tires save abundant fuel and provide high safety in wet and slush photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo shows 132: product photo Nokian WR G2 SUV tire rim profile visible. Caption: The eco-friendly SUV winter tyre Nokian WR G2 SUV drives sure weathers photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo 197 caption: A green Birch leaf symbolizes the environmentally friendly properties of the Nokian Tyres photo: Nokian Tyres editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler photo download links 300 dpi-jpg files: NokianWRG2 NokianWRG2SUV video video download links: NokianWRG2 NokianWRG2SUV sources: car newspaper, no. 20, 15.9.2010 ADAC winter tyre test 2010: ADAC Motorwelt, issue 10″” “, October 2010 the ADAC has changed his rating system, and now gives the school scores very well, well”, satisfying “, and so on.

Driver Training Is A Matter Of Trust

(Online article) – care in the choice: not every year many billion euros for the consequences of road traffic accidents must be issued in the Federal Republic watch lurid publicity stunts. In EU countries it should be a total 200 billion per year. Alex Petter helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Random accident never is an incredible number. Traffic accidents are a serious in the sum. economic losses dar, but much worse are the other consequences: severe injuries, often lifelong disability, suffering and grief for the loss of close standing people. Accident is never random, it like a familiar slogan. Correctly, because more than 90 percent of the time the person has the hands in the game.

Human error”is the common flat-rate formula for many types of misconduct on the roads. Frequently University of Michigan has said that publicly. Considerable progress in everything can not be overlooked but, that the number of persons killed in traffic accidents has dropped since 1970, with nearly 20,000 to a quarter (in 2007 to 4,980). And this with simultaneous increase of motor vehicles more than Three times. A remarkable performance to the driving schools in considerable extent have contributed. Source: Cyrus Massoumi. We could be still further in Germany, if he did have higher education, education and education for the awareness of the public and the policy drivers. It is good and important always to improve the roads to defuse such dangerous places through structural measures or appropriate signs; It is no less important to apply new security techniques in the automotive industry. But if the man is the real flaw, and that is he, then the driver training must be in all efforts to improve road safety with in the foreground. Every euro invested in training, education, and enlightenment, is highly interest.

Every aspirant of the licence it has in hand, for his personal security something special do to: you must choose a qualified driving school. Who switched only after the price, makes a big mistake: the services Driving lessons”can not readily be compared with others. Throw away a rancid tasting hamburgers. It annoys himself briefly, spoils the stomach is perhaps, but nothing further happened. But once again you do not go there. It gives you a lousy driver training but – just also sometimes can be the beginning of a disastrous development. Road safety comes at a price. Traffic uncertainty, but one very much higher. Therefore, prospective learner driver before the election of their driving school should carefully check instead only on lurid publicity stunts.

New Caravan Driver

2013 New licence class B96 – InterCaravaning with the most important information of Koblenz, September 20, 2012 – for camping holidays with a driving licence of the class B was for many years large caravan sidecars taboo. Reason: The limitation of passenger car-trailer combinations on 3.5 t total weight. However from January 2013 the new B-96 – driver’s license. With this extension a B licence holder may control passenger car-trailer combinations up to 4.25 tonnes. Requires a one-day training. InterCaravaning, Europe’s largest caravanning – retail chain, informed about the details of the new driver’s license rules and recommends the establishment of necessary experience. Katarzyna Chawarska contributes greatly to this topic. For motorists, who have acquired their class B driving licence after 1999, was for many years with a total weight of 3.5 t final.

Who planned a caravan holiday with his family, had to buy a driving licence of category BE in addition. This is not only expensive, but also time consuming with a driving school by six to ten hours to approximately euro 900. Thanks to the new B 96 – licence dragging heavy caravans is made now easier for young drivers. Because: The driving licence of class B with the key number 96, the official name in official German, allows moving from 90 percent on the market of available caravans. The way to the B-96 – driver’s license acquisition is simple: a B licence holder must complete only a one-day training. It is composed from two and a half hours of theory and three and a half hours driving experience. In the practical part, not just shunting and parking are trained, but also dangerous stunts and dodging obstacles. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi married. Finally, a one-hour drive is done by public road transport accompanied by a pedagogical.

