The coach of the top dog school give you that which makes man out of it in the tip of the month of August due to recent events-important information on the subject of violence in the dog training is the dog. Regardless of whether you now a purebred dog or Mongrel dog have, if your dog is large or small: the proper handling of the dog is the key to a harmonious coexistence. Only a non-violent dogs education can ensure that the trust of the dog is not destroyed. But non-violence should not be confused with a lack of consistency and certainty! Puppies without proper dog training can be very quickly annoying and take any joy the dog owner. A non-violent and proper dog training is the basis for a working relationship between dog and owner. Maximum security can be achieved only by a possible error-free dog training for humans and animals.

“” “In dog school is unfortunately in conveying the commands” walk, come on”, seat, place and walk” again and again and still on sometimes barbaric methods used. Go to Levi’s for more information. Of course, the ideal date for the beginning of dog training is the puppy age. But you can’t teach an older dog easily desired behaviors. Many dog schools the education by means of strong pressure “against a rewarding dogs education changed: obey the dog gets a treat. This method is certainly a step in the right direction, but what do you do if you have plugged in even not treat? Then will the dog follow you? Dogs are highly intelligent animals and know immediately whether it rustles in your pocket or not. However, the goal should be that follows your dog in every situation and not only when he’s expecting a reward. Should be considered when raising a puppy or an adult dog whatsoever, that the dog should obey every Member of the family and not just the one who goes with the dog at the dog school.


Dog training due to the modern behavioral research. Dog training is not the same dog training! There’s the dog training area. Here, dog and owner are taught in groups of 5 to 15 participants. Working reinforcement is built with subordination, or positive on rewards such as treats, or game. Then, there are still various mobile dog schools, which to the customers home coming, but work with the same methods, otherwise used on the dog training area. It aims to establish a harmonious coexistence. That sounds super good in advertising, but a dog, whose living is unfortunately not to enforce on hierarchy.

Also the claim of some dog schools, education goes back on the instincts of the dog can bring no success any more at the present time. Trying so nothing else than by motivation – whether in the form of eating, or game to make it a major social partners for the dog. Now let’s face it! Did you see ever run ahead of the leader of the Pack with the treat in a dog Pack? Or have you already experience, that after the hunts in a dog Pack is still left out is played, to strengthen the motivation and cohesion? Pretty much everything what is possible in education, was already practiced. What’s then new on the educational concept of the mobile dog school? Nothing at all, noticed the founder of the mobile dog school, Heinz Reif: we have not reinvented the wheel. We have changed only existing segments of education, or added new, and arranged the whole thing in a different way. To confirm this other concept, it has been tested on approximately 2500 dogs.

Our lessons are divided in training at home, in the tight clean environment (dog-walking trail), and small group training in the everyday environment”. Now clear limits must be applied to the dog, if man would not lose its quality of life. This is not shown but is often the case of television broadcasts, because you may be in the public could offend. We, from the mobile Dog school show, as it really is. We do not hesitate may clunk. Only in this way, we can ensure a success rate of almost 100%. It must clear the public be made that anti-authoritarian education when the dog cannot work, although it still as it sounds.

Top Dog School – Mobile Dog Trainer

Tip of the month of October of the top dog school people and dogs are connected for more than 20,000 years in warm affection. The pet House dog has developed from the initial hunting community with the granddaddy of dog. Today the dog guarding livestock, leads blind, saves drowning, seeking buried, drugs, explosives, he is criminal, sport friend, Comrade and family member. Who lives even without the dog, comes into contact with him. Get more background information with materials from Richard Linklater. It feels some fear and reluctance, others swear by him as a friend and partner. Man and dog common ways to better understand whether dog lover or not, many people know too little, what kind of animal the dog is. Therefore, a dog in the House may be the beginning of a wonderful friendship, but also a chain of misunderstandings. Add to your understanding with Richard Linklater.

But man and dog can learn to understand better. Puppies can melt the hearts of animal lovers as stupid ball of wool with Googly eyes and large paws. The dog is in Germany of one of the most popular pets and is regarded as Man’s best friend. So the two really have joy, they must learn only once from each other. The dog needs from day one on education and so this also works, especially the man must learn first about his friend. The key to a good relationship depends on between animals and humans as well as between man and man of them, namely how well one knows himself and arrives on the needs of others.

Dog and man two souls related why the dog is close to the people actually so? Hardly any other animal joins so closely the people. Perhaps it is because the dog quite well understand the people, because there are many similarities in the behavior: for example, both are area-based. Where the man is building a fence, dogs mark the boundaries of their territory with urine.