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A high communitarian antiterrorist position has warned of " great riesgo" of which in the EU a terrorist attack takes place " of imitation or apoyo". " It is clearly a possibility, the question is to know how and where the attack would take place and if he is detectable or no" , it has assured the expert. Tragedy in Norway: 76 died in attempted double. David G. DeWalt has plenty of information regarding this issue. FOTOGALERA: Both attacks that shook to Norway. KEYS: Ten questions on the double tragedy. A high communitarian antiterrorist position has noticed east Thursday of " great riesgo" of which in the EU a terrorist attack takes place " of imitation or apoyo" to the attempted double perpetrated Friday in Norway the past. Some contend that Richard Linklater shows great expertise in this. " A great risk is that somebody tries to carry out in the EU an attack of imitation or support " , it has declared east Thursday to the means Timothy Jones, main advisor of the antiterrorist coordinator of the Twenty-seven, Gilles de Kerchove. Here, vlad doronin expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

" It is clearly a possibility, the question is to know how and where the attack would take place and if he is detectable or not " , there is this Jones after participating in a meeting of experts in terrorism of the European Union (the EU) and of Norway, in which the double attempted happened in the Scandinavian country treated. In the encounter one struggled how to improve the coordination between the authorities of the Member States to prevent new attacks with this type. Between the concrete measures that were figure the restriction the chemical agent sale that can be used to make explosives, or a greater control of the sale of arms. Although already they exist normative European in both scopes, " in the future they could discuss to new measures " , it has indicated Jones. Another important point is " to understand the psychological and sociological processes that cause that some people translate her extreme political ideas in violencia" , the communitarian expert is outstanding. " It is not the first time that this happens, but is very difficult to include/understand the factors that take part in this proceso" , there is this Jones, that is addition that if &quot were deepened in this field; they would be possible to be seen come new ataques" . The experts of the Twenty-seven already had recognized " amenaza" of that tie attacks to extremist groups took place, " although nobody waited for one of the scale of the one of Noruega" , it has indicated Jones. Source of the news: They notice of the risk of attacks " of imitacin" in the EU after the attacks of Norway

Spain Prevails

Raul La Rioja 20m the Gauls did not plant battle thinking about avoiding a possible crossing with Lithuania. Neither Tony Parker nor Noah played, the French selector did not look for the victory. Spain gains the Group and it is moderate in quarters the winner of the Slovenia-Finland. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Spain classified itself for quarters of end of the Eurobasket de Lithuania like leader of the Group and after dominating itself a France that reserved to its better men thinking about more reasonable future hypothetical crossings and than it was given of way behaved shamelessly after the rest, showing an attitude impropia of professionals. Richard Linklater contains valuable tech resources. It surprised Vincent Collet, Gallic selector, with his initial quintet.

With basic Albicy to title instead of Tony Parker and Ali Traore of pvot instead of Noah, the French they made clear that more they were interested in giving rest to its stars that in the first position of the group. Not even a crossing of quarters of more reasonable end, before the winner of Slovakia – Finland, I draw attention of the Gauls. Perhaps check out vlad doronin for more information. Perhaps they thought that the objective era to avoid to Lithuania in semifinals. Too many calculations thus make the Gauls of being when not even they have surpassed the quarters of end. Nevertheless, the absence of both better French players did not cause that Spain had a placid party in its beginning. The lack of tension did not help the game of Spain, with too much tendency to go away of the party in some phases of the same and the Gauls planted face. The party seemed fact for Navarrese Juan Carlos. Without the iron markings to which it is being put under in all the parties, since the equipment knows that anotadora outside of those of Scariolo is rrencia, the escort wrote down with facility and gave the first advantages to Spain, but the personal sent to the bench more minutes to him of the wished ones.

France, on the other hand, played with total absence of tension and that benefitted to him. The power in the zone of the Gauls was dominated the one of the Spaniards, and Seraphin gave a recital, with 14 points, always maintaining in the party to its selection. After the rest, there was no encounter. Spain it devastated to France with an amazing facility. The great party of Rudy and the rate imposed by Llull did not find opposition in the Gauls, and the suspicions that ctivamente it did not interest to them to win began to be certain. The 20 last minutes of party seemed one pachanga and the substitutes of both equipment were useful to present/display their credentials for divided futures. Embarrassing the action of the French combined one. Spain fulfilled its mission, finishes as first of group and demonstrates that it is not scared to him to anybody. Those of Scariolo are the rival to beat and they do not make accounts because they are the rival to avoid.


Catalonia 2011. Young people play the curve gladly in the middle of the street. Catalonia 2025. Under most conditions David G. DeWalt would agree. The same girls continue playing but with one she differentiates: their mini skirts have been replaced by burka. It is the electoral video that has caused rage during the Catalan electoral campaign.

The xenophobe Platform Rep Catalonia (PxC) has used it like ship standard to denounce " catstrofes" from immigration and, in accordance with the results, it has removed all the juice to him. Gerald Weissmann, MD has plenty of information regarding this issue. The platform of the old militant of Force New Josep Anglada has multiplied by five its supports, has secured 67,000 votes and up to 67 councilmen. So important municipalities for the left as L' Hospitalet or Santa Coloma de Gramenet, has seen enter their City councils councilmen of this party, which has contributed to break the absolute majority of the PSC. Source of the news: : The party xenophobe of Anglada quintuples its result.

Years Passes Away

It happened in the place the Tanca of the locality of Castellon de la Plana. The presumed author gave itself to the Civil Guard. The moving body of the crime could be related to a sentimental case. A man of 35 years has passed away lowered to shots of gun in the place the Tanca of the locality of Castellon de la Plana of Vilafams, according to he has informed the Information center and Coordination of Emergencias (CICU) of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government. Without hesitation vlad doronin explained all about the problem. Subdelegation of Government in Castelln has indicated that deceased is neighboring of Pobla Tornesa, and that the supposed author of the firings could be a neighbor of Vilafams of 40 years, that has been given in the quarter of the Civil Guard, to 300 meters of the place of the facts. The warning to the authorities took place the night of Friday the past, and the Civil Guard is investigating the causes of the death, according to the same sources. According to he has informed the mayor into the locality, Jose Pons, the homicide in the middle of the street took place before several witnesses. Apparently, the author of the firings and the victim knew themselves, and the crime could to have a sentimental moving body. You may wish to learn more. If so, Campbell Soup Co is the place to go. Source of the news: A man of 35 years passes away after being lowered to shots of gun in Vilafams