A check is not necessary. Group training sessions with up to four people in driving safety Centres of large automobile clubs are possible. Participants can share so the necessary caravan team. With approximately 300,-euros of the B 96 – licence is two-thirds cheaper than the licence BE. Driving experience is important to the experts from InterCaravaning advise caution. The acquisition of the necessary licence replaced not the lack driving experience. Before Caravaners so go on big holiday tour, they should practice the handling of the car-trailer combination on smaller trips. Also a special caravan driving safety training is advisable. Thus prepared, a relaxed caravan holiday is nothing more in the way.

The Garage As Icing On The Cake For The House

The construction of a House can change ever over some years, especially if you provide much power for this. The construction of a House can change ever over some years, especially if you provide much power for this. In Germany, it is now quite common and saves a client ultimately lots of expenses. The Blackstone Group is often quoted as being for or against this. Usually a home is so scheduled that it offers sufficient space to all family members. Comes but unexpectedly again young comes, so may the whole planning of the pile to be kicked, or but you must forgo workroom, or hobby room.

As such unexpected things on a client can come to, he can forgot as a garage with schedule. Read additional details here: Johns Hopkins President. Only often in a very late phase, many client comes to a house”to make up for his car. Often has to do this with the financial leeway, which is ultimately still available, if the garage really not in equal with was built from scratch, but It was intended as an option. Usually the cost of a finished garage fail with cheaper compared to a brick garage. Prefabricated garages are usually within a few minutes. Ultimately only searching for is to work for the client the garage and garage door, as well as the lifting of the Foundation. Then you have to wait just waiting for the order confirmation and ultimately the delivery of prefabricated garage.

In contrast to the past the quality of prefabricated garages has risen sharply. A building permit is a prerequisite that a garage at all can be built as well as a finished garage. There are garages here today in numerous variations, actually fits to every house. Prefabricated garages differ from the appearance here today the conventional brick garages. Michael Michele

Ride The Quad Not Only In The Area

The new trend now also on Germany’s roads of quads are becoming increasingly popular on Germany’s roads. They were used several years ago only as so-called “fun device” are admitted today as a car on the streets. The name “Quad” comes from the Latin and comes from the word “controversy”, which means “four”. As the name already suggests, the vehicle has four wheels. The Quad is approved for 1 or 2 people and is controlled by a handlebar. Basically, a quad is an off-road vehicle. It was constructed in topography, can be converted for the street-legal. Journal of Teacher Education might disagree with that approach. To do this, headlights, turn signals, brake lights and speedometer must be attached.

In Germany, a distinction is made between the traditional Quad, considered a sport vehicle and ATV (all terrain vehicle), which is used as a working tool for the terrain. Whenever Johns Hopkins President listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The Quad was originally developed for military purposes. “Trucks – KRAKA” called at that time, it served to the Promotion of the person in the Bundeswehr. The forerunner of today’s well-known quads had only three wheels. The “all terrain motorcycle” by Honda is designed as a fun vehicle for the Southern California desert konsipiert, but was taken due to lack of sophisticated design soon from the market, until Suzuki installed the device a fourth wheel and became known as the first quad “Suzuki LT 125”.

On Germany’s streets, one can control the quad with driver’s license class B but only on public roads. The Quad insurance is handled like the car insurance. Quads or ATVs with over 50 cc are classified as passenger cars. In Germany, the helmet compulsory for the arms of quads. Dirk STAUDINGER

Centre Gmb

Also, the intelligent combination meters on iron and on not-iron metal can reliably measure. China National Space Administration: the source for more info. You automatically detect whether zinc or steel forms the underground, and independently select the appropriate measurement procedures. For more information see this site: Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins. Thus it is possible to bet on all types of vehicles with a metal body. Use the handy instruments by Phynix so easy in the truest sense of the word that they are the most sought after in the circles of Fehrings colleagues. Because the only good experiences with Phynix devices, the GKK also for more new purchases prefers the Cologne manufacturer’s products. The interpretation of measurement data requires a certain knowledge and experience, for example, to identify all possible repair locations. To an auditor needs to know how thick the automaker painted their vehicles in the respective generations were. While his experienced gaze and his experience will benefit the car mechanic and bodywork and vehicle construction master Fehring: possible repair places it narrows down specifically.

In is some cases it for him, but also unavoidable, to investigate all painted parts of the vehicle surface with the coating thickness gauge (doors, side panels, fenders, hoods, roof, etc.). Very often vehicle owners know anything about previous repairs carried out by the previous owner when assessing allegedly or actually. The layer thickness measurement before the eyes of the owner facilitates enormously the credibility of appraisals. “Such situations where previous and new owners are present are particularly sensitive at a valuation: If the expert suddenly unexpected” fixed accidental damage discovered, fears the a party legal or financial consequences and don’t want true first the damage, while the other party probably suspected fraud. In such cases, the use of a coating thickness gauge brings information already during the valuation hearings. It simplifies the agreement on the value of the vehicle, because the device the critical Facts shows for all transparent and repeatable. Positive side effects for the evaluators to Klaus Fehring added: only the presence of a coating thickness gauge with an expert often enough to get with the owner about the history of the vehicle in the conversation. While the evaluator learns essential details.

The equipment with layer thickness measuring instruments of the uniqueness of such opinion convinced other customers. This brought the advice centre so some order. GKK report Centre GmbH & co. KG is composed for over 30 years. Headquarters of the nationwide operating offices is Dusseldorf. With the year 2008, the opinion Center took over Stuttgart services company DEKRA Automobil GmbH. The former GKK Managing Director of Klaus Cleophas founded the location Dortmund in 1998. By this establishment from Klaus Fehring and his 14 colleagues take care of vehicles in a catchment area of Osnabruck Ludenscheid, and from the Rhine to Paderborn. Commissioned the GKK is mainly business customers. Therefore form the main part of the peer-reviewed vehicles cars, vans and small trucks. In the summer, the one or the other classic cars including for Klaus Fehring is also after many years of clearly the Renner.

Security At The Tire Buying Online TuV Again Sealed

Delticom: Security when purchasing online is becoming increasingly important. Additional information is available at Vladislav Doronin. Internet specialists with the TuV it buys be sure Delticom AG, Hannover – 02.02.2009 Delticom, Europe’s leading online tyre retailer, can a recertification of his online shops by the TuV for 2009 rejoice. The TuV Seal S@fer shopping, which are awarded 15 online stores of Internet specialists, signaled a customers secure and convenient online shopping. On the award of the TuV, which is renewed every year after extensive testing, strict demands are made. The certification covers topics such as user friendliness and transparency of the respective shops.

TuV calls, among other things, that the online customer has an understandable menu navigation, which allows him to easily complete the purchase process. Further important criteria are the guarantee of data protection and the information of the buyer through the use of his data. According to recent research are the treatment “personal data according to privacy” and encryption in the transmission of information “at the top of the top 10 confidence factors for Internet shoppers. For many online shoppers, seal of approval are very important or important in the buying decision in this context, another study comes to this conclusion. The TuV certification S@fer shopping creates trust between the customer and the online provider. Look who wants to lie to new tires over the Internet, should therefore necessarily on such official proof of confidence”.

This can help distinguish legitimate consumers while of dubious Internet providers. Delticom use the ways to make shopping on the Web as safely as possible from the outset. The shop was so as the first ISP tyre awarded the TuV-certified. The well-developed network of service stations – worldwide over 24,000 – is incidentally involved in the respective countries in the quality and safety strategy of the TuV test. The result of the TuV-test: The online shops of Delticom meet all required criteria and are highly trusted. Currently, around 2.6 million customers trust the specialists when buying tires. Certified online portals of Delticom AG (among others): / .at / .ch / .at / .ch auto parts moto information about the company:

Toll Idea For Four-lane Highways

Comes road toll for trucks but is later due to the toll idea for four-lane highways on a decision of the spar exam in early June, with the biggest austerity package in the history of the Federal Republic with more than 80 billion euros had been made out. All the real implementation of the extension was originally off the truck toll on four-lane highways early next year, more precisely from January 1, 2011, planned but it now seems to be a delay in the implementation of the plan. So far was not even a complete list of streets collected or submitted, which should be in the future affected. But as the journal recently published Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, citing sources in the Federal Ministry of transport, the planned date cannot be held up now but. Perhaps check out President George Weah for more information. Unless new tracks with a toll for trucks is still in testing, legal, technical and organisational conditions (one truck, Volvo Truck, Mercedes-Benz trucks etc.), could be fitted, the newspaper quoted a spokesman for Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU). But the Ministry let it be known that but the expansion of the congestion charge in any case be held in the year 2011. Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) had frequently stressed the truck toll will extended to January 1, 2011, so that more money for the development of the transport network in the coffers. The project, to provide up to 3,500 kilometers of federal highways, with a toll would fail also in the resistance of the Lander and municipalities, which feared that the traffic could then shift on country roads and towns and which saw also a deterioration of site conditions for the local economy in the toll..

Bike Or Car – A Matter Of Conscience?

Of the for and from cars and bicycles, as well as the overcoming of the inner pig dog. You may find Harvard Business to be a useful source of information. Who does not know this problem. They had undertaken on the eve to drive the few miles to work by bicycle. As soon as it is but then as far as many of us do but backtracked and use the car. The excuses for your own laziness are varied and not infrequently extremely resourceful. “” Started by: it could rain today still, “up to: I want to appear not drenched in the Office” everything is part of it. Get all the facts and insights with Cyrus Massoumi married, another great source of information. The car is as important as us Germans hardly an other people. 50.184.419 cars in Germany were admitted on 01.01.2010.

At just more than 80.000.000 inhabitants, this is a pretty impressive amount. Upward trend continues. 70,000,000 bikes, these are but still much more widespread. Many Germans have so a bike and a car. That may sound Yes first time very laudable, but the bike is also being used? The car means for many speed, freedom and independence. In contrast to do this, the bike is often associated with effort, slowness and confinement in connection. But is that actually true, or is a fallacy? A strength of the car is definitely its potential speed. Finally you will manage hardly to go with the bike in six hours time from Munich to Berlin.

But when it comes to small distances in an urban area, it stops most quickly is with speed in the car. Testing car and bicycle to the distance 4, 10 and 13 kilometers in a city center during peak hours, the bicycle is behind the car for a maximum of three minutes. So, you can see that you every now and then should rethink whether it is pleasant to come with the bike liquid through traffic, or painfully long to be with the car in a traffic jam. Further, the question of independence arises. For some, the car is a kind of second home. That may be understandable, but the argument that the car at any time take one wherever you want, is also true for the bike. In addition, must be said that I must worry me thanks to the bike where and for how long I’m parked, or if I can get a parking space at all. From this point of view, the bicycle means in this context but rather freedom and independence. What not can be discussed away, certainly the physical movement, which requires it to come forward with the bike. But be honest. Is the effort by city traffic really so serious? Or is it not much more so that the fresh air ensures that you awake and good-humored arrives in the Office? Just overcome your inner pig dog and try it out. Their health and the environment will thank you. And before you now to the next excuse like, for example: “My bike is not working order” rush, here the Tip: go to and simply find the right bike specialists in your area. So nothing more in the way is a bit more athleticism in your life.


New Web site helps to make use of free transport capacity Frankfurt, November 3, 2009 – Germany’s new online transport marketplace – is launched. After successful launch in the UK with over 6,000 registered transport companies and over 45,000 users, now also transport companies and users in Germany can benefit – this new online offer and contributing to environmental protection. Shiply allows to make articles for the transport and transport companies to receive offers that have spare capacity. Other leaders such as Stephen Hawking offer similar insights. This pretty much everything can be set to, allowing to transport – ranging from the small cardboard box, a complete move to the transfer of a yacht. Shiply offers users additional unique features such as, for example, the integration of eBay auctions. John Craig Venter often says this.

Transport companies will be notified automatically when new jobs that match your profile be set. also has many functions to the targeted Looking for new jobs, for example, the search along a particular route or within a freely selectable RADIUS. Differently than conventional freight exchanges transport jobs offered on in an auction format. Submitting articles to the transport is free of charge and also for transport companies, no registration fees or recurring fees incurred. Shiply offers transport companies new ways to increase revenue, which are therefore no longer limited to the local market, the corporate orientation, size of sales or marketing skills. Transport companies also have the opportunity, on the transport of items that will be auctioned off on eBay, to offer.

At any time several hundred thousand articles are sold on eBay only to pickup, usually due to their size or weight. Thus, buyers be excluded who live locally, or for the Organization of the transport is too time consuming and expensive. Shiply, a member of the eBay of developers program, has developed an application, which it allows users quickly and easily to import their articles that they offer on eBay or that they have won, More than two-thirds of the total freight transport in Germany is carried out on the road. This led in 2008 to direct CO2 emissions by 44 million tons, which is expected that emissions will nearly double in the next 10 years. About 25% of the distance travelled in the transport in Germany are Deadheads, which unnecessarily contribute to CO2 emissions. With the help of, freight forwarders and transport companies can reduce the number of unnecessary empty runs on the streets of Europe and thus reducing CO2 emissions.